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Dry and Style Your Tresses with these 9 Hair Dryers

Salon blowout, at the comfort of your own home!

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Does blow drying your hair give you a lion’s mane - frizzy, flyaways, poofy hair? If it does, that means you’re not using the right hair dryer! We all want to achieve a flawless, runway-worthy blowout without going to the salon. Interested in having effortlessly beautiful locks? Check out these hair dryers that cater to different needs!

Dyson Supersonic

SGD 599.00
Best hair dryer for frizzy hair and styling
1. Dyson Supersonic
Best hair dryer for frizzy hair and styling
Updated on 19th July 2019

Beat the frizz with Dyson’s intelligent hair dryer, the Supersonic! It uses smart thermo-technology that controls the air temperature to prevent damage and frizz to your precious locks. The motor and bladeless design make it lightweight and quiet, so you can style your hair easily! If you have extra change in your pocket, this hair dryer is worth investing in!

GHD Air Hairdryer

SGD 299
Powerful hair dryer
2. GHD Air Hairdryer
Powerful hair dryer
Updated on 14th March 2019

Tired of sore arms and spending ages drying your thick mane? The GHD Air Hairdryer will cut that time in half! With its ergonomic design, the hair dryer that’s comfortable for both left and right-handed users. It uses a powerful AC motor, ion conditioning and its patented removable hair filter to deliver ‘fresh out of the salon’ results in an instant!

BaByliss Pro Spectrum Hair Dryer

SGD 119.9
Professional ionic hair dryer
3. BaByliss Pro Spectrum Hair Dryer
Professional ionic hair dryer
Updated on 13th March 2019

Do you have thick hair that’s frizzy and unmanageable? The BaByliss Pro Spectrum Hair Dryer will change your life. Using advanced ionic conditioning, this hair dryer is sure to give you hair that is smooth, silky and shiny without frizz or flyaways! It also has a salon length cord, so moving and styling your hair will be easier!

Braun Satin-Hair 1HD 130 Style and Go Hair Dryer

SGD 35
Portable hair dryer for men

If you have shorter hair, consider yourself lucky because drying long and thick hair is a pain! However, even with short hair, you still need a hair dryer to give your hair a non-frizzy and shiny finish. This tiny but mighty hair dryer from Braun can get the job done while still being lightweight and travel-friendly.

Philips HP8233 ThermoProtect Ionic Hair Dryer

SGD 68
Best affordable hair dryer for curly hair
5. Philips HP8233 ThermoProtect Ionic Hair Dryer
Best affordable hair dryer for curly hair
Updated on 19th July 2019

Rock your bouncy curly locks with confidence with the ThermoProtect Ionic Hair Dryer! It uses ThermoProtect temperature setting to avoid damaging your hair, and ionic technology for a frizz-free look! It comes with a diffuser that’s designed to fit the contours of your head, so you can create volume and bouncy curls in a jiffy.

Philips Essential Care Silence Hair Dryer

SGD 55
Silent hair dryer with diffuser

Turn down the noise with Philips Essential Care Silence Hair Dryer. Designed by Philips’ sound experts, this hair dryer is silent, compact yet powerful. Running on 1800W, this hair dryer can dry your hair quickly or use the detachable diffuser to create beautiful curls. Bonus, it’s foldable for added portability!

RC-Global Hair Dryer Wall Mounted Hair Dryer

SGD 49.99
Wall mounted hair dryer with cool air
7. RC-Global Hair Dryer Wall Mounted Hair Dryer
Wall mounted hair dryer with cool air
Updated on 10th January 2019

Whether you’re an AirBnb host, business owner or just someone who is looking for a simple hair dryer, this wall mounted hair dryer will fit your needs! It has both hot and cold air settings, and it’s easy to use.

Panasonic EH-KA71 / Multiple Hair Styler

SGD 38.49
Travel hair dryer with brush

Straight hair today, curly locks at night, beachy waves tomorrow, all hairstyles achieved with just one tool. Sounds impossible? This hair styler from Panasonic will prove you wrong! It comes with five attachments that allow you to straighten, curl, wave and volumize your hair.

Traveling? Bring this hair styler along to save luggage space while rocking different hairstyles without fussing with different heat tools!

A Lot Of Cordless Hair Dryer Hair Salon High Power Hair Dryer

SGD 210.00

Hate detangling cords? This cordless hair dryer is the one! With ionic technology and hot and cold air function, this hair dryer can do it all for you! It also provides overheat protection to prevent your hair from getting damaged.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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