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Keep Your Vision Clear With These 7 Eye Drops for Contact Lens

Stay bright-eyed all day long.

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Contact lenses tend to dry your eyes out, giving you discomfort and a cloudy vision as your day goes on. You should alleviate your dry eyes with lubricating drops. However, not all eye drops are the same; some are meant to use with contact lenses, but some are not. Read on to find out the best contact lens eye drops for you.

Rohto Lycee Eyedrops For Contact Lens And Normal Use

SGD 9.8

When it comes to eye drops, Japan does it best. Rohto’s Lycee Eye Drops is formulated with sodium chondroitin sulphate and hypromellose. They work to relief and moisturise your dry eyes. It also comes with a unique nozzle so that you can apply the drops at any angle.

Optrex Rehydrating Eye Drops For Dry Eyes

SGD 8.45
Best lubricating eye drops for contact lens

Optrex Rehydrating Eye Drops work to refresh and rejuvenate your dry eyes. Made with purified water and special ingredients, this product is uniquely formulated to relieve dry and tired eyes. It's ideal if you are exposed to air conditioning rooms and polluted air.

Renu multiplus Lubricating And Rewetting Drops

SGD 4.5

Although soft contact lenses work well on dry eyes, wearing them for long hours will still dry and tire your eyes out. ReNu’s MultiPlus Lubricating and Rewetting Drops are formulated to moisturise your dry eyes. It can be used for daily or disposable soft contact lenses as well.

Sante FX V Plus Eye Drops

SGD 8.99

Red eyes are caused by excessive computer usage and over-wearing your contact lenses. Nonetheless, Sante FX V Plus Eye Drops can help relieve your strained eyes. It’s formulated with vitamin B6 and amino acids to soothe inflammation and tired eyes. Additionally, it provides UV protection to shield your eyes from sun exposure.

Rohto C Cube Eye Drops

SGD 7.9
Best for dry eyes

Give your eyes the moisture they deserve with Rohto C Cube Eye Drops. It works by forming a moisture veil over your contact lens to eliminate dryness and discomfort. The drops also contain ingredients that can help soothe tired and irritated eyes.

Blink Intensive Tears Preservative Free Lubricating Eye Drops

SGD 15

Preservatives found in eye drops can sometimes cause sensitivity and irritation. To be safe, opt for Blink Intensive Tears Preservative Free Lubricating Eye Drops. It'll relieve and moisturise your dry and irritated eyes. Safe to use with contact lenses, it can also protect your eyes from dust and air pollution.

Hisamitsu Ganryojun Eye Drops

SGD 6.8
Best moisturizing eye drops for contact lens

When your eyes get very dry because of your contact lenses, soothe them with Hisamitsu Ganryojun Eye Drops. Cute packaging aside, it can help clear blurry vision caused by dry eyes. Additionally, it will also relieve tired and irritated eyes.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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