Your father, daddy, papa, or whatever you call the man who raised you, deserves gifts too. If you’re unsure about what to give him on June 17, 2018 (Father's Day), you’re in luck because we’ve listed 25 gift ideas that will make your old man smile.

1. Herschel Hank Leather Wallet

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Zalora Singapore SGD59.90

The first thing we recommend is a wallet. Every man can appreciate a decent black leather wallet, especially from a well-known brand. Aside from being durable, it has a lot of compartments to keep your money and cards organized – it has a coin pocket, too. It's affordable, minimalistic, robust, and classy, your dad will love it. 

2. Fossil Men's Quartz Watch FS5068

Price from SGD175.00
Lazada Singapore SGD175.00

A good man always appreciates the value of time, and we're sure your father is not just a good man but a great man. So, if you have the budget, spend it on this reasonably priced gorgeous-looking watch. It has a leather strap, gold coloured stainless steel case, and an elegant blue dial; what’s not to adore?

3. BOSS Jolen Belt

Price from SGD160.00
Zalora Singapore SGD160.00

If your dad is the type to keep his shirt tucked in, he deserves a superb belt. And nothing is more superior than this BOSS Jolen Belt. It's elegant and can be used for almost any occasion. You can also choose its length, so you don't have to worry about not getting the right fit.

4. Burberry Weekend Tester Testeur

Price from SGD31.50
Lazada Singapore SGD31.50

Every woman loves a good-smelling man. Buying a perfume for your dad will not only make him happy but your mom as well. We recommend the Burberry Weekend perfume; it has a casual fruity and oaky scent that's not tough on anyone's nose.

5. Regalia Series Silver Stripes Polyester Fabric Tie

Price from SGD21.00
Lazada SG SGD21.00

The next gift is one that never fails and is a simple one – it’s a tie. The best tie you can give to your dad that will keep him standing tall and proud at work or on any special occasion is this Regalia Series Silver Stripes Polyester Fabric Tie. Its colour and style blends with almost all jackets and white dress shirts. Plus, it's comfortable and easy to wear.

6. Bose Soundsport

Price from SGD239.00
Harvey Norman Singapore SGD239.00

Every active man desires music while working out, and if your dad is an athlete or a sporty guy, he'll love the Bose Soundsport. Not only does it pack six hours of juice in one charge, but it also provides extraordinary sound quality. It is super comfortable; plus, it is wireless. This in-ear headphone easily makes it as one of the best in the market when it comes to sports headphones.

7. Oasis Drink Bottle

Price from SGD18.90
Lazada Singapore SGD18.90

If your dad is the traveling man, nothing can make him happier than bringing some homemade brews. And the best way to bring it with him is by buying him this Oasis Drink Bottle. It can keep his coffee hot up to 12 hours while keeping his lemonade cold for a day.

8. JXD 523 Tracker Mini Foldable Pocket Drone

Price from SGD38.14
Lazada Singapore SGD38.14

If you're on a tight budget but would love to give a drone to your dad for fun and spark some excitement, say no more with the JXD 523 Tracker Mini Foldable Pocket Drone. This gift is more of a novelty item, but it does work. Although the camera isn't reliable, it still flies and your old man can enjoy controlling the drone with ease.

9. Super Dad Photobook

Price from SGD44.90
Photobook Singapore SGD44.90

If you're the type who wants to add a very personal touch to your present, nothing will work better than giving your dad this Super Dad Photobook. You can add the best pictures you have with him, the good, the bad, and the ugly moments. You can even customise the book type and cover you want.

10. Lara Messenger Bag for Men

Price from SGD78.00
Zalora Singapore SGD78.00

If you want to give your dad that's super useful; nothing can beat a handy bag for everything. This messenger bag can carry his laptop, clothing, documents, and just about anything that fits. Plus, it's made of leather – guaranteed durable and stylish.

11. Herschel Supply Co. Little America Full-Volume Black Matt Rubber Backpack

Price from SGD73.90
Lazada SG SGD73.90

If your old man isn't the type to carry a tote bag around, don't worry because here's a knapsack to fix that. This Herschel Supply Co. Little America Full-Volume Black Matt Rubber Backpack is old school and a loved classic. It's durable, comfortable, and it's not going to break the bank.

12. Anker PowerCore Speed

Price from SGD89.00
Lazada Singapore SGD89.00

Is your dad a gadget lover? Why not allow him to enjoy that even more with a backup battery that's portable and reliable, the Anker PowerCore Speed. It has a 20,000mAh battery, and is capable of charging most smart devices up to five times

13. Anchor Hocking Bamboo Wine Rack

Price from SGD54.00
Lazada Singapore SGD54.00

Who doesn't love wine? We bet your dad loves it just as he loves beer. But if he's the type to just collect a few, the perfect gift for him is the Anchor Hocking Bamboo Wine Rack.  It has a unique design, and it's made of bamboo. This wine rack can store up to 12 wines and will fit nicely in a modern home.

14. Proraso Green Shaving Cream

Price from SGD17.00
Lazada Singapore SGD17.00

Some men love beards while some want it clean, whichever your dad is of the two, he'll need a shaving cream that won't let him down. We recommend the most is the Proraso Green Shaving Cream. It keeps things smooth and leaves a lovely menthol scent to keep things fresh after every shave.

15. Ballentine's Finest Scotch Whiskey

Price from SGD52.00
Lazada Singapore SGD52.00

Sometimes, the only thing you need to give your dad is a fine whiskey, and there is nothing finer than the Ballentine's Finest Scotch Whiskey. It's quite expensive for booze, but it will give your dad the delight he deserves either for a good night’s sleep or during a special family event.

16. Ray-Ban Aviator

Price from SGD219.00
Zalora Singapore SGD219.00

One of the best ways to make any man more handsome is through wearing sunglasses. Get your dad this pair of Ray-Ban aviators which will protect his eyes from the glaring sun. To top it off, it's got the style, comfort, and the magnet that will catch everyone's attention.

17. LUNARBAY - Cardholder Lanyard

Price from SGD16.90
Lazada SG SGD16.90

Another useful item that's super cheap but can be used on a daily basis is this classy LUNARBAY - Cardholder Lanyard. This gift will help your dad keep his cards or important IDs in place without the risk of losing them.

18. Nikon COOLPIX B500

Price from SGD355.00
Harvey Norman Singapore SGD355.00

If your dad loves taking pictures with his phone, why not buy him one of the best gifts possible, a DSLR. This Nikon COOLPIX B500 takes exceptional photographs, and it can record videos at full HD (1080p at 30 fps). Although it's a bit pricey, it's super worth it.

19. Philips Daily Collection Coffee Maker HD-7447

Price from SGD49.00
Harvey Norman Singapore SGD49.00

How can a father say no to a relaxing, aromatic cup of coffee? If your old man loves coffee so much, this Philips coffee maker is perfect for him. It's an excellent coffee maker that brews to perfection. Furthermore, it's reasonably priced and comes from a renowned brand.

20. Sperry – Sahara

Price from SGD99.90
Lazada SG SGD99.90

Boat shoes are one of man's best friends. They're easy to wear, fashionable, and robust. So why not buy your dad this Sperry in Sahara? It has a classic look and will match with almost any outfit. And best of all, it can be used for both formal and casual events.

21. Braun Mobile Shave M 30 Pocket Shaver

Price from SGD28.00
Lazada Singapore SGD28.00

Shaving on the go is sometimes vital for men who work in the corporate world. If your dad is in that industry, then buying him this Braun Mobile Shave M 30 Pocket Shaver will do wonders for him. It is lightweight, elegantly designed, and fits right in anyone’s pocket.

22. 46-Piece Socket and Ratchet Tool Set

Price from SGD21.29
Lazada Singapore SGD21.29

You know what they say, boys never grow up; they just upgrade their toys. This toy, we mean tool, is practical and helpful for your dad to work on his car or any project that deals with some machinery. Even if he doesn't use it that much, it's still valuable and useful when the need arises.

23. Sonos One

Price from SGD329.00
Harvey Norman Singapore SGD329.00

Another item that's a bit more on the expensive side of things is this wireless speaker, Sonos One. It's compact but packs a lot of power. This speaker has a superb bass with clean mids and highs, even at full volume. Best of all, it's easy to use so your dad won't have a challenging time operating it.

24. M26 Smart Watch

Price from SGD24.00
Lazada SG SGD24.00

If your dad is still young and techy, then buying him this smartwatch is an excellent choice. It's affordable and provides a lot of features like accepting calls, changing music, camera controls, and more. It even comes with an anti-theft feature that prompts the user when the phone is left behind.

25. Men+Care Thick and Strong Fortifying 2-in-1 Shampoo

Price from SGD14.20
Lazada SG SGD14.20

Last on our list is for fathers who are losing their hair from old age. Help him preserve his youth and keep his good looks by giving him this Men+Care Thick and Strong Fortifying. It keeps the hair thick and enhances hair growth after consistent use

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