Epilators are a great alternative to waxing as it saves you money and multiple trips to the waxing salon. These devices effectively remove hair, giving you the same results as waxing. Try out these seven epilators that'll give you smooth and hair-free skin.

1. Panasonic ES2082 Epilator

Best for all over body - without pain
Price from SGD29.70
Lazada Singapore SGD29.70

Waxing can be painful and uncomfortable. Remove hairs without any pain with this versatile epilator. Suitable for underarms, legs and even the bikini line, rest assured this can be used for the whole body without irritation. You can use it for wet or dry epilation, so you can use it in the shower and come out with smoother, softer skin.

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2. Braun Silk Epilator Bikini Styler

Best for a woman’s bikini line
Price from SGD24.50
Watsons Singapore SGD24.50

Look and feel confident in your bikini with this epilator made for your bikini line. Its small-sized head allows precise and gentle trimming, while its pen-shaped design enables easy handling. This epilator is ideal for difficult-to-reach parts and will leave you with a smooth finish. There are different head sizes in the package as well, so you can replace them to suit your needs.

3. Philips HP6420 Compact Epilator

Best corded epilator - suitable for arms and legs
Price from SGD31.90
Lazada Singapore SGD31.90

Shaving your arms and legs every week can be a hassle and even leave ingrown hairs which are difficult to get rid of. Get smooth skin for weeks with this corded epilator. It's able to remove hairs as short as 0.5mm without pulling your skin, leaving it clean and soft. Additionally, the rounded-shape body also allows you easy handling.

4. Braun Silk- épil Face Epilator with Facial Cleansing Brush

Best with exfoliation - suitable for face
Price from SGD58.50
Lazada Singapore SGD58.50

Groom your facial hair with this face epilator. Its slim head is designed to groom your chin, upper lip, forehead and eyebrows. With ten micro-openings, this gentle epilator can capture hairs up to 0.02mm. This epilator also comes with a facial cleansing brush for gentle exfoliation; you'll need to deep-cleanse your skin after each epilating session for healthy skin.

5. Emjoi Emagine Epilator For Men

Best for men’s coarse hair
Price from SGD150.10
Lazada Singapore SGD150.10

Men need proper grooming as well. This epilator is suitable for removing coarse hair at the back, chest, legs and arms area. Containing 72 tweezers, this device can remove unwanted hair with less irritation. Its dual-opposed head will only remove unwanted hair without pulling on to your skin. Stay hair-free for up to six weeks with this unique epilator.

6. Philips Satinelle Epilator

Best epilator with light - suitable for armpits
Price from SGD125.00
Lazada Singapore SGD125.00

Designed for optimal handling, this award-winning S-shaped epilator comfortably removes armpit hair; even short, fine hairs. It has the widest epilation head for effective hair removal in just one stroke. With its unique light, you can now see and epilate even the finest hair strand.

7. Braun Silk-épil 5 5890 SensoSmart Epilator

Best epilator for Brazilian
Price from SGD109.00
Lazada Singapore SGD109.00

Groom your private area with this smart epilator that's also suitable for sensitive skin. This innovative epilator will apply the right amount of pressure to your skin. A red-light indicator will pop up when you put excessive strain on your skin.

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