Courtesy of modern times, furniture has evolved to serve various functions in the most convenient way possible. Hence the sofa bed. Just like its name, the sofa bed is a combination of a sofa, which when unfolded or opened, becomes a bed.

It is as snug as your regular sofa and bed. In fact, it might even be better as it is extremely space-saving. Easy to handle, it can also be a convenient and cost-effective option when you have guests around but no extra mattresses. Here, we have 10 varieties of sofa beds of differing qualities and purposes for you to choose from.

1. Viro Brand Single Size Sofa Bed

Best sofa bed for small rooms
Price from SGD139.00
Shopee Singapore SGD139.00

Viro Brand’s Single Size Sofa Bed is a practical solution for a one-person room. It is compact and convertible, allowing you to use it as a lounge chair, and also as a bed when unfolded. This sofa bed is approximately 3 feet in height and has a washable zipper fabric cover and a free pillow!

2. Futon Sofa Bed

Best sofa bed for studio apartments
Price from SGD299.00
Harvey Norman Singapore SGD299.00

When you own a studio apartment, it is highly unlikely that you will have space for an extra bed for your guest. However, with this Futon Sofa Bed, you get both a place to sleep for an additional guest and a cool looking sofa. After all, two’s a company with this two-in-one futon.

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3. Sofa Bed/Small Home Sofa/Living Room/Cloth Sofa

Best sofa bed for small apartments
Price from SGD328.00
Shopee Singapore SGD328.00

Add a tinge of elegance into your small space with this sofa bed. It is meant for tiny spaces and is incredibly versatile. This sofa bed has a beautiful hardwood foot that is paired with fabric. There are also three colours to choose from: brown, cream or grey. Conveniently disassemble it for a comfortable bed.

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4. Gianni Sofa Bed

Best sofa bed with chaise
Price from SGD599.00
Lazada Singapore SGD599.00

Spruce up your living room with this beautiful Gianni Sofa Bed. Available in coffee or grey colour, this sofa bed is made out of high-density foam for your sleeping comfort and can be converted into an L-shape sofa for your seating pleasure. The frames are made out of solid wood and it is covered in fabric material. The best part of this sofa bed is its chaise storage feature.

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5. UMD Designer Sofa Bed with Double Storage

Best sofa bed with storage
Price from SGD551.08
Lazada Singapore SGD551.08

Not only can you lounge or nap,  but you can also store excess items in this UMD Designer Sofa Bed with Double Storage. The sofa bed is made out of PU leather and comes in different colours for you to choose from; black, beige, khaki and dark brown. It also features double storage space for you to store more!

6. Full Fabric Sofa Bed

Best sofa bed for bad backs
Price from SGD157.00
Shopee Singapore SGD157.00

A bad back requires great care whether you are seated or sleeping. Hence the reason why this Full Fabric Sofa Bed is an ideal option. Extremely stylish in its two-tone colour, this sofa bed aims to provide comfort and care. It is cushioned from seat to backrest with high-quality fabric material and held together by a sleek metal frame.

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7. Super Soft Giant Totoro Sofa Bed / Tatami

Best sofa bed for sleeping
Price from SGD169.00
Shopee Singapore SGD169.00

You can already imagine sinking into a good night’s sleep just by looking at this Super Soft Giant Totoro Sofa Bed. It feels like being snuggled by a giant teddy bear. Plus, it is made out of pearl cotton and has a smooth fabric feel, designed specially for you to relax.

8. Akasha Sofa Bed

Best sofa bed for comfort
Price from SGD199.00
Shopee Singapore SGD199.00

Akasha’s Sofa Bed is your ultimate comfort companion. It comes with cushioning designed for comfort. The legs are stainless steel, and the frame is made out of solid wood. This sofa bed is versatile like most sofa beds generally are, and it is a great space saver and extremely convenient to have around.

9. Jerra Sofa Bed

Best sofa bed for daily use
Price from SGD349.00
Shopee Singapore SGD349.00

For daily use, you would want something that is durable and long-lasting. The Jerra Sofa Bed is able to provide you with just what you need. It comes in a minimalist design and has the two-in-one function typical of sofa beds. It also has a durable internal structure that is made out of solid hard wood while the bed’s mechanism is constructed from long-lasting metal.

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10. King Sofa Bed KLM813

Best sofa bed for bedroom
Price from SGD699.00
Lazada Singapore SGD699.00

Finally, a king-sized sofa bed! Even better, this king sofa bed is by King Coil too. Well known for their mattresses and the comfort they provide, this King Coil sofa bed is no different, if not even better. It is especially ideal for bedrooms or large studio units.

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