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8 Best Laptop Sleeves That Are Functional Yet Stylish

Don’t you dare go bare.

As careful as you may be, laptop accidents CAN happen, whether it’s a spill of water or worst, a fall as it slips from your hands. Followed by expensive repairs, laptops can be cheap or shockingly expensive.

As a first step to prevent spending MORE money, you should get a protective sleeve to prevent any disasters from happening, such as with these laptop sleeves.

1. Targus Pro-Tek EVA 13”
Best sleeve laptops like Dell XPS 13”
Updated on 12th August 2020

The dell XPS 13” is so small and lightweight, that you’d probably find no problem carrying on its own. 

With 3 Layers of protection, the Targus Pro-Tek lets you carry such a slim device on its own without worrying and most importantly on it’s own. The semi-rigid, impact resistant EVA protects your device from shock through its ridge design that disperse pressure.

2. MoKo Leather Sleeve 13.5”
Best laptop sleeve for Surface Laptop 2
Updated on 18th March 2019

This all-in-one leather sleeve is all you’re ever gonna need to protect a slim ultrabook like the Suface Laptop 2. Secured by a magnetic flap, this sleeve also has a built-in card slot, a document pocket and a pen holder. 

Soft suede lines its inner pocket to prevent scratches and any friction when sliding your laptop in and out the sleeve. As an addition, the elegant brown leather design makes it a beautiful piece to be carried on its own without a bag.

3. Acme-Made Montgomery Street Sleeve
Best sleeve for 15” laptops like the Dell XPS 15
Updated on 18th March 2019

Let’s face it, 15” Laptops are big. Being slim and lightweight, this Acme-Made sleeve will not add any more bulk besides a layer of protection. This particular sleeve is made of a synthetic material that looks similar to natural fabric that’s easy to clean and does not attract dust. 

Meanwhile on the inside, is a soft, padded and quilted interior lining to help protects the device from scratches and abrasion. There’s even a slide pocket on the back for quick storing of wires and such.

4. ICON Sleeve with TENSAERLITE and Thunderbolt
Best laptop sleeve for MacBook Pro with charge pocket
Updated on 18th March 2019

MacBook Pros are not cheap. And for something that valuable, you better get the best. Icon Sleeves are an award winning design that features shock absorbing Tensaerlite bumpers, molded and sewn to each side for 360 protection. 

When sliding in your MacBooks, the upper and lower compression panels of the sleeves are form-fitted to provide a secure fit. Meanwhile the magnetic closure prevents unwanted slips and provides easy-access to all ports, so that you can charge your device while being in the case. 

5. Targus Twill Sleeve Jet Black
Best laptop sleeve for MacBook Air
Updated on 12th August 2020

MacBook Airs are sleek, slim and stylist, that’s why we love them! The Targus Twill Sleeve is also a product with similar attributes likewise. 

Trimmed and slim for a snug fit, the sleeve features a snap-on closure for added protection. The outer shell of the sleeve itself is made of high quality and stain resistant material that wipes clean with water. So rest easy no matter where you place your laptop.

6. STM Sleeve Laptop Grace Collection
Best with shoulder strap - suitable for travel
Updated on 12th August 2020

When you travel with a device, your laptop bag should be your main bag, as this cuts out the headache of handling several bags. But that classic black laptop bag is as stylish as a lump of charcoal. So it must go. 

Functional as well as stylish, this tote is something you wouldn’t mind carry around. Its strap is designed with a width that’s comfortable to sling over your shoulder for long hours. Meanwhile the arm length of the strap lets you harmoniously balance weight without feeling like you are dragging a CPU. 

The front zipped pockets are perfect for things like passport, a book, phones, cords and mints, basically all the travel essential you’ll need. 

7. Savfy Sleeve
Best laptop sleeve with handle
Updated on 12th August 2020

With a slim handle that you can tuck away when not needed, Savfy gives you the freedom of going handsfree or not. At first glance, the canvas fabric looks simple enough. But beneath the surface, there are 4 layers of protection namely a high elastic canvas, water resistant neoprene, impact resistant foam and soft inner lining. 

8. CT Padded Sleeve
Best laptop sleeve for 14” laptops
Updated on 12th August 2020

Fitted with hidden zips and pockets, carry more than just your laptop with a sleeve like this. Donning a simple design that’s classic in its grey textured wool material, the sleeve is padded for extra protection, while the zip has closures for extra security. 

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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