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10 Best Bread Makers in Australia 2023 - Top Brand Reviews

10 Best Bread Makers in Australia 2023 - Top Brand Reviews

Aussies love bread for breakfast, making the bread machine a must-have in the kitchen. They help simplify making homemade bread that is fresher, tastier, and healthier than store-bought options. With hundreds of bread makers available in the market, you need to identify the best bread maker australia to purchase. Check out the list below for your reference! 

10 Best Bread Makers in Australia 2023 - Top Brand Reviews

Best Overall Bread Maker
Elite Gourmet
Elite Gourmet Countertop Grill Bread Maker
Check Elite Gourmet Countertop Grill Bread Maker price below:
add_circle It has a minimal function making the machine easier to operate
add_circle Affordable
add_circle Compact design

Why It's Our Top Pick 

The Elite Gourmet offers the best bread maker australia with 19 pre-set functions to satisfy every breakfast craving. It is ideal for preparing gluten-free bread, bagels, waffles, and snacks like jam and yogurt. The toaster has non-slip feet for improved stability and a compact design for any kitchen top. It can also finish baking bread after an electricity shutdown. 


  • Loaf size: 2 pounds
  • Number of programs: 19
  • Size and Weight: 15.43” x 10.94” x 12.83”, 10.36 pounds
  • Power: 550 watts 

The Elite Gourmet Countertop Grill Bread Maker can cook delicious slices of bread and is easy to use. It has the ideal capacity for making various snacks. Additionally, this bread maker works perfectly for toasted or puff pastry.

Key Features

The bread maker has a sleek design and an easy-to-clean non-stick pan. Wipe away the residues, and it is ready for the subsequent batches of bread. There is a crust control panel to ensure even heat distribution at a certain browning level. You can change the browning level from light to a darker shade. Elite Gourmet added a 60-minute keep-warm function and a 15-hour delay timer to guarantee a tasty recipe.  

Why Buy This

According to many customers, the Elite Gourmet Countertop Grill Bread Maker is a neat-looking, small toaster. The browning level and auto-shut-off function are two of its most crucial features. It has a long power cord sufficient to cover small kitchen spaces.

Bread Maker For Home
Sensio Home
Sensio Home Digital Bread Maker
Check Sensio Home Digital Bread Maker price below:
add_circle It can produce a delicious and perfectly baked loaf
add_circle Ease of use
add_circle Made of a stainless steel panel, and is very stylish
remove_circle The hook can be difficult to remove


  • Loaf size: Up to 2 pounds
  • Number of programs: 19 
  • Size and Weight: 14.57” x 11.81” x 11.02”, 8.8 pounds
  • Power: 650 watts

The Sensio Home Digital Bread Maker has an elegant design perfect for any kitchen. It offers 19 automatic programs to cook bread and snacks, such as cake, yogurt, and sweet jam. It is easy to operate with a viewing window to monitor the baking process. 

Key Features

The brand uses a non-stick pan that can cook bread evenly. It has accessories such as a measuring cup and spoon, and a hook will assist you in making bread. The baking programs are automatic, with a programmable timer to ensure you get the right loaf consistency. Additionally, it features a crust control button for more delicious results as you prefer. A keep-warm function also lets you serve bread hot and fresh. 

Why Buy This

The Sensio Home Bread Maker is a smart bread machine with handy controls and is best for home use. Providing well-browned, delicious bread on the table is worth the money. It comes with instructions, making it suitable for beginners as well.     

Bread Maker For Small Businesses
Breville The Custom Loaf Pro Bread Maker
Check Breville The Custom Loaf Pro Bread Maker price below:
add_circle Excellent for small businesses
add_circle A multifunctional bread maker
add_circle It produces good and yummy bread
remove_circle Expensive


  • Loaf size: Up to 2.5 pounds 
  • Number of programs: 9 
  • Size and Weight: 31.5cm x 45cm x 38cm, 9.2 kilograms
  • Power: not mentioned

Breville designs a bread maker with a fruit and nut dispenser to let you create more recipes with one device. It has manual and automatic settings, essential when creating small business recipes. With this bread maker, you can make healthier, crustier loaves for your customers.

Key Features

The Custom Loaf Pro Bread Maker can easily mix ingredients and slice loaves with its collapsible kneading blade. It has an LCD screen that shows the different programs, browning levels, loaf size, and time remaining for a perfect toast. Turn on the beeper to keep you alert when the bread is ready. Breville added a delayed start and modified button to guarantee complete control over the baking process. You can select the ideal temperature via a control dial to perfectly cook the loaf. 

Why Buy This

Breville is a known brand in the market regarding kitchenware. The Custom Loaf Pro has many positive reviews because it perfectly cooks bread. Therefore, a small business can benefit from its incredible features and durable construction. 

Bread Maker Machine With Stainless Steel Pan
Cuckoo CBM-AAB161S Multifunctional Bread Maker
Check Cuckoo CBM-AAB161S Multifunctional Bread Maker price below:
add_circle Suitable for small kitchen space
add_circle Multiple pre-set baking programs
add_circle Sturdy design


  • Loaf size: 1 kilogram
  • Number of programs: 15
  • Size and Weight: 290mm x 225mm x350mm, 7.15 kilograms
  • Power: 500 watts

According to bread maker reviews, bread machines with stainless steel pans are more durable and excellent in heat distribution. Cuckoo CBM-AAB161S uses an inner coating to easily remove bread residue from the sides and bottom of the pan. Moreover, it has a compact, modern design that looks great on any countertop. 

Key Features

The Cuckoo CBM-AAB161S bread maker will automatically switch to the keep-warm mode, ensuring the bread stays warm and fresh for up to an hour. You can also delay the baking process for up to 15 hours. At the same time, the rapid baking mode is ideal for those who are in a rush to make bread. The bread maker features a large LCD screen that allows you to control the different functions and settings. 

Why Buy This

Even beginners can make fresh homemade bread with the Cuckoo's Multifunctional Bread Maker. It includes basic bread, dough, jam, and gluten-free baking options, with 15 in-built programs. The easy-to-use features and robust stainless steel pan make this bread maker an excellent value for money.  

Multi Cooker With Bread Maker
Breville Multi Cooker With Bread Maker
Check Breville Multi Cooker With Bread Maker price below:
add_circle Great versatility
add_circle It offers fair capacities for each cooking needs
add_circle It comes with a steaming tray for extended use


  • Loaf size: 900 grams
  • Number of programs: 9
  • Size and Weight: 280mm x 375mm x 275mm
  • Power: 1900 watts 

Breville lets you make pizza, whole wheat bread, soup, cake, and many more recipes. The multi-cooker has a programmed control panel that suits each meal you need to cook. Its capacity varies for slow cooking, rice cooking, and bread-making needs.  

Key Features

The 9-in-1 Multi-Cooker also features a bread maker, which will take an hour to finish the baked recipes. Its keep-warm function aims to maintain the freshness of the bread during serving. In addition, Breville opts to use a non-stick pan for easy cleaning after use. The plastic housing material is likewise robust for frequent baking. 

Why Buy This

Whether you make jams, pasta dough, stew, or homemade bread, the Breville 9-in-1 Multi Cooker is a good buy. The bread maker has the perfect size to satisfy every loaf craving. Another reason for buying is the cooking functions are crucial for daily consumption too. 

Best Bread Maker With Ceramic Pan
KBS 17-in-1 Machine Bread Maker
Check KBS 17-in-1 Machine Bread Maker price below:
add_circle Energy-efficient
add_circle Less expensive than other bread machines with similar features
add_circle Made of a large viewing window


  • Loaf size: 2 pounds
  • Number of programs: 17
  • Size and Weight: 15.7" x 11" x 16.1", 14.7 pounds
  • Power: 710 watts

Buying the KBS 17-in-1 Bread Machine lets you make bread and dough types quickly and conveniently. The ceramic pan ensures even heat distribution, resulting in perfectly baked bread every time. 

Key Features

The large capacity and keep-warm function make it ideal for individuals who love fresh bread. It runs on a quiet AC motor, is energy-efficient, and is excellent value for money. There are 17 pre-programmed settings, with gluten-free options to prepare healthy and delicious homemade bread. Lastly, the delay timer and LCD monitor help improve the overall operation with better comfort. 

 Why Buy This

KBS adds a recipe book to assist beginners in using the bread machine. Additionally, toasting more enormous loaves will be OK with a large-capacity ceramic pan that is durable and easy to clean.

Bread Maker With Gluten Free Setting
MasterPro Ultimate 17-in-1 Bread Maker
Check MasterPro Ultimate 17-in-1 Bread Maker price below:
add_circle User-friendly
add_circle It offers a larger capacity
add_circle Easy to clean


  • Loaf size: Up to 1000 grams
  • Number of programs: 17
  • Size and Weight: 35.5cm x 24cm x30cm, 1 kilogram
  • Power: not mentioned

MasterPro creates an automatic bread maker machine with 17 pre-programmed settings, making it ideal for preparing diet snacks. The Ultimate Bread Maker allows you to bake gluten-free and loaf recipes. It also features a control panel, a non-stick pan, and a display window promoting ease of use and convenience.   

Key Features

The control panel consists of different ways to cook the loaf size of your choice. It is bulky and can accommodate 500 grams up to 1 kilogram of bread ingredients. Featuring a 15-hour delay time and keep-warm function, MasterPro's 17-in-1 Bread Maker delivers healthy and delicious loaf slices. The handle design is durable and easy to lift. No worries; the bread maker kneads, rises, and bakes for you. 

Why Buy This

This bread maker helps you bake like a pro and begin a healthy diet. Add the ingredients and set your desired functions, and you are ready to satisfy your craving. It is fully digital and convenient to use. 

Best Sourdough Breadmaker
Panasonic SD-R2530WST Bread Maker
Check Panasonic SD-R2530WST Bread Maker price below:
add_circle Easy to monitor through an LCD panel
add_circle The built-in dispenser helps to mix extra ingredients
add_circle It can cook sourdough excellently


  • Loaf size: Up to 13 inches 
  • Number of programs: 30 
  • Size and Weight: 408mm x 252mm x 362mm, 7 kilograms
  • Power: 550 watts 

Panasonic SD-R2530WST comes with a cup and spoon to help you measure ingredients in making sourdough bread. With the bread maker's 30 auto programs, you can reduce the need to eat out and make snacks from home.   

Key Features

The Panasonic SD-R2530WST can provide manual or automatic cooking programs for bread mixes. It controls the crust from light to dark toast and can hold a medium-sized loaf. You can enjoy evenly toasted bread and sourdough thanks to the digital timer and dual temperature sensors. They also added a separate dispenser for fruits and nuts and gluten-free programs for healthier recipes. Lastly, you can use the manual kneading method for making bread and cake. 

Why Buy This

Panasonic assembled a bread machine with an easy-to-clean, fluorine-coated inner pan. To buy a breadmaker with overheating protection is a plus, then look no other than Panasonic SD-R2530WST.

Bread Machine Without Teflon/Non-Teflon Bread Maker
Zojirushi BB-PDC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus Bread Maker
Check Zojirushi BB-PDC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus Bread Maker price below:
add_circle The timer delay feature allows you to set up the bread maker 13 hours in advance
add_circle Suitable for larger families
add_circle BPA-free


  • Loaf size: 2 pounds
  • Number of programs: 1
  • Size and Weight: 13 inches high, 22 pounds 
  • Power: 700 watts

Zojirushi is among the brands worth considering if you want a bread maker without a non-stick coating pan. The Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus Bread Maker is non-toxic and safe from overheating, making it an excellent choice for larger families or anyone who wants to make homemade bread easily. 

Key Features

The non-Teflon bread maker has dual kneading blades to ensure the kneading dough is thorough and evenly, resulting in delicious, perfectly baked bread. It highlights a rapid bake function, making it an excellent option for baking a loaf of bread in just two hours. It also lets you choose between light, medium, and dark crust options. With multiple baking options, you can make different types of bread, including gluten-free, sourdough, and whole wheat. The LCD makes it easy to select the desired settings and check on the progress of the bread. 

Why Buy This

Overall, the Zojirushi BB-PDC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus Bread Maker is a reliable, convenient, and versatile appliance that will help you achieve perfect bread every time. It has a capacity of 2 pounds, which is ideal for more prominent families.

Bread Maker With Two Paddles
West Bend
West Bend Hi-Rise Bread Maker
Check West Bend Hi-Rise Bread Maker price below:
add_circle Easy to clean
add_circle The dual kneading blades are durable
add_circle Versatile


  • Loaf size: 3 pounds
  • Number of programs: 12
  • Size and Weight: 4” x 11.5” x 17.4”
  • Power: not mentioned 

The West Bend Hi-Rise Bread Maker has dual kneading blades that help to create a consistent dough and ensure that the bread rises evenly. This machine is not just limited to baking bread; it can also make pizza dough, jam, and cake. 

Key Features

The bread maker comes with 12 pre-programmed settings, making it easy to bake different types of bread, including gluten-free, whole wheat, and sweet bread. You can adjust the crust color, loaf size, and more. It can finish up to 3 pounds of loaves, making it a perfect bread machine for large gatherings. The non-stick bread pan and kneading blades are easy to clean after use. 

Why Buy This

The West Bend Hi-Rise is the best bread maker australia for those on a budget, with its customizable settings and versatile baking options. It will suit any home baker's needs at a lower cost than similar machines. 

What Is Bread Maker?

A bread maker is an automated kitchen appliance that makes bread-making easier for home bakers. It is an electrical device that kneads and bakes bread with minimal effort from the user. Using a bread maker allows you to make homemade bread quickly and easily without worrying about spending too much time or effort kneading, rising, and baking. A bread maker generally consists of a baking pan, a kneading blade, and a control panel with various settings that allow the user to customize the bread-making process and create bread of different types, shapes, and sizes. With a bread maker, you can enjoy fresh-baked bread at home with minimal effort and expertise.

How To Use Bread Maker

Bread making with a bread maker is relatively simple and easy. Follow the recipe, measure your ingredients correctly, choose the proper settings, wait patiently, and you will have fresh bread ready! Follow the steps below: 

  • Add ingredients: First and foremost, add the ingredients to the bread maker baking pan. As mentioned, follow the recipe instructions to add the ingredients in the correct order. 
  • Select settings: Check and choose the settings of the bread maker you need based on the type of bread you want to prepare. Most bread makers include setting options like bread, crust, and size. 
  • Start the machine: After selecting all the settings, press the start button to start baking. 
  • Wait for the baking process to finish: Depending on the type of bread, the baking time can take 2-4 hours. The bread maker will do everything during baking, from kneading the dough to regulating the temperature. 
  • Take out the bread: The bread maker will automatically shut off when the baking process is complete. Open the lid and take out the baking pan and carefully remove the bread from the baking pan. Cool down the bread before slicing it. 
  • Clean the bread maker: Once the bread maker has thoroughly cooled down, clean the baking pan and knead the blade with soap and water to prepare for your subsequent use. 

Buying Guide: How To Choose Bread Maker

Finding the best bread maker australia is easy, knowing the factors you need to consider. These include: 


Choose a size of the bread maker according to your daily bread consumption. A small-sized bread maker would be appropriate for personal use. For more significant consumption, choose a bigger size. 


It is essential to check the bread maker's capacity before purchasing one. It will determine how much dough, batter, or mixture the machine can hold. A good capacity can make at least a 1-pound loaf.

Kneading Ability

The kneading action of your bread maker is crucial since it directly impacts the texture and quality of the bread. A good bread maker should have a powerful motor to knead heavy dough. 

Loaf Shape

While most breadmakers bake horizontal loaves, some can create vertical loaves, which tend to be taller. 


Some breadmakers have a timer to set when you want the bread to be ready. It will allow you to have fresh bread anytime.

Programmable Settings

A quality bread maker should be able to produce various types of bread, including whole wheat, white, sourdough, gluten-free, and more. It should let you choose your desired settings to prepare multiple bread types. 

Ease of Cleaning

A bread maker with an easily removable baking pan and kneading blades lets you clean it quickly and thoroughly with minimal effort. 


The price of a bread maker varies by the features it provides. The more advanced features a bread maker has, the higher the cost. Consider your budget and the parts you need when purchasing a bread maker. 

Brand and Reviews

Brand reputation and customer reviews matter when purchasing a bread maker. It will help you know about a brand's reliability and durability and the product's customer experience.

Best Bread Maker Brands in Australia

These are the best bread maker brands available in Australia. It's always a good idea to read bread maker reviews and compare features to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Here are some popular bread maker brands available in Australia:

Kogan Bread Maker

Kogan is a well-known online retailer that offers a range of products, including its brand of bread makers. Kogan bread makers are known for their affordability and functionality.

Sunbeam Bakehouse Bread Maker

Sunbeam is a reputable brand that offers a variety of kitchen appliances, including bread makers. The Sunbeam Bakehouse bread maker is known for its user-friendly interface and versatile baking options.

Breville Bread Maker

Breville is a renowned brand in the kitchen appliance industry, and its bread makers are highly regarded. Breville bread makers are known for their sleek design, advanced features, and consistent baking performance.

Ronson Breadmaker

Ronson is another brand that offers bread makers in Australia. Ronson bread makers are known for their affordability and basic functionality, making them suitable for those new to bread making.

Black & Decker Breadmaker

Black & Decker is a well-established brand that produces many home appliances, including bread makers. Black & Decker bread makers are known for their durability, reliability, and ease of use.

Bread Maker Price Range Here in Australia

Here is the price range for bread makers in Australia:

Budget Range: Bread makers in the budget range typically start around AUD 50 and can go up to AUD 150. These models usually offer basic functionality and may have limited features.

Mid-Range: The mid-range bread makers typically range from around AUD 150 to AUD 300. These models often have more advanced features, multiple bread settings, and larger loaf capacity.

High-end Range: High-end bread makers with premium features and advanced technology can range from around AUD 300 and above. These models may offer additional functions like gluten-free bread settings and customizable programs.

Where to Buy Bread Makers in Australia?

You can buy a good bread maker from many online retailers and physical stores in Australia. Here are some popular options:

  • Electronics and Appliance Stores: Retailers such as Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, JB Hi-Fi, and Bing Lee have many bread makers available. You can visit their physical stores or check their websites for online purchasing options.
  • Department Stores: Department stores like Myer, David Jones, and Target often carry bread makers in their kitchen appliance sections. You can visit their stores or browse their online platforms to find the desired models.
  • Online Marketplaces: Amazon Australia, eBay, and Kogan offer bread makers from various brands. These platforms provide convenient online shopping and often have customer reviews to help you make an informed decision.
  • Kitchen Appliance Specialty Stores: Stores specializing in kitchen appliances, like Kitchen Warehouse and KitchenAid, may have bread makers available. You can visit their physical stores or explore their online platforms for purchasing options.
  • Manufacturer's Websites: Many bread maker brands have official websites to purchase directly from. Examples include Breville, Sunbeam, and Black & Decker. Visiting their websites allows you to explore the full range of models and access exclusive offers or promotions.

Remember to compare prices, read customer reviews, and check for any available discounts or warranties before purchasing.


To summarize, the best bread maker australia to buy is the Ellie Gourmet brand. This bread maker has a durable construction that includes a stainless steel body and a non-stick-coated baking pan. It can create different bread types, has convenient and user-friendly features, and has a large viewing window to observe the baking process easily. Moreover, the Countergrill Bread Maker produces perfectly baked bread with consistent results you can rely on. These qualities make it the perfect bread maker for anyone who loves homemade bread.

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