Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and honestly, it’s not easy getting him a gift. This year, get ready to receive a ‘Best Wife/Girlfriend’ award by getting him the perfect gift. Take a look at this list of different Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him!

1. Oakley Performance Lifestyle OO4124 Sunglasses

Best for husband

Price from SGD248.00

shopping_cart Zalora Singapore SGD248.00

Sunglasses are functional, stylish and timeless, which is why it’s the perfect gift for him this Valentine’s Day! These black tinted sunglasses are lightweight and comfortable to wear, making it suitable for all-day wear. It’s available in prescription lenses too!

2. Mont Blanc Legend EDT

Best for boyfriend

Price from SGD120.00

shopping_cart Zalora Singapore SGD120.00

A man that smells good is extremely sexy and attractive. If he hasn’t jumped on the fragrance train or you just really love the scent, do him a favor by getting him this Mont Blanc Legend EDT!

3. Tommy Hilfiger TH Diagonal Slim CC

Best for him

Price from SGD99.00

shopping_cart Zalora Singapore SGD99.00

For a practical and stylish gift, the Tommy Hilfiger TH Diagonal Slim CC is a sleek leather wallet perfect for everyday use. With a generous amount of card slots, 8 to be exact, it helps to keep his cards in check and organised.

4. Zalora e-Gift Cards

Best for new boyfriend

Price from SGD100.00

shopping_cart Zalora Singapore SGD100.00

You finally found the one, but Valentine’s Day is approaching and you have no idea what to get him. Don’t panic, because here’s the perfect gift for new relationships! A Zalora e-Gift card! He gets to pick whatever he likes, and you don’t have to stress over what gift to get him!

5. Nicholas Vahe Cutting Board Set

Best for the husband that cooks

Price from SGD50.00

shopping_cart STYLODECO SGD50.00

It’s no longer rare to find a man that can cook. It’s an attractive quality that all wives appreciate! Surprise the Gordon Ramsay of your life with this wooden cutting board that comes with a knife that makes chopping up herbs quick and easy!

6. Photobook Blooming Love

Best for the long distance boyfriend

Price from SGD99.90

shopping_cart Photobook Singapore SGD99.90

Flip through pages of love with a photo book filled with precious memories and experiences with him. A long distance relationship might be hard to maintain, but gift him a photo book to remind him of the lovely times shared together!

7. Kim Soo Home CHEESE BOARD, Marble w. Leather Strap

Best for the cheese lover

Price from SGD70.00

shopping_cart STYLODECO SGD70.00

Whether he’s a turophile or he just loves fancy decor, this beautiful marbled cheese board will tickle him fancy! This cheese board also comes with a leather strap for that extra touch of elegance. Perfect for wine and cheese nights, or as a decorative piece!

8. Fitbit Alta HR Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband

Best for the gym junkie

Price from SGD235.60

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD235.60

Does he spend all of his free time in the gym? A fitness band is what he needs! The Fitbit Alta is a sleek fitness band that does it all! From counting steps to tracking sleep patterns, your gym-obsessed boyfriend would love this!

9. House Doctor Tea Towel, Pig

Best for the bacon lover

Price from SGD19.00

shopping_cart STYLODECO SGD19.00

Oink, oink! Is he known as the pork king because of how much he loves bacon, pork belly, bak kut teh and all things pork? This quirky tea towel with the outline of pork meat cuts is a simple and fun gift for the pork lover of your life!

10. DJI Spark Fly More COMBO

Best for the technophile

Price from SGD799.00

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD799.00

The price might be steep, but if you’re looking to treat your tech-obsessed boyfriend, this is it! This compact drone will make any drone enthusiast drool with its fancy features. It can be controlled with a mobile device and even hand gestures. If you’re looking to splurge on your man this Valentine’s Day, this is the ultimate gift!

11. ALDO Ullranna Bracelet

Best for the fashionista

Price from SGD20.90

shopping_cart Zalora Singapore SGD20.90

For the trendy and fashion forward, this brass bracelet set is a great addition to anyone’s collection. It’s stylish and simple, yet it’s enough to make a statement!

12. BONIA Black Exuberant Document Bag

Best for the workaholic

Price from SGD388.00

shopping_cart Bonia Singapore SGD388.00

Help him organise his paperwork and documents with BONIA’s Black Exuberant Document Bag! It’s compact and stylish with plenty of space to store documents neatly. He’ll love this, trust me.

13. Adidas Alphabounce Em M

Best for the runner

Price from SGD150.00

shopping_cart Zalora Singapore SGD150.00

He invites you to join his morning runs and marathons, and you can’t seem to understand where he gets his energy and motivation from. Although you’re not keen on running, you can still support his interest by getting him a pair of durable and comfortable running shoes, the Adidas Alphabounce Em M!

14. Sony Singapore Playstation 4 Hits Bundle 500GB

Best for the gamer

Price from SGD449.00

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD449.00

If he spends too much time gaming with his PC and phone, a Playstation 4 is likely to be on his wish list. Although this could mean spending less time watching Netflix together, he’ll be overjoyed to receive this. Why not get an extra controller and enjoy the cool new console together?

15. Sonos Play:1 Speaker

Best for the music lover

Price from SGD269.00

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD269.00

With this portable and wireless speaker, now he can jam out whenever, wherever. The Sonos Play:1 Speaker is a high-quality speaker that’s compact and powerful. With the humidity resistant feature, he can even sing and dance in the shower or kitchen!

16. Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 Stardust Gold

Best for the photographer

Price from SGD189.00

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD189.00

DSLR, digital camera, the iPhone camera, he seems to have all he needs to take that perfect shot. Help expand his photography collection with an instant camera! The Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 is a sleek instant camera that anyone will love. It also includes a built-in selfie mirror to help capture your sweet memories together!

17. GoPro Hero 6

Best for the adventurer

Price from SGD595.00

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD595.00

An action camera is on every traveller’s wishlist. The GoPro Hero 6 is the ultimate gift for any adventurer and action seeker. It’s extremely durable, waterproof with voice control and amazing image quality! Now he can share his adventures and thrills with you, in 4K!

18. Minipresso GR Portable Coffee Machine Set Espresso Maker 

Best for the coffee addict

Price from SGD89.11

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD89.11

If he needs coffee to jump-start his day, this portable espresso maker is his new best friend! It doesn’t require any batteries or cords, just add ground coffee and hot water and pump away for delicious coffee on the go!

19. MdoC Relief Tonic with Aftershave

Best for the husband who loves to groom

Price from SGD35.00

shopping_cart Zalora Singapore SGD35.00

Suitable for any skin type, this aftershave also acts as a toner that helps reduce redness, irritation and clogged pores after shaving. Now you can snuggle and kiss him with his smooth and non-prickly chin.

20. TRAVELER’S Notebook Brown

Best for the traveller

Price from SGD64.02

shopping_cart Kinokuniya Singapore SGD64.02

Is he a wanderlust? With a travel journal, he can easily store and jot down his adventures around the world. Additionally, he can customize the notebook to his heart’s desires by using stamps or beads.

21. Jansport Superbreak Solid Backpack

Best for the university boyfriend

Price from SGD55.00

shopping_cart Zalora Singapore SGD55.00

Simple, practical and thoughtful. A backpack is a functional gift that your boyfriend is sure to use. It’s durable, handy and comes in a variety of colours.

22. Fossil Grant Mechanical Blue Leather Watch

Best stylish gift for him

Price from SGD329.00

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD329.00

Combine practicality and style with a leather watch from Fossil! This stylish watch is great as an accessory, or just to make sure he’s punctual to dates. Now he doesn’t have any excuses to be late!

23. Olsson & Jensen DESK LAMP, Brass

Best for the bookworm

Price from SGD388.00

shopping_cart STYLODECO SGD388.00

This brass desk lamp is sure to add elegance to any corner you put it in. The classic and polished design makes it a fine decorative piece that any reader will greatly appreciate.

24. BeatsX Earphones Black

Best for the audiophile

Price from SGD178.20

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD178.20

You can’t go wrong with earphones. BeatsX Earphones are wireless, high quality and comfortable for everyday use. It’s perfect for everyone, especially those who are on the go!

25. Jason Markk Essential Kit

Best for the sneakerhead

Price from SGD31.35

shopping_cart Zilingo Indonesia SGD31.35

Heavy rain, muddy roads, and big puddles are a sneakerhead’s nightmare. Help keep his kicks fresh and clean with Jason Markk Essential Kit. This kit contains a bottle of Premium Shoe Cleaning solution and a Standard Brush for shoes to look as good as new.

26. Super Thick Wool Socks

Best for him

Price from SGD6.90

shopping_cart Zilingo Indonesia SGD6.90

Soft and fuzzy socks, perfect for a chilly night in. Get a matching pair for yourself and prepare some snacks for a night of Netflix and chill.

27. The Little Link Cufflinks Jullan Bowtie and Pocket Square Box Set

Best gift set for him

Price from SGD31.90

shopping_cart Zalora Singapore SGD31.90

This set includes a bow tie and pocket square, perfect for nights that he has to suit up and dress fancy. The bright blue color is bold and tones up any boring black suit.

28. Retro Style Alphabet Stamp Set

Best for the hobbyist

Price from SGD1.50

shopping_cart Shopee Singapore SGD1.50

Does he enjoy scrapbooking, journaling or keeping diaries? Then this alphabet stamp set is right up his alley! It’s a set of rubber stamps with all of the alphabets and symbols that he needs that’s stored in a vintage wooden box. It’s a great addition to his collection!

29. Mobile Phone Projector / Portable Mini Cinema

Best for the movie buff

Price from SGD23.90

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD23.90

Portable, lightweight and easy to use, this compact smartphone projector lets him project movies or videos on the go! This nifty tool is also convenient and great for traveling. Now he won’t miss an episode of his favourite series!

30. Cards Against Humanity Core Set

Best for the card game lover

Price from SGD39.90

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD39.90

Every week he meets up with his bros for a card or board game. Make his game night even more fun with the popular Cards Against Humanity. It’s a fun party game that you can join in too!

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