For centuries now, the guitar has evolved from a normal string instrument to an essential in modern day music. In fact, it has become such a versatile instrument that from hybrid guitars to silent guitars, the options are endless. However, choosing the right guitar for your musical needs may not be as easy as it seems. To help you out, we’ve listed the best guitars for everyone below!

1. Yamaha FG830 Natural Acoustic Guitar

Best for beginners

Price from SGD549.00

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At the top of our list is of course one for all the beginners out there. This entry-level guitar from Yamaha retains its warms authentic sound with a more well-balanced tone. Besides being the best choice for beginners, the FG830 makes for a great backup guitar for seasoned musicians.

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2. Yamaha APXT2

Best for small hands

Price from SGD299.00

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A smaller guitar for smaller hands, Yamaha’s APXT2 features a single-cutaway body in a ¾ -sized guitar. This electro-acoustic guitar is the perfect size to take on if you have small hands or as a travel guitar. Also, the APXT2 is fitted with the ART-based preamp and System 68 contact pickup which is great for a small, yet trusty guitar.

3. Godin A6 Ultra

Best with humbucker - suitable for blues

Price from SGD1,440.00

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Slip and slide with those blues tunes. The Godin A6 Ultra is a semi-acoustic-electric guitar which gives you plugged-in acoustic goodness, with an electric guitar neck. In addition, the A6 features a humbucker pickup in the neck for a more rounded and full tone. With the A6, you have the versatility to play whatever style you want. But of course, let’s focus on the blues.

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4. Seagull S6

Best for fingerstyle

Price from SGD877.50

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This North American crafted masterpiece has a simple design that packs a punch in terms of sound quality and playability. Seagull’s S6 is made with several kinds of woods, featuring a rosewood fretboard of 21 frets with a sleek matte finish. 

5. Yamaha ERG121 Gigmaker Electric

Best for metal

Price from SGD399.00

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If you’re looking to try out metal, the Yamaha ERG121 is the best choice for starting out. It is also a great guitar for beginner electric guitarists. Additionally, this guitar comes equipped with two humbuckers in the bridge and neck, with a single coil in the middle. Plus, the Gigmaker Electric package comes with the GA10 amplifier, a cable cord and multiple other accessories. 

6. BLW Glitz Stratocaster

Best left-handed guitar – with tremolo

Price from SGD165.00

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Here’s one for all the lefties out there! BLW’s Glitz Stratocaster inherits the S10 series’ classic design. This double-cutaway body features a 5-way switch with 3 single coil pickups for ultimate playing versatility and hours of long comfort. As an added bonus, the Glitz comes together with a tremolo arm to control string tension for a more vibrant playing experience.

7. Yamaha Guitalele GL-1

Best for kids

Price from SGD159.00

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The guitalele is a unique hybrid of, you guessed it, the guitar and ukulele. This adorable instrument may look like a toy but rest assured, it’s 100% real. The GL-1 from Yamaha is a fun way to get your kids started on a journey of exploring stringed-instruments. However, do note that the tuning for guitaleles is up a 4th to “A”.

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