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8 Mini Fridges That Can Be Your Ultimate Cooling Companions

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Mini fridges are life-savers for those who cannot find space for a full-sized refrigerator. Mini fridges are also convenient for those who have utilized all the space in their refrigerator. Some of us do not need a whole fridge for one can of drink, while some others would like to have a fridge we could carry around with us in the car, for picnics or while at work. Lucky for you, we have rounded up 8 mini fridges that might just be your ultimate cooling companion.

LG GL-051SQ 43L Bar Fridge

SGD 200
Mini fridge with freezer
1. LG GL-051SQ 43L Bar Fridge
Best mini fridge with freezer

This is just like your typical refrigerator, except it is smaller and ideal for small spaces. The LG GL-051SQ 43L Bar Fridge comes with an ice-cube tray and compact freezer door. It also has a direct cooling system like your regular refrigerator. It is made up of polyurethane insulated cabinet and door, that has magnetic gasket sealing.  

If you’re short on space or need the extra fridge room, this is a refrigerator that will get job done. This LG bar fridge is equipped with an ice-cube tray and compact freezer door. With the polyurethane insulated cabinet and door, this ensures your drinks stay chilled.

Coke Barrel Refrigerator

SGD 30.59
Cheap Coca-Cola mini fridge
2. Coke Barrel Refrigerator
Cheap Coca-Cola mini fridge

With a height of 18.5cm and width of 10.5cm, the coke barrel refrigerator is petite and convenient for keeping your favorite canned drink cool. It is made out of ABS plastic and is powered by usb. You can get it in either white or red.

This coke barrel refrigerator is petite and convenient for keeping your favourite canned drink cool. Powered by a USB cable, this means you can even use your laptop to power it! Great for keeping a cold drink at your work desk.

Premium Portable Mini Fridge

SGD 138
4L portable mini fridge for office
3. Premium Portable Mini Fridge
Best 4L portable mini fridge for office

Always hitting the road? This will be the best mini fridge for you! This portable mini fridge can store 4L worth of food or drinks and can be used as a cooler or a warmer. It has a cold/warm and on/off switch for control and detachable power cord. Ideal for travel, picnic or camping too.

JVD 30L Glass Door Silent Minibar Fridge with Lock

SGD 257.40
Silent mini fridge with glass door

Picture a vending machine but tinier. This mini fridge has a capacity of 30L and the glass door is made of tempered glass. Additionally, the fridge door is reversible, and you can even lock the glass door to prevent people from stealing your food.

6L Auto Car Mini Fridge

SGD 66.99
6 litre mini fridge for car
5. 6L Auto Car Mini Fridge
Best 6-litre mini fridge for car

The best part about this 6L auto car mini fridge is that it can cool food and drinks to 5 degrees Celsius or reheat them up to 65 degrees Celsius. You can plug in the mini fridge to the cigarette lighter of your car for power supply since the mini fridge is powered by an electronic semiconductor cooling principal.

Midea MS50 Mini Bar Fridge

SGD 157.99
Counter top mini fridge with ice maker
6. Midea MS50 Mini Bar Fridge
Best counter top mini fridge with ice maker

Midea MS50 Mini Bar Fridge’s gross volume is about 50L. It has a reversible door and an adjustable leg to fit comfortably on the counter. You can fit a 2L bottle with its 2L bottle rack. The mini fridge also comes with a separate chiller compartment, which is more aptly used as an ice cube compartment. It comes with a 2L bottle rack, which is great for storing larger drink bottles. Additionally, the fridge comes with a separate chiller compartment that will come in handy as an ice cube or popsicle compartment.

USB Mini Fridge

SGD 118.59
Desktop USB mini fridge
7. USB Mini Fridge
Best desktop USB mini fridge

Those of you who work long hours in front of your computer with appreciate this USB mini fridge. Keep your coffee, energy drink, tea or beverage of choice cool on your desktop. It is USB powered and portable so you can carry it anywhere you go.

Europace ER 9250 Bar Fridge 50L

SGD 155
Table top mini fridge
8. Europace ER 9250 Bar Fridge 50L
Best table top mini fridge

The most value for money mini fridge award goes to the Europace bar fridge. This thermal semi-conductor refrigerator can be conveniently placed on a table top. It is energy saving too thanks to its efficient dual cooling modules. With its 50L capacity, you’ll have plenty of room to store your snacks.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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