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Be Your Own Handyman with These 7 Power Drills

Hang up that picture frame and fix your door hinge

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Owning a hand drill is very convenient, and they are of great use to every household. You'll need one, especially when something falls apart at home, or when you need to redecorate. If you happen to be one of the few who’ve never owned a hand drill, here are eight to start you off.

Black and Decker Home Starter Kit

SGD 109
Best hand drill for concrete
1. Black and Decker Home Starter Kit
Best hand drill for concrete

Black and Decker is the pioneer in electric hand drills. This particular model is suitable for heavy-duty drilling and masonry. Besides, this drill comes with a keyless chuck, so unlocking and locking the drill wouldn't be an issue.

Bosch Cordless Screwdriver and Drill

SGD 195
Best cordless hand drill

When dealing with any machinery or tool, you'll need to make sure you don't trip on wire cords laying around. Hence why you should also go cordless with this Bosch Cordless Screwdriver Drill. It's battery-operated, protected by the Electronic Cell Protection feature to avoid discharging, overheating or overloading. The integrated LED light is beneficial for you too, especially when you are working in areas with minimal lighting.

Bosch Metal Drill

SGD 70.99
Best for metal
3. Bosch Metal Drill
Best for metal

Bosch Metal Drill is compact yet powerful and can be used for drilling wood, steel, aluminium and any metal. It's sized at 210mm in length with a 450W motor. You'll also find a wide range of features that can be used on all ball bearing construction.

DeWalt Drill Driver

SGD 225
Best hand drill for woodworking
4. DeWalt Drill Driver
Best hand drill for woodworking

This DeWalt Drill Driver is ideal for a woodworker as it is compact and lightweight. It has a maximum drilling capacity of 30mm for wood, but it can also be used for other purposes such as metal and masonry. The drill is battery operated and is ergonomically handy too.

Black and Decker Lithium Cordless Drill

SGD 109
Best for home use

This Black and Decker 10.8V Lithium Cordless Drill Driver Kit box suitable for home use - not too heavy-duty, not too basic either. Whether you need to drill a picture frame to the wall or fix the hinge on your door, this drill got you covered. It's easy to handle and even easier to store after each use.

Precision Pin Vise Model Aluminum Hand Drill Set

SGD 14.1
Best hand drill for resin

The Precision Pin Vise Model Aluminum Hand Drill Set is ideal for anything that requires precise drilling. It's usually used for making and fixing jewellery or mini woodwork. Note that you'll want to avoid using it on hard objects such as stones and steels. This set also comes with ten twist drill bits that'll make your work easy.

Dewalt Rotary Hammer

SGD 229.9
Best for steel

Drilling through steel is made easier with Dewalt Rotary Hammer 800W - D25133K-XD. It comes with variable speed, to ensure you have total control when drilling different materials. There's also the impact-stop feature in case you need to drill wood, steel and ceramic. All in all, this drill is safe to use and ergonomic.

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