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10 Best Waffle Makers in Australia 2023 - Reviews

The Ultimate Waffle Maker Experience!

When searching for the finest waffle maker in Australia, consider several factors. Waffle makers come in various sizes, styles, and capabilities, so it's essential to thoroughly consider how you'll use them before making a purchase. Waffle machines are a fantastic addition to any breakfast or brunch menu, whether you prefer traditional Belgian waffles or more inventive waffle shapes. 

In this purchasing guide for the best waffle maker in Australia, we will discuss, among other things, waffle maker types, cooking capacities, temperature settings, user-friendliness, durability, and additional features. By considering the factors above, you can select the ideal waffle maker for your needs and preferences in Australia.

10 Best Waffle Makers in Australia 2023 - Reviews

EUROCHEF Smart Multi-Contact Grill with Waffle Maker
Check EUROCHEF Smart Multi-Contact Grill with Waffle Maker price below:
add_circle Easy-to-clean nonstick coating.
add_circle Controlled cooking temperature.
add_circle Built-in timer and indicator lights.
remove_circle Large enough to occupy the countertop.

Why It's Our Top Pick

The built-in timer and lighting make the appliance convenient and user-friendly. The cooking temperature will adjust to obtain the desired level of crispiness. 


  • Waffle type: Belgian
  • Capacity: 4
  • Power: 2000W

The EUROCHEF 4-in-1 Smart Multi-Contact Grill with Waffle Maker Plates is a space-saving, multifunctional culinary appliance used as a contact grill and a waffle maker. It is the finest waffle maker because it offers the best features and performance.

Key Features

The appliance's detachable plates make switching between a contact grill and a waffle maker straightforward. It is outstanding for any kitchen because it allows you to create delicious grilled sandwiches, paninis, and crisp waffles with a single appliance.

Why buy This

High-performance equipment, such as the EUROCHEF 4-in-1 Smart Multi Contact Grill, cooks sandwiches and waffles equitably and reliably. The nonstick coating on the waffle maker's plates makes removal and cleaning simple.

Best cast iron waffle maker
KitchenCraft Stove Top Waffle Maker with Nonstick Coating
Check KitchenCraft Stove Top Waffle Maker price below:
add_circle Easy pouring and shutting the hinged lid.
add_circle Easy-to-clean nonstick coating.
add_circle Strong and long-lasting.
remove_circle It may require more attention


  • Waffle type: Stovetop
  • Capacity: 2
  • Power: Adjustable

The KitchenCraft Stove Top Waffle Iron with Nonstick Coating is a high-quality cast-iron waffle maker. It is used on stovetops and has cast iron's traditional beauty and durability. Due to its sturdy construction, even heat distribution, and user-friendly design, it is highly recommended for creating homemade waffles.


This classic waffle maker's hinged lid makes adding batter quickly and shuts the device for uniform frying. The waffles are golden and crisp because the cast iron construction retains and evenly distributes heat. The waffles will release easily and clean up quickly thanks to the nonstick coating.

Why buy This:

In terms of performance, the KitchenCraft Stove Top Waffle Iron is unrivaled in its capacity to prepare waffles to perfection every time. The cast iron maintains a constant temperature, allowing food to cook and evenly browned on all sides. It is an outstanding selection for anyone who enjoys preparing waffles due to its durable construction and lengthy lifespan.

Best bubble waffle maker
Nordic Ware
Nordic Ware Egg Waffle Pan
Check Nordic Ware Egg Waffle Maker price below:
add_circle Strong cast aluminum.
add_circle Easy-to-clean nonstick coating.
add_circle A stovetop and storage-friendly dimensions.
remove_circle Limited portability and convenience


  • Waffle type: Egg waffle
  • Capacity: 1
  • Power: Adjustable

Consider the Nordic Ware Egg Waffle Pan as a premium bubble waffle maker. This apparatus produced authentic Hong Kong egg waffles, also known as egg fritters or bubble waffles. Due to its small dimension, it is simple to use and store on a stovetop.

Key Features:

This waffle maker has deep, spherical divots that produce the characteristic bubble pattern on the waffles. The sturdy cast aluminum construction assures consistent heat distribution and dependable meals every time. Removing them from the nonstick coating allows the waffles to clean swiftly and efficiently.

Why buy This:

The Nordic Ware Egg Waffle Pan is unrivaled in terms of utility because it can create bubble waffles with a soft interior and a crisp exterior. Due to the cast aluminum construction's rapid and efficient heat transmission, the waffles will be evenly cooked and have a lovely texture. 

Cuisinart Vertical Electric Waffle Maker | Press | Toaster
Check Cuisinart Vertical Electric Waffle Maker | Press | Toaster price below:
add_circle Waffle press for golden, fluffy waffles.
add_circle Nonstick frying plates for easy cleanup.
add_circle For perfect cooking, adjustable browning and indicator lights.
remove_circle Limited to making vertical-style waffles


  • Waffle type: Vertical
  • Capacity: 1
  • Power: Adjustable

The Cuisinart Vertical Electric Waffle Maker is the finest vertical waffle maker. The waffle maker is vertically stored when unused, taking up a little space on the kitchen counter. The press mechanism can produce golden, fluffy waffles with numerous crevices for storing syrup and other garnishes.

Key Features

This waffle maker has many valuable features. The nonstick surfaces of the cooking dishes make it easy to remove and clean waffles. Using the control for browning, you can modify the crispiness to your liking. The indicator lights make it easy to determine when the waffles are ready to eat or cook and when the preheating procedure is complete.

Why buy This

The Cuisinart Vertical Electric Waffle Maker is the finest option for consistently cooked waffles. It produces delicious homemade waffles quickly and occupies very little counter space, making it an excellent alternative for those who value flavor over convenience.

Best mini waffle maker
Ariete 1973 Waffle Maker
Check Ariete 1973 Waffle Maker price below:
add_circle Easy-to-clean nonstick plates.
add_circle Cooking indicator lights.
add_circle Easy waffle-making.
remove_circle The lower size limits waffle production.


  • Waffle type: Belgian
  • Capacity: 2
  • Power: 1000W

The Ariete 1973 Waffle Maker is the sole option for those who prefer thin, crisp waffles. You can rapidly and easily produce several miniature waffles using its straightforward controls. This waffle maker is suitable for a single individual or a small family due to its portability and excellent performance.

Key Features

This waffle maker is ideal for homes with limited counter space because it is portable and lightweight. The consistently well-baked mini waffles demonstrate that compact size does not compromise performance.

Why buy This

The Ariete 1973 Waffle Maker's nonstick plates simplify removing and sanitizing waffles. The waffle maker's indicator lights indicate when it is prepared to make waffles and when preheating is complete.

BEZIA Waffle Iron Sandwich Belgian Waffle Maker
Check BEZIA Waffle Iron Sandwich Belgian Waffle Maker price below:
add_circle Minimalist design.
add_circle Easy-to-clean nonstick plates.
add_circle Customizable cooking temperature.
remove_circle Larger families may not like the size.


  • Waffle type: Vertical
  • Capacity: 1
  • Power: Adjustable

The BEZIA Waffle Iron Sandwich Maker Belgian Waffle Mini 3-in-1 is the finest 3-in-1 waffle maker because it effortlessly produces a variety of waffles and sandwiches. This waffle maker's interchangeable plates allow you to easily create sandwiches, mini waffles, and Belgian waffles.

Key Features:

The BEZIA 3-in-1 Waffle Maker's nonstick plates make it easy to disassemble and sanitize the appliance. Using temperature control, you can construct the perfect waffles and sandwiches at the temperature that suits you.

Why buy This:

This waffle maker's consistent and uniform heating ensures that waffles and sandwiches will prepare to perfection. It is suitable for breakfast, snacks, and even light banquets due to its compact size and versatility. It accentuates the beauty of any kitchen with its contemporary design.

Best Belgian waffle recipe
Little Balance
Little Balance 8384 Speed Waffle Iron 1400
Check Little Balance 8384 Speed Waffle Maker price below:
add_circle Nonstick waffle plates for easy cleaning.
add_circle Customizable browning temperature.
add_circle Long-lasting durability.
remove_circle It may not have additional features


  • Waffle type: Standard
  • Capacity: 4
  • Power: 1400W

The Little Balance 8384 Speed Waffle Iron 1400 makes it exceedingly easy to produce amazing Belgian waffles. The temperature controls of the waffle maker allow you to caramelize and brown waffles to your liking. You can make waffles as fluffy or as golden and crunchy as you desire using this method.

Key Features

This waffle maker features a variety of practical options. Due to its powerful 1400-watt heating element, it can rapidly and uniformly heat up to produce excellent waffles. It is easy to remove from nonstick frying surfaces without adhering or tearing.

Why buy This

The Little Balance 8384 Speed Waffle Iron 1400 performs admirably, generating waffles with a consistently crisp exterior and airy interior. Its durability and user-friendliness make it an excellent waffle maker.

Best ceramic waffle maker in Australia
Check ROMMELSBACHER Waffle Maker price below:
add_circle Customizable browning temperature.
add_circle Easy-to-use indicators.
add_circle Durable build.
remove_circle It may have a higher price point


  • Waffle type: Belgian
  • Capacity: 2
  • Power: 750W

The ROMMELSBACHER WA 750 is one of the finest ceramic waffle makers on the Australian market. The ceramic coating on the waffle maker's griddle plates provides a nonstick, low-maintenance, and uniformly heated cooking surface. 

Key Features

The WA 750 includes many features that improve waffle creation. The temperature adjustment permits the creation of waffles that vary from light and airy to golden and crisp. The LEDs will illuminate when the waffle maker is heated and ready for use.

Why buy This

The ROMMELSBACHER WA 750 reliably produces waffles with a crusty exterior and tender interior. It's durable construction and dependable operation make it a waffle maker with a lengthy lifespan. Ceramic coating is safe because it does not contain PFOA or PTFE, two substances commonly found in other waffle machines.

Best cheap waffle maker
Tristar SA-3070
Tristar SA-3070
Check Tristar SA-3070 Waffle Maker price below:
add_circle Easy-to-clean nonstick cooking plates.
add_circle Easy-to-store compact design.
add_circle Fast waffle-making.
remove_circle May lack advanced features


  • Waffle type: Standard
  • Capacity: 4
  • Power: 1200W

The Tristar SA-3070 waffle maker is an excellent option to save money without sacrificing quality. The SA-3070 waffle maker has a simple on/off switch and indicator light to let you know when it is heated and ready for use. You can rapidly reheat it whenever you desire to prepare delicious waffles.

Key Features:

The nonstick frying plates of this waffle maker make cleansing after each use simple. Small and lightweight, the SA-3070 is suitable for homes with limited counter space.

Why buy This:

The SA-3070 produces waffles with a delicate interior and golden exterior, which is a commendable result. Although it lacks the luxury quality and durability of more expensive variants, it is valuable.

Best waffle maker for gas stove
Captain Stag Cast Aluminum Waffle Maker
Captain Stag Cast Aluminum Waffle Maker
Check Captain Stag Cast Aluminum Waffle Maker price below:
add_circle Durable cast aluminum construction.
add_circle Even heat distribution for consistent cooking.
add_circle Cool-touch handle for safe and easy use.
remove_circle Required maintenance to prevent sticking.


  • Waffle type: Standard
  • Capacity: 1
  • Power: Adjustable

The Captain Stag Cast Aluminum Waffle Maker is the best option for making amazing waffles on a gas burner. This waffle maker's durable cast aluminum construction and efficient heat distribution mechanism ensure that waffles are ready evenly and consistently.

Key Features:

This waffle maker has a sturdy, cool-to-the-touch handle for holding and rotating convenience. Due to its small dimensions and lack of storage efficient space when not in use, it is compatible with most gas stoves.

Why buy This:

The waffles produced by the Captain Stag waffle maker are superb, with a consistently crisp exterior and airy interior. Cast aluminum is a durable material that retains heat effectively, enabling excellent heat distribution for homogenous browning.

What is a Waffle Maker?

Waffle makers are specialized appliances required for waffle production. It comprises two metal panels hinged together and decorated with a lattice or grid pattern. Waffles are created by placing the batter on a preheated lower plate, covering it with a hotter upper plate, and heating the batter until it attains the characteristic golden brown color and crisp texture. You can choose a waffle maker with various sizes, designs, and functions based on your requirements and preferences.

How to Use the Waffle Maker

To use a waffle maker, follow these general steps:

  • Preheat the waffle maker: Plug in the waffle maker and preheat it according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. When most models are ready, their indicator lights turn off or change color.
  • Prepare the waffle batter: Prepare the waffle batter from the recipe or with a mix while the waffle maker is heating up.
  • Grease the plates: Lightly grease the waffle maker's plates with culinary spray, melted butter, or oil to prevent sticking.
  • Pour into the center of the waffle maker's bottom plate, then turn it over. Spread the batter evenly across the container using a spoon or ladle; taking can't let.
  • Close the waffle maker: Evenly distribute the batter among the plates, then close and secure the lid.
  • Cook the waffle: Waffles should be ready when specified in the waffle maker's manual. Cooking times depend on the recipe and how crisp you favor your food.
  • Check for doneness: Check the browning of the waffle before withdrawing it from the waffle maker. Cover the saucepan and maintain it on the stove for extended cooking times.
  • Remove the waffle: Carefully remove the cooked waffle using heat-resistant utensils or a spatula. Spread it out on a platter or wire rack to chill.
  • Repeat: To cook the waffles, you must repeat the procedure with the remaining batter, lubricating the plates between each group.

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Waffle Maker

When choosing a waffle machine, consider the following factors:

  • Type: Choose the style that best accommodates your requirements and kitchen layout.
  • Size and Capacity: When selecting the size and capacity of the waffle maker, you should consider and buy the waffle maker according to the number and power of people you will be feeding and the available counter space.
  • Features: For precise waffle creation, look for temperature control, indicator lighting, nonstick plates, and various browning stages.
  • Ease of Use and Cleaning: Choose a waffle maker with detachable plates or a nonstick coating if you want a simple and clean appliance.
  • Durability: Ensure the waffle maker is well-constructed and made of durable materials.
  • Price: Determine your budget and waffle maker reviews in Australia, then compare shops for a waffle maker that provides exceptional value without sacrificing quality.

Best Waffle Maker Brands in Australia

Choosing the best brands of waffle makers ensures a superior waffle-making experience. These brands offer reliable performance, advanced features, durability, and consistent results. Investing in a reputable brand means quickly enjoying delicious, perfectly cooked waffles, making breakfast or brunch a delightful and satisfying experience.

Breville Waffle Maker

The Breville Waffle Maker is a top choice in Australia, delivering crispy, golden waffles with its advanced heating technology and nonstick plates. Its sleek design, easy-to-use controls, and adjustable settings make it a favorite among waffle enthusiasts.

Sunbeam Waffle Maker

The Sunbeam Waffle Maker offers an affordable option without compromising quality. With its deep-pocketed plates, it creates fluffy waffles with a perfect texture. 

Woolworths Waffle Maker

Woolworths offers a reliable and budget-friendly waffle maker, perfect for occasional use. It features a nonstick cooking surface and a compact design, making it easy to store. Enjoy homemade waffles without breaking the bank.

Aldi Waffle Maker

Aldi presents an affordable waffle maker without skimping performance. With its nonstick plates and adjustable temperature control, it ensures cooked waffles every time. This budget-friendly option is an excellent choice for waffle lovers.

Tefal Waffle Maker

Tefal is known for its high-quality kitchen appliances, and its waffle maker is no exception. It features innovative features like a countdown timer and removable, dishwasher-safe plates that guarantee perfectly crisp waffles with minimal effort—experience waffle-making perfection with Tefal.

Waffle Makers Price Range Here in Australia

Australia's best waffle maker price varies depending on the brand, features, and quality. Generally, you can find budget-friendly options from around $20 to $50. Mid-range waffle makers are typically priced between $50 and $100, offering more advanced features and durability. 

Higher-end models or those from premium brands can range from $100 to $200 or more, providing professional-grade performance and additional functionalities. It's essential to consider your needs and budget when selecting a waffle maker that suits your preferences.

Where to Buy Waffle Makers in Australia?

You can buy waffle maker from various retailers in Australia. Here are some popular options:

  • Appliance Stores: Visit appliance stores such as Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, or JB Hi-Fi, which often have a range of waffle makers available.
  • Department Stores: Check out department stores like Myer or David Jones, where you can find a selection of waffle makers in their home appliances section.
  • Online Retailers: Explore online platforms like Amazon, eBay, or Catch, which offer a wide variety of waffle makers with the convenience of online shopping and delivery to your doorstep.
  • Specialty Kitchen Stores: Consider visiting specialty kitchen stores like Kitchen Warehouse or House, where you can find a range of waffle makers and other kitchen gadgets and appliances.
  • Supermarkets: Some supermarkets like Woolworths or Coles may stock primary waffle makers in their home goods section. It's worth checking their offerings for affordable options.

Remember to compare prices, read waffle maker reviews Australia, and check for ongoing sales or discounts to make an informed purchase decision.


Finding the best waffle maker in Australia is the first stage in making the world's best waffles. Considering the waffles it produces, its culinary capacity, temperature control, how easy it is to use and clean, how long it lasts, and what other features it provides will assist you in selecting a waffle maker that meets your needs. Whether you desire traditional Belgian waffles or want to experiment with different shapes and flavors, a quality waffle maker will allow you to create consistently delicious waffles.

If you want a waffle maker that will endure years of use and frequent cleanings, look for one with a sturdy construction and simple upkeep. By comparing and contrasting various models, you can find the finest waffle maker to bring joy and delicious waffles to your Australian breakfast or brunch table.

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