9 Kettlebells To Include Into Your Full Body Workout Regime

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Dumbbells and barbells may be solid gym staples, but kettlebells are also a great gym item to use. Good to include in workouts that consist of dynamic motions and moves, it’s an efficient way to target several areas at once for a full body workout. Designed with large teardrop handles and a bulbous bottom, it’s a pretty easy-to-use item, so don’t let its unique physique scare you away.

Check out the different types of kettlebells that you can pick up today!

Bullz Powder Coated Kettlebell

SGD 54.9
1. Bullz Powder Coated Kettlebell
Best kettlebell for women - suitable for those with small hands

Women are genetically smaller than men. And while a standard kettlebell is fine, one that is designed with a smaller size would benefit their smaller frame. This can make exercises more effective for them as well. 

Besides it size and curvature, this powder coated kettlebell is made in a single cast for better balance, compared to traditional ones which are made with components welded together.

JIJI Kettle

SGD 80
2. JIJI Kettle
Best kettlebell set for beginners to start with

Available in a variety of weights ranging from 8 to 32 KG, this set of kettlebell is great for beginners to slowly work on their strength, balance and endurance with. Made with cast iron handles, these colourful bells are also great additions to brighten up the gym.

Kettler KAL

SGD 62
3. Kettler KAL
Best kettlebell for squats

With squats, it’s all about getting the right balance. Designed with an ergonomic handle that is wide enough for both hands, this kettlebell ensures that you are comfortable yet not interfere with the workout.  

JIJI Adjustable Kettlebell Weights

SGD 65.9
4. JIJI Adjustable Kettlebell Weights
Best kettlebell for value - suitable for home gyms

While you may train heavy, perhaps someone in the family does not. Or vice versa. Therefore, having a kettlebell that can be utilised by everyone at home is a major win. And that’s this kettlebell, which has an adjustable weight function. Combining 7 different weights in one, you can quickly adjust it from 10lb up to 40lb with just a click of a button.

Rubber Kettlebell

SGD 24
5. Rubber Kettlebell
Best Kettlebell for abs

Kettlebell swings can do wonders for the abs. And these kettlebells are good for them! Made with a rubber body, it will have less chances of bruising you should you accidentally hit it, and it will not damage the floor either.

DoSports Kettlebell

SGD 16.9
6. DoSports Kettlebell
Best kettlebell for runners

It’s definitely possible to improve your running performance while preventing any injury by training with kettlebell. And no, you won’t be running with kettlebells, but will be training with them on days you aren’t running. 

As running causes a lot of impact on the body, strength training with kettlebells can help prepare the body by adding more strength. These plastic ones are cheap but does the job needed. A good option without having to spend too much. 

Standard Indoor Kettlebell

SGD 28.9
7. Standard Indoor Kettlebell
Best kettlebell for weight loss - suitable for crossfit

These rubber coat concrete kettlebells are fuss and rust-rust units, making them great for long term use, as they won’t rust from exposure to sweat and moisture. Being made of vinyl with a bottom rubber coating, this also protects floor surfaces from damages.

LivePro Urethane Competition Kettlebell

SGD 150.01
8. LivePro Urethane Competition Kettlebell
Best kettlebell for arm and chest exercises

Although they come in a few weight options ranging from 8kg, 16kg to 24kg, these kettlebells still maintain the same dimensions in all weight range. This gives you more consistency as you increase your weight for arm training. Other additional pointers include an ergonomic shape to help with safer use of the kettlebell.

Premium Competition Pro Kettle

SGD 49.9
9. Premium Competition Pro Kettle
Best kettlebell for back exercises

Whether working on the back or doing an overall work out, this kettlebell’s anti-slip handle bar gives you a better grip and thus, help to prevent blistering. Aside form that, it’s vinyl coated to help protect your gym’s floor.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thanks!

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