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8 Best Weighing Scales To Track Your Weight Loss Journey

Our selection of the best weighing scale for you.

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Finding a weighing scale should be simple enough right? Wrong. With so many options in the market, this straightforward task can quickly be overwhelming. Whether you are looking for something simple, small, comprehensive or digital, let us weigh in on your choice with these top picks for the best weighing scales available in Malaysia.

Camry Bathroom Scale

SGD 17.3
Best weighing scale for home
1. Camry Bathroom Scale
Best weighing scale for home

A touch of nostalgia never hurt no one. The Camry Bathroom Scale is THE weighing scale we all grew up with. Chucky and blue, it is charming in its old fashion design and is perfect if you are looking for a no-frills type of scale. It’s also analogue, which does not require any batteries, so no more worrying about having to change out the batteries in the scale.

Remax RT-S1 Smart Health Scale

SGD 25.9
Best weighing scale with an app
2. Remax RT-S1 Smart Health Scale
Best weighing scale with an app

Manage your health better with comprehensive information delivered directly to your phone! This scale comes with a smart weight management app function that supports up to 16 languages, manage your weight, BMI, water content, fat content and more. At only 6mm thickness, it is slim and able to weigh up to 160 kilograms.

Xiaomi Gen2 Bluetooth 4.0 Weigh Scale

SGD 51.9
Best with Bluetooth

Compatible with all phones through their Xiaomi App and Bluetooth, get real-time data as you weigh in on your health. Adopting advanced BIA Technology (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) that calculates your tissue and fluid compartments through mild electrical current, be provided with up to 10 body analyses each time you step on the scale.

TSEC Baby Scale

SGD 46.9
Best for babies
4. TSEC Baby Scale
Best for babies

It’s a blessing when babies can stay still for more than 10 minutes; and when they can’t, well it’s just another regular day. Ergonomically designed with a curved plate that will hold and protect your baby while they are being weighed, the TSEC Baby Scale has your baby’s comfort in mind while making safe and accurate reading possible.

Yunmai Premium Digital

SGD 99
Best with a body fat analyser
5. Yunmai Premium Digital
Best with a body fat analyser

Know your body better and get an internal view of the state of your health with this weighing scale! Using bioelectrical impedance analysis to assess your body composition, get up to 10 statistics that range from body fat analysis, muscle rate, bone mass, visceral fat, protein and body age.

GMM Ultrasonic Height and Weight Scale

SGD 198
Best height and weight scale
6. GMM Ultrasonic Height and Weight Scale
Best height and weight scale

Whether you’re still hoping for a growth spurt or not, you’ll likely want to know more than just your weight when doing a complete assessment. Designed with an aluminium rod that can be pulled for precise height measurement, this scale makes more precise calculations for BMI, body water retention, bone mass and more. With an auto on-step weight function, you can also record your personal weight data for future reference.

Omron BF212 Body Composition Monitor

SGD 65
Best weighing scale with BMI monitor
7. Omron BF212 Body Composition Monitor
Best weighing scale with BMI monitor

Going further, the Omron monitor utilises 8-sensor technology that uses both hands and feet to analyse your body. It provides you with comprehensive stats on your BMI, body fat percentage, skeletal muscle percentage and resting metabolism. This scale also features memory storage that stores up to 4 profiles, letting you and your family monitor your health progress at the same time.


SGD 158
Best for accuracy

If you want quick accuracy, go digital! Digital scales are your go-to scales if you want a quick peek at your weight. Sleek and stylish, its LCD screen is big for easy reading, and sensor keys let you save up to 12 users.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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