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11 Types of Kitchen Racks To Keep Your Kitchen Well Organised

Less mess to fuss over

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Like a game of Tetris, organising a kitchen rack requires strategy. But with the right design, getting everything to fit isn’t a problem. From simple and practical to more aesthetically pleasing racks, here is a list of functional racks that may fit well in your kitchen.

Trueware Revolving 16 in 1 Spice Rack

SGD 19.9

Different spices add unique flavouring to our meals. So it can be quite easy to start hoarding different types of spices for your kitchen. Why not organise them neatly with this revolving rack? It comes with 16 easy-to-use refill jars as well as a cutlery holder for extra kitchen storage.

OEM Plastic Rack

SGD 17.9
2. OEM Plastic Rack
Best kitchen rack with cover

To be used for drying or storing, this multipurpose rack comes with a see-through shutter cover that shelters anything instead from dust, flies and unwanted pests. With a removable bottom that drains excess water, it’s easy to clean as well when needed. 

UMD Life 3 Tier Storage Rack

SGD 39.9
3. UMD Life 3 Tier Storage Rack
Best with wheels - great for putting jars into

It can be quite messy to reach or look for things right away when you work with so many things in the kitchen. How about leaving these kind of things on a rack like this? The basket-like trays ensure sturdy storage of your jars as well as other condiments and products alike. 

This 3-tier rack also has wheels for easy portability around the kitchen, and has brakes when you don’t want them to move around!

Rubbermaid Pan Rack

SGD 45

Minimise cabinet storage space by stacking your pans instead. Designed with separate slots for each pan to prevent any scratching, this free-standing kitchen rack can accommodate up to 5 pans with the biggest being 14”. 

Adjustable Rack

SGD 28.9
5. Adjustable Rack
Best kitchen rack for pots and pans

Don’t you just hate it when your pots just don’t want to fit into the drying rack? Well, with the adjustable partition on this rack, customise to fit big pots or smaller pans. Feel free to leave them on your kitchen table or in the drawer as well!

Simplehuman Slim Wire

SGD 103
6. Simplehuman Slim Wire
Best kitchen drying rack for small kitchen

Suitable for small homes with a smaller kitchen, this 3-in-1 rack holds your dishes, utensils and knives. Made of rust-proof stainless steel, the narrow design is integrated with a drip tray that flows directly onto the bottom or into the sink instead of your counter tops.

Heian Shindo Kitchen Towel Hooks

SGD 33.9

Why fuss more about the folding and arrangement of your kitchen towels when you can go ahead with this towel rack? With no assembly required, this rack features simple L shaped hooks for easy placement of towels. Simple and elegant, just install them preferably under a floating cupboard.

Garbath Knife Rack

SGD 17.9
8. Garbath Knife Rack
Best kitchen utensils and knife rack

This wall mounted suction holder lets you put your knife rack anywhere in the kitchen, whereas the hooks on the side gives you extra storage for other kitchen utensils. Being made of stainless steel, it won’t rust when in constant contact with water from washing.

Kings Brand Wine Rack

SGD 565.5

Present your fine wines and aged liquor in an elegant rack like this. Topped with cool marble and a thin wire frame, this rack is sturdy enough to support your wine collection. Being able to hold up to 24 bottles and 10 glasses, it’ll shelter everything you need to host your next dinner party.

Norzy 5 Tier Kitchen Storage

SGD 69.9

Standing up to 5 tiers tall, this rack has more than enough room to hold all your baking equipment from chunky mixers, bowls, tubs of ingredients and more. The rack is made of premium mid-carbon steel and has a 500kg load capacity. This rack will surely hold your items without needing to be fussed over.

TSM Cup Holder

SGD 17.9
11. TSM Cup Holder
Best rack for holding glasses

A 6 glass holder, this glass rack can be used for both drying and display as it has a hollow bottom to allow water to pass through. And when the glasses are dry, the wooden handle lets you easily transport it to the table for use.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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