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From barbequed chicken and succulent steaks to pan-seared salmon, grill pans are highly useful in preparing a hearty meal. Some would argue that grilled food is best made outdoors with sears of flame and a barbeque pit.

Grilling your food indoors can be great too. Indoor grilling, or rather grilling on a pan, is also the healthier option as you use less oil, and lower risk of burning food, which is dangerous due to its carcinogenic effect.

Enjoy the comfort of grilled food with any of these top grill pans available.

1. Circulon Symmetry Black 28cm Grill Pan

Best grill pan with lid

Price from SGD199.00

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Circulon Symmetry Black 28cm Grill Pan is the classiest of all grill pans, although priced heftily but with a quality that exceeds expectations.

To begin with, it’s twice as durable as a stainless-steel pan would be. It has three layers of non-stick coating inside-and-out which is effective in heat distribution and retention, and hence, do not require much oil. The tempered glass lid allows you to monitor your cooking without having to lift the lid constantly

2. Bialetti Donatello Petravera Grill Pan

Best grill pan for an induction and glass cooktops

Price from SGD104.00

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A unique twist to being classic and modern comes the wonder Bialetti’s Donatello Petravera Grill Pan. This non-stick grill pan is extremely durable and versatile, which is ideal for grilling or everyday cooking. It is made up of heavy-gauge 4.5mm forged Aluminum which ensures even heat distribution. You can use it on any type of cooktops including induction. You’ll be glad to know that it’s oven safe too.

3. Cornell CCG-P38N Grill Pan

Best grill pan for vegetables and chicken

Price from SGD68.50

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Cornell CCG-P38N Grill Pan is an absolute steal, especially for the grilling enthusiasts. Just place it on a tabletop, and it’ll do the rest of the work for you. It has several features for easy cooking such as adjustable temperature control, double-side reversible grill and an oil drip tray. The grill pan is also coated with a non-stick layer for easy handling and cleaning.

4. Meyer Anolon 82742 30.5cm Grill Pan

Best grill pan for electric and gas stoves

Price from SGD119.00

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Sturdy and durable are two words that best describe the Meyer Anolon 82742 30.5cm Grill Pan. You can use this grill pan for large food such as steaks and chicken, to smaller ones such as shrimp and vegetables. The grill pan delivers excellent heat conduction and has a stainless-steel coating for easy cleaning.

5. WEBER 6435 Grill Pan

Best grill pan for outdoor grill - suitable for steaks

Price from SGD59.90

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WEBER 6435 Grill Pan is ideal for outdoor cooking. You can use the grill to sauté veggies while your steak sears at the side. Its unique, propped-up side edges ensure you need not worry about delicate food falling off the pan and into the BBQ pit. All in all, you are guaranteed a barbeque smoked flavour locked into your food.

6. TAKADA Double Grill Pan

Best grill pan with press -suitable for burgers

Price from SGD70.00

shopping_cart Qoo10 Singapore SGD70.00

Indulge in a juicy, succulent burger patty with Takada Double Grill Pan. You can expect easy heat distribution and retention when using this grill pan. No worries about food spillage when flipping them thanks to its silicone ring magnetic locking mechanism. The pan works best with food that requires its taste preserved, and that too with minimum oil usage.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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