Looking for a workout that allows you to reap the benefits of low impact, high-cardio, muscle-strengthening and calorie-burning whilst at home? Consider a rowing machine!

These indoor machines come with different features, sizes, resistance, and price-tags. Therefore it’s important that you choose you a rowing machine that suits you and your budget, keeps you motivated and safe from injury.

1. JIJI Home Rowing Resistance Machine (S3601)

Best rowing machine under $ 200 - suitable for beginners

Price from SGD199.00

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD199.00

Are you a beginner looking for a decent workout rowing machine and do not want to hurt your pocket? JIJI rowing machine is a great machine to start with, letting you discover whether indoor rowing suits you. Being able to support weights of up to 120KG, this easy-to-assemble machine features a spacious seat with anti-slip pedals to lower accidents.

2. JIJI Rowing Machine (HB-H30)

Best rowing machine under $300 - great for apartments

Price from SGD279.00

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD279.00

This hydraulic rower offers you variable resistance and allows you to adjust your intensity preference before you start the workout. 

If you live in an apartment and prefer not to disturb your family or neighbours, this rowing machine is silent as it uses piston rower. Moreover, it’s small in size as compared to other models so you don’t have to worry when it comes to limited space.

3. JJ Indoor Multi-Purpose Rowing Resistance Machine

Best rowing machine under $500

Price from SGD289.00

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD289.00

The JJ Multi-Purpose Rowing Machine is an excellent full body workout which targets your lower and middle back. So not only does it help to improve your posture, but also tones muscle and improve the mobility of your joints. 

This easy-reading digital monitor allows you to set goals as well as keep track on your time, count, distance and calories. Most importantly, this rowing machine comes at an affordable price. 

4. Xterra Rover ERG 400

Best rowing machine with resistance band - suitable for a heavy person

Price from SGD999.00

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD999.00

The Xterra ERG 400 is built with a flywheel which includes a fan with a large blade. This machine has 16 different resistance levels which allow you to carry out different workout plans. 

Besides that, it is made of extruded aluminium slide rail, thus being capable of handling those who weigh between 112 KG and 136 KG. Best of all, it offers a large seat as compared to many others which allows you to enjoy maximum comfort. 

5. Waterrower S4 Natural Rowing Machine

Best rowing machine with screen - for home

Price from SGD3,680.00

shopping_cart Shopee Singapore SGD3,680.00

The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine uses water resistance to recreate the sensation of actual rowing as if you’re rowing a boat outdoors! It includes an S4 Performance Monitor display to help keep track on the intensity of your workout, distance, and calories burned. 

Additionally, one also will love its gorgeous appearance as it is handcrafted from solid ash which is made of stained honey oak.

6. BH R590

Best rowing machine for tall person

Price from SGD1,799.00

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD1,799.00

Struggling to find a rowing machine that fits your height? We recommend the BH 590 model. This machine features a long enough seat rail for taller people even if you’re 6 feet 2. 

Apart from that, you can fully extend your arms forward, allowing you to enjoy your workout at a level of maximum comfort. With the combination of air and magnetic control, you will find that this rower provides smooth action.

7. AIBI Water Rower Monorail Wood- A1 Home

Best rowing machine for senior

Price from SGD2,388.00

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD2,388.00

AIBI Water Rower Monorail Wood is built with water resistance system, which depends on the amount of water filled inside the tank. In short, a full tank requires greater effort when it comes to workout. 

So if you fall within the senior age group, you might want to consider starting off with half a tank of water and slowly increase the level of resistance based on your comfortability. Stay worry-free as you work out knowing that it doesn’t place additional strain on your muscles. 

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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