Door locks are features that can make a difference to avoid untoward incidents. It is extremely important that every home has a highly reliable and functional door lock. These days, door locks are also available in digital versions, where you can input a passcode or use RFID cards to unlock. Get one for your home or office based on our recommendations below!

1. 1. YALE YDME50 Digital Bedroom Door Lock

Best digital door knob
Price from SGD399.00
Shopee Singapore SGD399.00

Replace your traditional door knobs with YALE’s YDME50 Digital Bedroom Door Lock for higher security and privacy. You have the option of unlocking with either PIN, RF Card or a mechanical key. It also has a low battery alert feature, and an emergency power supply in case your lock runs out of juice. Finally, although it boasts an anti-panic egress, it is highly reliable.

2. 2. Yale YDR 3110 RF Card Digital Door Lock (Rim Lock)

Best digital lock for office
Price from SGD299.00
Lazada Singapore SGD299.00

For offices, the easiest and most secure way to enter and exit the premise is through RF cards. Yale’s YDR 3110 Digital Door Lock is a rim lock that unlocks using RF or through a passcode. It also locks automatically in case someone forgets to shut the door. Besides that, the door lock has a break-in/damage alarm and a low battery alarm, powered by an emergency power supply.

3. 3. Yale YDM 4109 Biometric Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

Best fingerprint lock
Price from SGD899.00
Lazada Singapore SGD899.00

Given that fingerprints are exclusive to just one person, safety features these days have evolved to use fingerprint identification, and they are now a common mode of recognition. Yale’s YDM 4109 Biometric Fingerprint Digital Door Lock is among the most renowned digital door lock that uses this technology. It comes with a voice guide and anti-panic egress feature, and can be unlocked via fingerprint, smart card or keypad.

4. 4. Xiaomi Aqara Smart Door Lock

Best for door
Price from SGD349.00
Shopee Singapore SGD349.00

Xiaomi is known for their futuristic and high quality products. The Agara smart door lock is no exception. With this option, you can view the unlock history to observe who has been walking in and/or out. It also comes with an anti-peeping design to prevent robbers or busybodies.

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5. 5. Schlage S-6800(Main Door) + Gateman Z10-ih(Gate)

Best outdoor lock
Price from SGD1,230.00
Qoo10 Singapore SGD1,230.00

For outdoor safety, the Schlage S-6800 for your main door and Gateman Z10-ih for your grill is arguably an ideal outdoor safety bundle. You can use the Schlage S-6800 in replacement of your current mechanical lock by which you can unlock using password, RFID, fingerprint or an emergency key. As for your grill, the Gateman Z10-ih’s metal secure box can be unlocked using fingerprint or password.

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6. 6. Schlage S-480 Mortise Digital Door Lock

Best keyless lock
Price from SGD299.00
Shopee Singapore SGD299.00

What’s even worse than the hassle of using keys, is actually losing your keys. However, with the Schlage S-480 Mortise Digital Door Lock, you don’t have to go through either. With features that include biometric smart door lock and digital keyless touch screen, this digital door lock is the ideal safety mechanism for your HBD main door. It also possesses a built-in alarm that senses potential door attacks.

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7. Yale YDR 323 Digital Door Lock

Best code lock
Price from SGD399.00
Lazada Singapore SGD399.00

There is no doubt that Yale has put a lot of thought into the aesthetics and safety feature of YDR 323 Digital Door Lock. This door lock is a vertical rim lock equipped with features such as a magic mirror that only shows the keypad number when it is pressed. This allows the user to first check the rear side for strangers. There is also a fake pin code feature where the device allows you to enter fake numbers before entering the PIN code.

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8. 8. Samsung Digital Door lock SHSP717

Best for Airbnb
Price from SGD780.00
Shopee Singapore SGD780.00

Airbnb home owners require a door lock that is convenient enough for check-in, yet safe and secure at the same time. With the Samsung Digital Doorlock SHSP717, guests can check in via Pin Access that is changeable after each stay. You also have the option of providing them with an RFID card to collect from the concierge for check-in. If you feel somewhat apprehensive, choose the Selectable Dual Verification Access which requires both pin and card for check-in.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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