30 Perfect Gift Ideas For Her This Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching but still haven’t gotten a clue of what to get your significant other this time around? Fret not! We are here to help with this curated selection of gifts suitable for any girl you’re with.

Weekend Tea Set - Box of 5

SGD 150.00
1. Weekend Tea Set - Box of 5
Best for her who needs a pick-me-up

Maintaining a work-life balance is hard. But not to worry! Help your little darling relax with this box of teas where you can choose 5 flavours of your choice to gift. The teas come in quaintly-designed tin boxes which are travel-friendly and also perfect for her to store little bits and bobs when the tea is finished.

Love Kate Flower Box

SGD 95
Best for the one that loves flowers
2. Love Kate Flower Box
Best for the one that loves flowers

If she loves flowers and roses are her favourite, get her this BloomThis flower box. You can choose between a medium hat box or a large hat box filled with roses. It is super romantic, and she will adore the flower box, which is a change from the traditional bouquet. If roses are not her thing, BloomThis has other flower options too!

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Tarte Tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Palette

SGD 80
Best for the makeup lover

Tarte is a natural and animal-friendly makeup brand and this palette is paraben-free, sulphate-free and phthalate-free. This Amazonian clay palette has great pigmentation and colour payoff with neutral to bold shades that are suitable for all skin tones. This is a great addition to her makeup collection!

Melodee Lace Midi Dress

SGD 99
Best date night outfit for your wife
4. Melodee Lace Midi Dress
Best date night outfit for your wife

A lovely romantic dress is a nice touch as a gift for your wife. It shows that you know her well enough to get her a dress that fits well. To top it up, she can wear this immediately for the Valentine's dinner that you might have planned that night.

Mini Dressing Table

SGD 79.9
Best for the organized girlfriend
5. Mini Dressing Table
Best for the organized girlfriend

This compact mini dressing table requires a minimal amount of space and can store a decent number of cosmetic products. It's a great product if your girlfriend hates clutter but still can’t stop buying beauty products. With this mini dressing table, her products are more organised and she’ll be ready quicker than before.

Letters of Note: Love

SGD 13.45
6. Letters of Note: Love
Best valentines gift for bookworms

Here's an idea: write a heartfelt letter to your girl, spray it with her favourite cologne of yours, put it in between the pages of this book and gift it to her. The book, filled with the world's most inspiring and emotional love letters, is sure to tug on her heartstrings and miss you like crazy!

Fujifilm Instax Mini 70

SGD 135
Best for the photographer
7. Fujifilm Instax Mini 70
Best gift for the photographer

Here's a thoughtful gift and a way to capture the moments you both share together. This Fujifilm Instax produces credit card-sized prints, with a built-in selfie mirror for easy angling when you both take self-portraits. The camera is quite easy to use, with several useful modes such as Landscape, Macro, Hi-key and Self-timer for different settings.

Stabilo Point 88 Colour Pens

SGD 22.59
Best for the stationery lover
8. Stabilo Point 88 Colour Pens
Best for the stationery lover

If she can never get enough of stationery even though she has a whole collection of stationery items, this is the perfect gift for her. This Stabilo colour pen set comes in 20 colours leaves her spoilt for choice and is a great addition to her ever-growing stationery collection.

Memory Book Powder Rose: Valentine's Day

SGD 10
9. Memory Book Powder Rose: Valentine's Day
Best for the one that journals

It's strange how one feels interconnected with their thoughts when writing, huh? If that's how she feels and what she loves, she'll love this cute journal. Decorated with cute love thoughts, why not have a copy each, fill it up with memories together and then exchange it after?

Travel Yoga Mat 15mm - Mountain Print

SGD 50
10. Travel Yoga Mat 15mm - Mountain Print
Best gift for the yogi

Dating a yogi? Get her this 15mm thick yoga mat which will provide support for her yoga practice at home. The mountain print on it exudes a relaxing charm to it, helping her to relax and calm down as if she's on a mountain.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

SGD 599
Best for the one with long or thick hair
11. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer
Best for the one with long or thick hair

This Dyson hairdryer is famed for its powerful and intelligent heat control system, which makes hair-drying quicker. With the temperature control system, it helps protect the hair from excessive heat damage, keeping your girl’s locks luscious and silky.

Porcelain Hedgehog Pot Planters 2P - Woodland

SGD 26.99
12. Porcelain Hedgehog Pot Planters 2P - Woodland
Best for the one who loves home decor

Plants just make your home all the cosier. So why not have them in this pair of cute novelty planters? They are sure to fit in any place she wants, whether it's at work or in her room.

Photobook Customizable Wall Calendar - Growing Affections

SGD 44.90
13. Photobook Customizable Wall Calendar - Growing Affections
Best custom gift for a long-term relationship

A personalised gift such as this wall calendar for the one you've been loving for a long time is sure a thoughtful gift to plan and mark the days of being together. Customize this calendar with memorable moments that you've shared together and mark it with more events to come. 

Sony PlayStation 4 FIFA 19 Bundle Pack (500GB)

SGD 499.00
add_circle HDR gaming
add_circle Runs smoothly on 60FPS
add_circle Improved power efficiency
add_circle Great games with great values
remove_circle No 4K gaming support

Get this 8th generation PlayStation in the stunning all-white design for your gamer girl to enhance her gaming experience. At the same time, both of you get to play games together as an added bonding time.

Kenwood Chef KVC3100S Kitchen Machine

SGD 568.85
Best for the baker

This Kenwood kitchen machine is suitable for her if she loves to bake. It comes with 3 different bowl tools, i.e. the whisk, the k-beater and the dough hook. It is great for the baker as this kitchen machine would allow you to create a variety of food or baking goods with ease.

Rose Coloured Stone Ring

SGD 179.00
Thomas Sabo
16. Rose Coloured Stone Ring
Best jewellery gift

Available in either 18k rose gold plating or 925 sterling silver, the design of this ring is designed to be a statement piece whether its worn alone or stacked with other rings. All the stones are hand-cut and arranged to mimic the shape of a flower.

Rose Golden Luxury Set

SGD 142
17. Rose Golden Luxury Set
Best for the makeup junkie

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that's what your girl will try to achieve as she strives to perfect her look for you (and herself, who are we kidding?) to admire. Everything that she needs to create the perfect makeup-look is right here in this clutch which contains 8 pretty Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury brushes.

Diptyque Paris En Fleurs Scented Candle

SGD 44
18. Diptyque Paris En Fleurs Scented Candle
Best for the spa lover

Get her head-over-heels with this scented candle from beauty brand Diptyque. Belonging to the Chypre category, which is one of the most sophisticated fragrances in the world, the candle exhumes freshness of flower petals and patchouli. 

Mayer 600ml Personal Blender (MMPB600)

SGD 69.9
Best for the health junkie on the go
19. Mayer 600ml Personal Blender (MMPB600)
Best for the health junkie on the go

This personal blender comes with an impact-resistant tumbler that is made of BPA-free Tritan material. It also comes with a spill-proof lid with a drinking spout which makes it easier for her to have her blended drinks on the go.

Fjallraven Re-Kånken

SGD 139.00
est for the backpack user
20. Fjallraven Re-Kånken
Best for the backpack user

This Fjallraven Re-Kånken backpack is a special edition backpack which is made of Polyester that is recycled from plastic bottles; therefore it is an eco-friendly backpack. It is great for her if she uses a backpack as an everyday bag and is conscious of the environment.

STTOKE Reusable Coffee Cup

SGD 39.95
21. STTOKE Reusable Coffee Cup
Best for the coffee and tea lover

Perhaps, there's one thing she can't resist beside you and that's a good cuppa joe. Serve it up the way she likes it in this sophisticated on-the-go cup. Designed with a matte-finish, the cup helps to maintain hot beverages for up to 6 hours.

La Fontana - Jewelry and Accessory Tray

SGD 49.90
Peleg Design
22. La Fontana - Jewelry and Accessory Tray
Best novelty gift

Resembling a "Make a Wish" fountain, your girl can throw in either spare change or keys, jewellery and everyday essentials into this accessories tray. The tray is made of resin in a beautiful rock-like colour finish.

Click & Grow Smart Garden

SGD 158
Best for the green thumb
23. Click & Grow Smart Garden
Best for the green thumb

Does she have a green thumb? Here's a click & grow smart-garden which allows her to grow plants, herbs or vegetables in the convenience of her home. This smart garden takes care of the plant on its own with its built-in sensors by providing optimal water, nutrients, and oxygen. This set comes with a 3-1 trial refill of plant capsules.

Mayer Air Fryer MMAF3

SGD 97.75
Best for the healthy foodie
24. Mayer Air Fryer MMAF3
Best for the healthy foodie

If she’s into healthy cooking, get her this air fryer as another kitchen tool to help her in the kitchen. This air fryer is great for reducing oil when cooking her favourite food and also an advantage for her to prepare her meals.

Tropikai Metal Straws

SGD 45.00
25. Tropikai Metal Straws
Best for the lunch packer

Does she meal prep? Made for the eco-conscious traveller, the set consists of high-quality cutleries including metal straws and a spork that are made of stainless steel.

Leather Travel Organiser - Vintage Rose

SGD 69.99
26. Leather Travel Organiser - Vintage Rose
Best for the jetsetter

Any jetsetter would love this travel wallet. It has compartments specifically for passport, tickets, cards, and cash as well as a pen holder. This wallet will definitely make things easier for travellers to keep things organized.

Exquisite Aluminium Frame Polycarbonate Luggage

SGD 85.00
Luggage Outlet
27. Exquisite Aluminium Frame Polycarbonate Luggage
Best gift for the traveller

Anyone including your girl will appreciate such a hassle-free luggage like this one that's designed with an aluminium frame and polycarbonate material. It also has 8 spinner wheels for easy manoeuvrability. Moreover, the TSA lock ensures security and protection for her belongings when she travels.

Rayne Basic Denim Ladies Backpack With Embroidery Patches

SGD 42.4

If someone's crazy about everything unicorn and pastel, gift them this handy backpack that's decorated with unicorn patches and related. The owner's belongings are sure to be safe and secure in this drawstring-style bag, protected by a magnetic closure on the flap and has a convenient zip compartment at the back of the bag.

Bottega Gold Prosecco 750ml

SGD 41.25
Best for the alcoholic
29. Bottega Gold Prosecco 750ml
Best for the alcoholic

Ah, prosecco -- champagne on a budget! Get the champagne experience, without burning a hole through your wallet. Who says you need to spend cash to pop bottles? Believe us; there's always an alternative.

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