Usually, wireless charging pads are a thing for higher-end phones; iPhone 8, iPhone X and even the latest Samsung Galaxy 10. Today, the positive effects of technology for lower-end smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 now get to utilize wireless chargers.

The main reason why wireless charging is an in-thing is first, the convenience of no cables lying around. Secondly, vertical positioning for those who need to use their smartphones frequently. Otherwise, it’s a plus for those who don’t want to overcharge their phone whereby some charging pads will automatically turn off when the phone is fully charged.

Whatever the reasons may be, below are the recommended wireless chargers that should be in your checkout list!

1. Google Pixel Stand

Best wireless charger with usb c - suitable for Pixel 3
Price from SGD149.90
Lazada Singapore SGD149.90

Combining speed and wireless, this stand is what Pixel 3 needs which allows users to do more with their Google assistant. It outputs 10W to charge phones in either portrait or landscape mode. 

Especially useful for business and working professionals on-the-go, users will enjoy Google features like scheduling, news, traffic updates at their customization! The Google Pixel Stand comes with a USB C cable and a power adapter for additional convenience.  

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2. Anker PowerWave 7.5

Best wireless charger with fan and ac adapter
Price from SGD95.00
Lazada Singapore SGD95.00

The Anker PowerWave 7.5 appears as a quick wireless charging stand that includes an internal cooling fan to beat the heat in smartphones. It claims to use exclusive WaveBoost technology that assists in charging up to 30% quicker than other wireless chargers! 

This wireless charger is case friendly and lets you charge your phone vertically or horizontally. The wireless charger also comes with a Quick Charge 3.0 AC adapter. Worth the convenience and value!

3. Smart Wireless Charger Bluetooth Speaker Stereo Music Player

Best wireless charger with speaker
Price from SGD129.00
Lazada Singapore SGD129.00

Not only will this charger fuel your phone without any cables, but it can also play your favourite tunes on-the go! A great and fashionable ornament to suit your room or office, the Bluetooth Speaker is compact, light and portable, giving users the freedom to use it whenever.

4. Remax RP-W4 Mark Wireless Charger

Best radiation free wireless charger - suitable for Android phones
Price from SGD15.90
Lazada Singapore SGD15.90

The Remax RP-W4 Mark Wireless Charger is a blessing for Android users. Compatible with many phones, it provides good heat dissipation thanks to the built-in smart chip and conduction coil. 

One of the key benefits of this wireless charger is being radiation-free, keeping your loved ones safe from harmful rays. Coming in black or white, this is the wireless charger for the entire Android smartphone family!

5. Elecom Qi Standard Wireless Charger

Best wireless charger with slip pad - suitable for iPhone XS
Price from SGD34.90
Lazada Singapore SGD34.90

Being of ‘Qi’ international standard, the Elecom Qi Standard Wireless Charger is suitable for latest Apple and Samsung smartphones which includes the iPhone XS. 

With a thickness of 8mm, this wireless charger has a slip pad as a phone resting base to prevent any vibrating phone from sliding off. The charging pad is also light and small, so your phone would not have to stay hungry all day!

6. Baseus Car Holder Qi Fast Wireless Charger

Best wireless charger with magnet - suitable for car
Price from SGD24.90
Shopee Singapore SGD24.90

The Baseus Car Holder Qi Fast Wireless Charger comes with a magnetic separator, allowing devices to be charged intelligently and safely. That’s because it features a caring indicator light to gently remind users of the charging levels. 

Easily installed by clamping onto any magnetic piece in the car, this helps with necessary stability and safety thanks to the automatic locking features. This is the smart wireless charger that every on-the-go person needs to have in their car! 

7. Baseus LCD QI Wireless Charger

Best wireless charger and power bank - suitable for Samsung phones like Note 9
Price from SGD25.90
Shopee Singapore SGD25.90

Calling all Samsung smartphone users, the Baseus LCD QI Wireless Charger is at your service! Being compatible with most Samsung smartphones and other Qi-enabled devices, it comes with an 8000mAh Power Bank for your added convenience. 

The charge includes 2 extra USB ports for recharging extra devices at hand. Perfect for those with less time to waste and wants to make the most out of their day!

8. Baseus Digtal LED Display Wireless Charger

Best wireless charger for Apple phones
Price from SGD16.90
Shopee Singapore SGD16.90

Surprises are fun but not when it comes to a low battery smartphone! Suitable for Apple devices and some Android phones, the Baseus Digtal LED Display Wireless Charger automatically recognizes your devices to deliver accurate and optimal charging. 

With a built-in magnetic separating disc, this provides necessary safety and shields with any form of electromagnetic radiation. This is the go-to wireless charge for the stability and efficiency most Apple owners need!

9. Baseus Standee Fast Wireless Charger Output

Best wireless charger with stand - suitable for big phones like iPhone XR
Price from SGD22.00
Shopee Singapore SGD22.00

With a fast output charge mode of 10W, this is one of the best wireless chargers for big phones like the 6.1-inch iPhone XR. Comes with a USB type C cable, users can charge their phones flatlay-style via the horizontal desktop or vertically upright. What’s more, it’s portable, light and provides safe efficient charging without much fuss!

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!


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