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8 Best Baby Strollers For a Fun Family Day Out

Travelling made easier.

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Going places is always exciting, but it’s not so easy with a baby in your care. There’s always so much to consider especially the baby’s safety and comfort. Fret not nonetheless, because that’s what strollers are for! They don’t only keep your baby resting safe and sound, but also give parents more flexibility and a rest on their shoulders.

Are 3 or 4-wheel strollers better?

We get what you’re thinking. Three-wheelers? Are they even stable? Well, they’re actually made to ease manoeuvring! Made with two larger wheels at the back and a smaller one at the front, this setup prevents the stroller from tipping over especially on bumpy terrains. Moreover, it makes pushing easier with even one hand - very helpful for busy parents!

Speaking of four wheelers, of course these traditional strollers are undeniably stable even at a glance. They’re also more affordable compared to the former. When it comes to design however, the trending three-wheelers generally has a wider circling turn compared to four-wheelers.

We must say though, each type has its own pros and cons. Therefore, it all depends on your lifestyle when it comes to selecting the type of stroller for your little one. If you’re all about the smooth rides through the malls or the friendly neighbourhood, we’d say a four-wheeler will do. If you’re a bit more adventurous, go for the three!

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller

SGD 435.00
Mountain Buggy
1. Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller
Best rated baby stroller
Updated on 10th March 2020

Compatible with an infant car seat, Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller is lightweight and easily foldable. It comes with a shoulder strap and a carrying bag that can support a weight of up to 20kg (44 pounds), just ideal for on-the-go moms. Designed with super slim wheels for great manoeuvrability, this stroller’s seat reclines for your child’s extra comfort.

Baby Jogger City Tour stroller

SGD 249
Baby Jogger
2. Baby Jogger City Tour stroller
Best baby jogger stroller
Updated on 9th August 2020

Thinking of taking a quick stroll out with your little one? You can always count on Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller. This stroller enhances storage and transportation simply with its auto-lock system when folded. Offering multiple reclines, the seat can be tilted back to an almost flat position to make nap time possible anytime during the outdoor adventure!

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Baby Stroller

SGD 422.11
3. Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Baby Stroller
Best baby stroller for travel
Updated on 11th August 2020

Designed for precious tots weighing up to 25kg (55 pounds), the Evenflo Minno Baby Stroller folds gracefully with front wheel suspension as well as lockable swivel wheels to adapt onto most terrains. 

The seat offers a slew of convenient features including cup holders, a huge canopy, and a generous storage basket. It can even convert into a double stroller, with a unique slide and lock system to expand the frame and accommodate the other baby. Just perfect for any growing family trips!

GB Pockit+ Plus Gold All-City Stroller

SGD 369
GB Pockit
4. GB Pockit+ Plus Gold All-City Stroller
Best lightweight baby stroller
Updated on 11th August 2020

A durable stroller is all you need, and GB Pockit Lightweight Stroller has got all of that. Featuring a 2-step folding design, this quality stroller only weighs 4.3kg (9.5 pounds). It comes with a padded handlebar and is so easy to push and manoeuvre with. 

Designed with foot-operated brakes, its front-swivel wheels are lockable to ensure your child’s safety comes first.

Graco Modes 3-in-1 Travel System

SGD 699
5. Graco Modes 3-in-1 Travel System
Best baby stroller with car seat feature
Updated on 10th March 2020

If you’re a new mom looking for a stroller, Graco Modes Travel System is what you need! This easily foldable stroller comes with one of the best infant car seats that connects easily and safely to the stroller, which is perfect for a newborn. With suspension on its lockable front wheels, this stroller offers smooth rides on any terrain.

Orbit Baby G3 Stroller

SGD 907.70
Orbit Baby
6. Orbit Baby G3 Stroller
Best compact baby stroller
Updated on 10th March 2020

Make everyday movement easy with Orbit Baby G3 Stroller that is made ideal for convenient mobility. Super versatile, this state of art stroller allows for easy rotation and reclining in one fluid movement. 

Apart from being compact and lightweight, the stroller is also easily collapsible, folding to fit into even the smallest car trunk or cabin storage. Take it anywhere you go — its upholstery are ever so removable to make cleaning a cinch!

Mamakiddies Tandem Stroller

SGD 186.92
7. Mamakiddies Tandem Stroller
Best double baby stroller - also for toddlers
Updated on 11th August 2020

Say hello to Mamakiddies Tandem Stroller - the perfect solution to keep your small ones in place when you’re on the move. With the back seat being more suitable for the infant and the front for the older sibling, this double stroller features a sturdy construction, despite being lightweight and compact. Its seat reclines with ease, and there’s a 5-point harness for safety.

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