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16 Halloween Decorations That’ll Really Creep Your Guests Out

Be the talk of the town with these decor items.

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Halloween is the day where you can dress up as any character you like. Be it a villain, hero or even something out of your imagination. That aside, Halloween can also be about how you decorate your home. Here is a list of cool but scary Halloween items that'll make your house the most terrifying one on the street.

Halloween Hanging Prop

SGD 23.00

This Halloween hanging prop can be placed anywhere on your front porch. The size and design with a 'welcome' sign are very inviting especially when your home is open to the trick-or-treat tradition. Hang this on your porch, inside your home or anywhere you wish.

Hot Skull Halloween Party Warning Tape

SGD 5.99

This Hot Skull Halloween Party Warning Tape makes a great DIY decor item, especially for your windows. It gives the impression that something sinister is going on inside. The tape is easy to attach, allowing you to decorate other parts of your house as well.

Halloween Creepy Gauze Cloth

SGD 6.5

Add some Halloween vibes around your office with this Halloween Creepy Gauze Cloth decor. You can hang and stick smaller items to them. It's pretty easy to set up, and you can throw this over cubicles or the pantry.

Plastic Black Spiders


Spiders are one of those creepy crawlers that send shivers down your spine. Fill up your home with these Indoor Plastic Black Spiders to surprise your visitors. They're super affordable and can be placed anywhere in your home.

Halloween Tasseled Paper Pumpkin Lanterns

SGD 12.33

It's a must to have creepy pumpkin figurines in any forms and sizes are around your house during Halloween. These Halloween Tasseled Paper Pumpkin Lanterns are perfect, and you can attach them anywhere. They're lightweight and hallow, plus you can bring them around anywhere. You can even place a light bulb on the inside for that extra effect.

Arctic Land Skull Head Flower Pot

SGD 12.4

It'll be cool to place some of these Arctic Land Skull Head Pots on your back or front yard. This outdoor skull pot looks frightening; you can set it on its own or put a plant in it. Additionally, you can also use it as a regular flower pot after the festival.

Luminous Halloween Night Light

SGD 5.67

Decorating your bedroom with scary figurines for Halloween can be creepy; no one wants to scare themselves before shutting their eyes. However, these Luminous Halloween Night Light is perfect to set the mood without scaring yourself too much. They're cute and provide your room with a warm and cosy feel.

Halloween Foam Tombstone

SGD 6.20

This foam tombstone is compact, lightweight and can be placed anywhere you want. It's ideal if you're going to decorate your small apartment; it will look perfect at your entrance. Additionally, you can even place decorations on it.

Arctic Land Human Skull Ashtray

SGD 6.9

Having an ashtray at home is ideal, especially if you have smoker friends over regularly. This Arctic Land Human Skull Ashtray will function well and will also look good as a Halloween decoration. You can continue using it even after the festival, as it will still look cool on your table.

Halloween Party Balloons

SGD 9.1

Balloons are perfect fillers when you're decorating for parties. Get this 100 pieces of Halloween Balloons if you are running out of decor items. Not only do they look good with vivid colours and high-quality prints, but they're also affordable.

Bloody Hands

SGD 8.67

These bloody hands are the perfect way to scare your guests during Halloween. Place them around your living room as decorations or hide them in between cushions. Additionally, you can even toss them around to scare your friends.

Eason Pumpkin Ball LED Lights

SGD 6.03

This Eason Pumpkin Ball with LED Light is made out of plastic that looks like authentic pumpkin lanterns. Plus, they have this warm glow that will catch everyone's attention. You can even send them to your friends as gifts this Halloween.

Halloween Storage Basket

SGD 11.00

Sharing candy with little kids are part of the Halloween tradition. The best way to give them away is to let the kids pick which one they like. Make this trick-or-treat interesting by placing candy in this Halloween Storage Basket. It's cute, fun, and durable.

Halloween Luminous Bat Wall Sticker

SGD 3.9

Bat figurines are essential when it comes to Halloween. Make decorating easier with these Halloween Luminous Bat Wall Stickers. Also, they glow in the dark, making it extra exciting.

Hiqueen Halloween Luminous Skeleton

SGD 4.76

Skeleton figurines are one of the most common decorations for Halloween. Just like this Hiqueen Halloween Luminous Skeleton, it's simple and looks creepy at your home. You can place it in front of your door or at the wall. Plus, it glows in the dark too.

Five-Pack Halloween Mason Jar With Lights

SGD 69.91

If you're looking for a classier Halloween decoration for your home, then this five-pack Halloween Mason Jar Lights is ideal. You can use it indoors and outdoors for a warm atmosphere. Although it's not that creepy, it still has Halloween designs all over it.

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