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10 Best Olive Oils in Australia 2023 : Latest Brand Reviews

There is olive oil, whether it is for cooking, hair treatment, or salad-making.

Using olive oil is good for your health, and it is scientifically proven. It has all the nutrients, like antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins, to benefit your hair, skin, and heart health. Olive oil also supports a healthy diet better than traditional cooking oils. This type of oil is naturally extracted from olive fruits with a high monounsaturated fat content. 

The good news is there will be the best olive oil in australia for every need. We then recommend some brands that offer olive oil for various uses. 

10 Best Olive Oils in Australia 2023 : Latest Brand Reviews 

Best Olive Oil For Hair
Africa's Best
Africa's Best Organics Olive Oil
Check Africa's Best Organics Olive Oil price below:
add_circle It works well with natural hair and does not cause breakage at all
add_circle It is affordable but of high-quality
add_circle It can help revitalize hair from damage
remove_circle Some package leaked

Why It's Our Top Pick 

This all-natural olive oil is the easiest way to make your hair appear shinier. It is the best olive oil in australia that helps restore coarse to silky-soft touch hair while being gentle on the scalp. Because it contains extra virgin olive oil, Africa's Best Organics Olive Oil will not cause your natural hair to break during hair-relaxing.


The conditioning ability of Africa's Best Organics Olive Oil is superb. It will surely leave your hair more robust than ever before. 

Key Ingredients

This olive oil is 100% natural to protect hair from damage. It will prevent dry hair by including hydrating ingredients like silk protein, jojoba oil, and shea butter. Vitamin E's antioxidant properties aid in stopping hair loss and having better hair growth. The combination of olive and tea tree oil lets you say goodbye to dandruff, making Organics Olive Oil ideal for sensitive scalp. The hair formula also holds egg protein, carrot and mink oil, honey, and other herbs. 


The Organics Olive Oil is great in moisturizing hair, leaving it velvety. It is a no-lye formula, the best choice for sensitive skin. 

Customer Review 

One customer claims the Organics Olive Oil is excellent at straightening hair. - it did not cause any damage and is suitable for colored hair. 

Best Olive Oil For Cooking
Random Harvest
Random Harvest Australian Truffle Olive Oil
Check Random Harvest Australian Truffle Olive Oil price below:
add_circle It is a finishing oil to enhance dish flavors
add_circle The truffle aroma is very subtle
add_circle It promotes many health benefits


Cooking a meal that requires olive's rich and natural flavor is easy with this truffle oil. Its two primary ingredients will satisfy all the food lovers out there.

Key Ingredients

This Australian-made olive oil has a truffle aroma, making it suitable for cooking various dishes. To ensure a rich taste, you can cook pizza and pasta dishes with Truffle Olive Oil. The dried truffle is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C for heart, skin, and brain function. 


Adding truffle oil to any of your recipes will bring out the best flavors of the meal. It will cook dishes more luxurious with the extra olive flavor and the truffle aroma. 

Customer Review 

Over 95% of the customers recommend Truffle Olive Oil for cooking. It has an aroma and taste that can easily blend with many recipes. 

Best Olive Oil For Salads
Australian Bush
Australian Bush Spices Lemon Myrtle Olive Oil
Check Australian Bush Spices Lemon Myrtle Olive Oil price below:
add_circle The citrus flavor is not too strong
add_circle No artificial flavors
add_circle It improves the aroma and taste of salad dishes


With a hint of citrus taste, this olive oil is best sprinkled over a salad. It is high in antioxidants to offer many olive oil benefits for salad dressing. 

Key Ingredients

Lemon myrtle, known for its rich citrus aroma and flavor, is one of the main ingredients. It has a low acidity, enough to enhance the flavor of salad dressings. With antioxidant properties, olive oil helps boost a healthy diet. It is also 100% organic, promoting the safest way to add spice to your meal.


Although the Lemon Myrtle Olive Oil has a strong aroma and taste, it won't overpower the dishes. It is a standard oil for salad dressings with a hint of lemon to make the meal more enjoyable. 

Customer Review 

Many consumers opt to pair Lemon Myrtle Olive Oil with vegetable dishes. They said the oil is easy to absorb, and that helps enhance the dish's flavor. 

Best Olive Oil To Drink Daily
Four Pillars Gin
Four Pillars Leaf Gin Olive Oil
Check Four Pillars Leaf Gin Olive Oil price below:
add_circle It has a distinct aroma and taste
add_circle It nicely matches side dishes
add_circle It is good over ice
remove_circle Not suitable for non-alcoholics


The botanical properties of olives are also excellent for drinking. With Four Pillars Olive Leaf Gin, you can consume alcohol with the aroma and flavor of olive. It's an award-winning, distilled spirit, so we highly recommend it. 

Key Ingredients

One bottle of Olive Leaf Gin contains less than 45% of alcohol. The ingredients come from the groves of Cobram Estate, such as the olive leaf, lemon myrtle, rosemary, nuts, and bay leaf. It took five years to finalize the taste of the gin with vapor-infused ingredients.


It is a tasty gin with a world-class aroma and texture. You can make green cocktails with the Olive Leaf Gin to give them a twist of flavors. 

Best High-Quality Olive Oil
Every Bit Organic
Every Bit Organic RAW Certified Organic Olive Oil
Check Every Bit Organic RAW Certified Organic Olive Oil price below:
add_circle The organic ingredients make this olive oil the top-tier food oil
add_circle It is versatile
add_circle A healthy cooking oil


Every Bit Organic RAW is one of the best olive oil brands in australia, offering food oils that are pure and organic. They use the cold-pressed method to ensure olive oil is free from additives and maintain its potency. 

Key Ingredients

It is chemical-free and is suitable for pan frying, baking, and salad dressing. It has extra virgin nature and is unrefined, and it can cook at low heat with the right flavor and aroma. It is also dairy- and gluten-free, therefore, a good choice for vegetarians. 


This Certified Organic Olive Oil is your delicious remedy if you are health conscious. Its raw ingredients are best for low-heat cooking and as a finishing oil over salads. 

Customer Review 

One customer claims it is a certified organic oil. With its raw ingredients, you will love how it tastes when blended into a home recipe.

Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Melrose Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Check Melrose Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil price below:
add_circle It is well-formulated, using no preservatives
add_circle The brand has a recipe page available for all buyers
add_circle It is a versatile cooking oil


The highest-quality cooking oil by Melrose is made of olives grown locally. It is free from synthetic substances, ensuring consumer safety.

Key Ingredients

This extra virgin olive oil is for everything from cooking to salad dressing. It is cold-pressed, allowing you to use the oil with great assurance that the nutrients are wholly organic. The peppery and grassy notes add flavor as you cook with olive oil. It also has fewer carbohydrates, trans fat, and cholesterol, suitable for frying. It has a herbaceous aroma that you can drizzle over salad recipes. 


Melrose Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has antioxidants for cooking sound dishes. It can serve as a finishing oil at low temperatures and is suitable for everyday cooking.

Customer Review 

Many households now eat healthily using Melrose Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the kitchen. It has the taste of the herb, giving off more health benefits.

Best Premium Olive Oil
EveryOrganics Cold Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Check EveryOrganics Cold Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil price below:
add_circle Dairy-free
add_circle It has a unique smoky aroma and flavor
add_circle Affordable


If you want olive oil with a premium, smoky flavor, look no further than EveryOrganics. It is produced in Brisbane using untreated wood to bring out the smoky taste. 

Key Ingredients

It contains pure Australian extra virgin olive oil, processed in small batches so as not to compromise the quality. It is without artificial flavor and aroma. It has less saturated fat and no signs of carbohydrates and sugar content. 


It is excellent for individuals having keto and vegan diets. The smoky aroma and taste are a little to blend with any dish. 

Customer Review

Customers on a strict diet opt for Cold Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil due to its pure ingredients. They also ensure that olive oil can complement any meal. 

Best Olive Oil For Cholesterol
Three Olives
Three Olives Certified Organic Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Check Three Olives Certified Organic Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil price below:
add_circle It supports a healthy diet
add_circle Able to stir-fry dishes with the scent of olive oil
add_circle A high-quality oil for everyday use
remove_circle Not clear if it was cold-pressed


Say hello to the healthiest olive oil on the list with no cholesterol added. The fat content is 100% olive, perfect for cooking. 

Key Ingredients

This Mediterranean olive oil has a mild taste and aroma. It is hand-picked and out of the traditional olive pressing, resulting in a more earthy flavor. The unfiltered oil has a slightly fruity taste but contains no sugar and trans fat, which you can dip into snacks. 


It is a chef's choice for cooking meat, fish, vegetables, and salad, with reduced cholesterol levels. Plus, it is safe to use olive oil daily with organic ingredients.

Customer Review 

One buyer likes that the Unfiltered Olive Oil has no nasty smell. It is the best australian olive oil for individuals having a strict diet. 

BRAGG Organic Unrefined/Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Check BRAGG Organic Unrefined/Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil price below:
add_circle It meets the safety food standards
add_circle It is easy to mix with other salad dressings, like garlic, salt, and vinegar
add_circle Perfect for a no-carb diet
remove_circle A bit expensive


BRAGG uses Greek Koroneiki olives to add flavor to your meals. It is GMO-free and USDA certified, making it the best olive oil in australia for vegans. 

Key Ingredients

It is dairy-free and fully organic that works well with different dishes. It is rich in calories and healthy fats with no carbohydrates or sodium. It is cold-pressed, which holds all the nutrients of the olive oil during the process. 


It is excellent for making a delicious Greek salad that will enhance its bold flavor. It must be with less olive oil for the salad dressing to be less greasy. 

Customer Review 

Those who love adding Greek flavor to their dish recommend BRAGG Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Its rich aroma and flavor will soothe your taste buds better than other olive oil.

Best Supermarket Olive Oil
Random Harvest
Random Harvest Lemon & Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Check Random Harvest Lemon & Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil price below:
add_circle Inexpensive
add_circle Vegan friendly
add_circle Cooking oil for various meals


This olive oil is widely available in the market. It is ideal for making sauces or marinating meats with extra flavors of olive, lemon, and pepper. 

Key Ingredients

It is gluten-free. The critical ingredient is extra virgin olive oil with a hint of lemon oil and black pepper. It is the best olive oil brand to buy if you are vegan. Its nutrient content is like other olive oils but has a unique spice due to the added pepper. 


Preparing a Greek salad with Lemon & Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil will deliver the best results. It ensures a more balanced taste - sweet, sour, and spices. 

Customer Review 

Many buyers are satisfied with the price and quality of Lemon & Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They love how it balances all the flavors on a dish, even with a small amount of olive oil. 

What is Olive Oil and What Makes it Unique?

Olive oil is an extracted oil from the fruit of the olive tree (Olea europaea). It is a staple in Mediterranean cuisine and has been widely used for centuries. 

What makes olive oil unique is its production process and composition. They are mechanically pressed to extract the oil without using chemical solvents or high heat. This gentle extraction method helps retain the natural flavors, aromas, and beneficial compounds present in the olives. 

One of the distinguishing factors of olive oil is its high monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), particularly oleic acid. MUFA is considered a healthier type of fat than saturated and trans fats, as it delivers various health benefits, including improved heart health. 

Olive oil also has antioxidants, such as vitamin E and phenolic compounds. It protects the body from oxidative stress and inflammation associated with chronic diseases. 

Another aspect that sets olive oil apart is its wide range of flavors and aromas. Different olive varieties, regions, and production techniques contribute to the unique characteristics of olive oil, resulting in variations from fruity and grassy to mild buttery flavors. 

Overall, its production process, nutritional profile, and diverse flavors make olive oil an exceptional ingredient in cooking, dressing salads, and enhancing the taste of various dishes.

What are the Different Types of Olive Oil Available?

It is important to note that olive oil's quality and flavor profile can vary depending on the region, olive variety, harvesting methods, and pressing techniques. 

Extra virgin olive oil 

It is made by pressing olives without heat or chemicals, producing pure and flavorful oil. It is best used for dressing salads, drizzling over cooked vegetables, or as a finishing oil for dishes. 

Virgin olive oil 

It is made by pressing olives without heat or chemicals but is slightly lower quality than extra virgin olive oil. It is suitable for cooking at medium temperatures and can be used for sautéing, grilling, and roasting. 

Pure olive oil 

Virgin and refined olive oils are combined to make it. Refined olive oil undergoes a high-temperature refining process to remove impurities, giving it a milder flavor than extra virgin and pure olive oils. It can be used for various cooking methods, including frying and baking. 

Light olive oil 

Contrary to what the name suggests, "light" does not refer to lower calorie content. Light olive oil is a more refined version with a more subtle flavor and color than other types. It can be used for cooking methods that require a more neutral flavor, such as baking and frying. 

Pomace olive oil

It is made from the leftover olive pulp and pits after the first pressing of the olives. It is extracted using solvents and undergoes a refining process. Pomace olive oil has a milder flavor and is used mainly for industrial purposes or in specific cuisines where a more neutral oil is desired. 

Health Benefits of Consuming Olive Oil

There are many health benefits of consuming olive oil, including: 

  • Heart health: Olive oil contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which lower the chance of having heart disease by reducing LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and increasing HDL (good) cholesterol levels. 
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: The polyphenols in olive oil have anti-inflammatory properties, which are linked to many chronic health conditions like arthritis, diabetes, and cancer. 
  • Cancer prevention: Research suggests that the polyphenols in olive oil can prevent the growth and spread of cancer cells. 
  • Brain health: The monounsaturated fats in olive oil help boost brain function and reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease. 
  • Digestive health: Olive oil can stimulate the production of bile, which aids in digestion and can prevent constipation. 
  • Skin health: The vitamin E in olive oil can improve skin health and protect against sun damage and premature aging. 
  • Weight management: Consuming olive oil can reduce appetite to help weight loss and weight management.

Buying Guide: How to Choose Olive Oil

Remember that high-quality olive oil can be expensive, but it is worth the investment for taste and health benefits. Here is a guide to choosing the best olive oil in australia on the list: 

  • Look for extra virgin olive oil. It is the highest quality olive oil made solely from cold-pressed olives. It has the most decadent flavor and the highest amount of nutrients. 
  • Check the harvest date. Fresh olive oil is better than old oil. Look for olive oil that has a harvest date listed on the bottle. It will help you determine its freshness. 
  • Check the origin. Good olive oil comes from places where olives are native, such as Italy, Greece, Spain, and California. Look for bottles that list the origin of the oil. 
  • Look for certification. Specific labels like PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) indicate that the oil has been produced according to strict standards. 
  • Taste it. If possible, taste the oil before buying it. It should have a fruity, slightly bitter taste with a peppery finish. 

Best Olive Oil Brands in Australia

Choosing the best brands ensures higher quality, authentic flavor, and adherence to industry standards, providing a better culinary experience and confidence in the product's sourcing and production methods. Check out the best olive oil brand. 

Cobram Estate Olive Oil

Cobram Estate is a highly regarded brand for producing high-quality extra virgin olive oil from Australian-grown olives. They have received numerous awards for their products and are widely recognized for their commitment to quality.

Moro Olive Oil

Moro is a well-established brand that offers a range of olive oils, including extra virgin, light, and extra light options. They source their olives from various regions worldwide, including Australia, Spain, and Greece.

Red Island Olive Oil

Red Island is another reputable Australian brand specializing in extra virgin olive oil. They pride themselves on their sustainable farming practices and produce olive oil with a distinct flavor profile.

Bertolli Olive Oil

Bertolli is a well-known brand globally and offers a range of olive oils. They are known for their extra virgin olive oil, made from carefully selected olives. A balanced flavor often characterizes Bertolli's olive oils and is suitable for various culinary uses.

Melrose Olive Oil

Melrose is an Australian brand that produces high-quality olive oil. They offer extra virgin olive oil, which is made from Australian-grown olives. Melrose focuses on using traditional production methods and maintaining the natural qualities of the olives in their oil.

Olive Oils Price Range Here in Australia

The price range for olive oils in Australia can vary depending on the brand, quality, type (extra virgin, light, etc.), and bottle size. Here's a general overview of the price range you can expect to find:

Budget Range: In the lower price range, olive oils are between AUD 5 to AUD 10 for a 500ml bottle. These oils are often non-extra virgin or a blend of olive oils from different sources.

Mid-Range: In the mid-range, olive oils are between AUD 10 to AUD 20 for a 500ml bottle. These oils are typically extra virgin and may come from specific regions or have certain certifications.

Premium Range: The premium range offers higher-quality olive oils with distinct flavors and packaging. Prices can range from AUD 20 to AUD 40 or more for a 500ml bottle. These oils are often single-origin, cold-pressed, and may have won awards for their quality.

Where to Buy Olive Oils in Australia?

In Australia, you can buy olive oils from various retailers, both online and in physical stores. Here are some familiar places where you can find olive oils:

Supermarkets: Major supermarket chains have a wide selection of olive oils. Different brands, types, and price ranges are found in the condiments or cooking oil section.

Specialty Food Stores: Specialty food stores, gourmet markets, and delicatessens often offer a curated selection of high-quality olive oils. These stores may have a broader range of premium and artisanal options from local and international producers.

Farmers' Markets: Farmers' markets are a great place to find locally produced olive oils. Many small-scale olive growers and producers sell their products directly to consumers at farmers' markets, allowing you to learn about the source and production methods of the oil.

Online Retailers: Numerous online retailers specialize in selling olive oils and other gourmet food products. Websites like Coles Online, Woolworths Online, and specialty food retailers provide a convenient way to browse and purchase a wide range of olive oils from the comfort of your home.

Olive Oil Producers: Some olive oil producers have physical stores or tasting rooms where you can purchase their products directly. These locations may offer a unique experience where you can learn more about the olive oil production process and taste different varieties.

When purchasing olive oil, it's best to check the labels for source, type, and certification information. Look for indications such as "extra virgin olive oil," "cold-pressed," and certifications like "Australian Certified Extra Virgin" or the "International Olive Council" seal to ensure the quality and authenticity of the product.


We hope the olive oil reviews help you choose one that meets your budget and needs. The ingredients are not complex, but cold-pressed olives are the best olive oil in australia you can buy. It must be fresh, containing the proper nutrients, like antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and vitamin E. You should also keep an eye on its origin and if it is certified organic before purchasing.

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