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12 Best Wheel Chairs in Singapore 2024 | Top Brands

You can still move freely and independently.

Wheelchairs boost the user’s independence and mobility, enabling them to participate in daily activities despite having limited mobility. The best wheelchair can help people with limited mobility live better lives by allowing them to move around freely without asking for assistance. 

When purchasing a wheelchair for your mobility needs, you might be surprised to discover that several options are available in the market. This article provides the information you need to make a well-informed choice and select the wheelchair that suits you best.


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12 Best Wheel Chairs in Singapore 2024 | Top Brands

Best Overall Wheelchair
BION iLight Ez Wheelchair
BION Wheelchair
BION iLight Wheelchair EZ-review-singapore
Check BION iLight Ez Wheelchair price below:
add_circle Easy to store and set up
add_circle Well-ventilated seats
add_circle High-quality materials
remove_circle It requires some strength to use

Why It’s Our Top Pick

This wheelchair is the top pick on our list because of its standard design. The controls have excellent capabilities, are easily adjusted, and have a sophisticated appearance. The wheelchair’s ability to fold makes it portable and simple to store. The BION iLight Wheelchair EZ has a seat belt, user brakes, ankle straps, ventilated seats, and many more features that will help users with their mobility needs. 

Do you have a family member who requires help moving around? With the help of this BION iLight Wheelchair EZ, a person with a mobility disability can move around both indoors and outdoors.


With its seat belts and ankle straps, this wheelchair offers the user comfort and safety. This wheelchair can be folded flat for simple storage and transportation, which is convenient for the caregiver. Furthermore, it is constructed from premium materials that can support up to 100 kg.

Why buy this

You can be confident that purchasing this wheelchair will be a wise use of your money due to its low cost and high quality. It is convenient to carry along and simple to set up and store. There is no need to be concerned about the pushchair’s reliability or safety because it has all the vital features of a basic wheelchair.

Best Electric Wheelchair
MEDPRO Electric Wheelchair
MEDPRO Wheelchair
MEDPRO Electric Wheelchair-review-singapore
Check MEDPRO Electric Wheelchair price below:
add_circle Foldable backrest
add_circle 360° directional joystick
add_circle Requires minimal effort
remove_circle It is expensive

Do you want an electric wheelchair that increases your independence since it is simple to use and allows you to travel without getting tired? The finest option for you is this Medpro Electric Wheelchair!


This folding chair is convenient for everyday use because it is built of strong, lightweight steel and weighs only 33 kg. The wheelchair is 26 inches broad, and its seat is 17 inches wide. This chair is designed for those with mobility-impairing medical disorders, such as respiratory or neurological issues.

Why buy this

This electric wheelchair is reasonably priced because of its many notable features. Users can restore their mobility and independence, go farther, and stop depending on others to push them. They can also go from the bed to the wheelchair and vice versa because of the flip-up armrest.

Best Commode Wheelchair
BION Commode 307 Wheelchair
BION Wheelchair
BION Commode 307-review-singapore
Check BION Commode 307 Wheelchair price below:
add_circle Removable seat cover
add_circle Adjustable and detachable footrests
add_circle Excellent design
remove_circle Not good for outdoor use

Do you find it challenging to help a person in a wheelchair with their bathroom needs? This commode wheelchair from Bion is the solution to your problem. This is made to be moved quickly across toilet seats!


The removable seat cover and bucket, adjustable and detachable footrests, make the Bion Commode 307 a well-designed toilet. It has waterproof surfaces that are simple to disinfect and clean up. It provides comfort and excellent support to the user because of its PU Backrest and PU seat cover. 

Why buy this

With its four omnidirectional wheels and black and white design, this wheelchair is simple to manoeuvre in small places. Patients may be transferred from the bed to the toilet safely and efficiently thanks to the foldable armrest, retractable footrest, and brakes on all four castors.

Best Wheelchair with 4-wheels
HappyWheels Easy Chair Wheelchair
HappyWheels Easy Chair Wheelchair-review-singapore
Check HappyWheels Easy Chair Wheelchair price below:
add_circle Compact size
add_circle Foldable backrest and detachable footrests
add_circle FDA and CE certified
remove_circle Assistance is required

This HappyWheels Easy Chair Wheelchair is an excellent option if you’re searching for a four-wheel wheelchair that’s simple, light, and portable.


This wheelchair has a powerful hand brake that causes it to stop entirely without moving ahead. Both the leg rests and the armrests may rise and separate. Despite being lightweight, the chair is durable and can support up to 100 kg.

Why buy this

This wheelchair is ideal for daily use because of its reasonable pricing and lightweight design. Unique ergonomic assisted brakes make it possible for carers to move the person about safely. This wheelchair has a collapsible backrest and quick-release removable footrests to simplify transport.

Best Motorised Wheelchair
Medpro Cruz Motorised Wheelchair
Medpro Wheelchair
Medpro Cruz Motorised Wheelchair-review-singapore
Check Medpro Cruz Motorised Wheelchair price below:
add_circle Lightweight aluminum frame
add_circle Comfortable armrest
add_circle Both manual and motor operation
remove_circle Regular maintenance is required

Are you trying to find the top motorised wheelchairs you may use to travel the city? We’ve got you covered! This Medpro Cruz Motorized Wheelchair 16” is highly recommended.


This wheelchair has substantial rear wheels constructed of sturdy magnesium alloy. It employs polymer Li-ion batteries with a longer lifespan and a robust 250-watt motor. Additionally, it offers adjustable armrests and footrests, a foldable backrest and seat, and a compact design.

Why buy this

This motorised wheelchair is one option to consider if you’re seeking an electric wheelchair with a manual function. In addition to this excellent feature, you will be pleased to learn that the wheelchair is constructed of a high-grade aircraft aluminum alloy frame, which is solid and lightweight, and ideal for travel. The wheelchair’s structure can support a maximum weight of 136 kg.

Best Lightweight Wheelchair
Yuwell Lightweight Transport Wheelchair
Yuwell Wheelchair
Yuwell Lightweight Transport Wheelchair YY-2000-review-singapore
Check Yuwell Lightweight Transport Wheelchair price below:
add_circle Secure and comfortable
add_circle Super lightweight
add_circle Breathable fabric
remove_circle Rust-prone metallic parts

Wheelchairs are large and heavy, as anyone who has ever had to lift one will attest. However, this wheelchair from Yuwell will change your feelings about large wheelchairs. It only weighs 6.3 kg, making it incredibly lightweight and simple to carry in one hand.


This wheelchair has an attractive colored frame, breathable fabric, and supportive armrests. Both the user and the caregiver may employ its double brake protection. It is also built of a strong and lightweight aluminium alloy, contributing to its light performance. The user’s security and comfort can also be guaranteed using this lightweight wheelchair.

Why buy this

This Yuwell Lightweight Transport Wheelchair is the lightest wheelchair available on the market, weighing only 6.9 kg. This wheelchair raises the bar by utilising high-quality materials. This wheelchair can be easily lifted into any car and is incredibly simple to push and move.

Best Affordable Wheelchair
SOMA SM-100.3 Lightweight Wheelchair
SOMA Wheelchair
SOMA SM-100.3 Lightweight Wheelchair-review-singapore
Check SOMA SM-100.3 Lightweight Wheelchair price below:
add_circle Budget-friendly
add_circle Anti-slip footplate
add_circle Compact and sturdy
remove_circle Flimsy seat

We could not deny that a wheelchair was somewhat pricey. However, this lightweight wheelchair from Soma will still give you the support that a regular wheelchair offers without breaking the bank.


This wheelchair has a revolutionary seating system’s detachable design makes removing and cleaning the fabric simple. Additionally, it improves surface support to aid in preventing the hammock effect. Also, with its anti-slip footplate, the foot is well-positioned and is prevented from slipping off the footplate.

Why buy this

An affordable conventional aluminium wheelchair is the SM-100.3. It is strong, light, and compact, making it the perfect wheelchair for those searching for an affordable yet reliable option. While maintaining its dependability and affordability, it offers a unique appearance for a wheelchair.

Best Wheelchair for Elderly
BION Comfy Wheelchair
BION Wheelchair
BION Comfy Wheelchair 3G-review-singapore
Check BION Comfy Wheelchair price below:
add_circle It is compact
add_circle Foldable footrest and backrest
add_circle Durable upholstery seat
remove_circle Not ideal for large user

As we get older, we get ailments that may impair our capacity to walk; the elderly requires a wheelchair. So, if you’re looking for a wheelchair for the elderly, this Bion Comfy Wheelchair 3G makes it simple to manoeuvre indoors and outdoors.


The 16-inch-wide BION Comfy 3G Wheelchair is a small-sized user-friendly wheelchair. Thanks to folding footrests and backrests, you may fold this wheelchair into a small, compact dimension. This wheelchair folds up for easy storage and transportation.

Why buy this

You can ensure that this wheelchair will provide great comfort for your parent or grandparent. It can fold into a more portable shape because the footrest and backrest are foldable. This unit is not only small, but it also incorporates PVC seat covers that make wiping and cleaning simpler.

Best Wheelchair for Travel
DNR Mika Lightweight Foldable Wheelchair
DNR Mika Lightweight Foldable Wheelchair-review-singapore
Check DNR Mika Lightweight Foldable Wheelchair price below:
add_circle Ergonomic design
add_circle It is portable
add_circle Rust resistant
remove_circle Spongy wheels

Would you like a wheelchair that a little bit eases your travel? This DNR Mika Wheelchair provides a versatile and lightweight solution to make travelling easier.


This wheelchair was created using a high-quality aluminium alloy with extended anti-ageing properties and good corrosion resistance. It is incredibly light while still being sturdy to resist weather conditions and the strain of getting in and out of vehicles, shopping centres, and restaurants.

Why buy this

This lightweight wheelchair has an integrated braking mechanism for the caregiver and is controlled by locking brake levers on a bicycle at the push handles. These handbrakes give the caregiver control, security, and convenience when descending a hill or stopping.

Best Rated and Selling Wheelchair
SG Orion Neis Foldable Wheelchair
SG Orion
SG Orion Neis Foldable Wheelchair-review-singapore
Check SG Orion Neis Foldable Wheelchair price below:
add_circle Easily foldable
add_circle Good in narrow spaces
add_circle Mid-range cost
remove_circle Not ideal for long-term use

Selecting the best model could be challenging if you’re purchasing your wheelchair online. But your battle will end with this SG Orion Neis Foldable Wheelchair, one of the best-rated and best-selling wheelchairs on Shoppee and Lazada.


Long rides on this wheelchair are very comfortable thanks to its spacious, 40 cm wide, cushioned seating surface. Additionally, it can support 100 kg pounds of weight. Swing-away, detachable footrests make it simple to stand up and sit down again or offer space while seated at a table for a meal.

Why buy this

This wheelchair is a portable aluminium “pushchair” appropriate for everyday use. It is portable, light, and equipped with fold-down backrests and fold-up footrests, making it small enough to suit practically all car boot openings.

Best Wheelchair for Stroke Patients
Karma MVP502 Reclining Wheelchair
Karma MVP502 Reclining Wheelchair-review-singapore
Check Karma MVP502 Reclining Wheelchair price below:
add_circle Anti-sliding seat
add_circle Hydraulic pressure support system
add_circle Ergonomic headrest

When a friend or family member has had a stroke, the first question you have is, “how can I help?” The answer to your question is the Karma MVP502 Reclining Wheelchair; it can help the patients’ mobility once the condition has stabilised and improved.


With the wheelchair’s reclined position, the user can relax and ease hip pressure. The inventive anti-slide construction of this wheelchair successfully stops the wheelchair user from sliding on the chair. Additionally, it incorporates an articulated leg rest that lengthens as it lifts, letting the leg fully extend and relieving pressure on the knee.

Why buy this

This reclining wheelchair offers solid back support, making it perfect for stroke patients who cannot lift their head or upper body independently. The user’s back and the back of the wheelchair are substantially less likely to rub against each other thanks to the anti-sliding V-seating system, which also lessens the need for the attendant to reposition the user.

Best Wheelchair with Toilet
MEDPRO Aluminium Commode Wheelchair
MEDPRO Wheelchair
MEDPRO Anti-Rust Luxe Aluminium Mobile Toilet Commode Wheelchair-review-singapore
Check MEDPRO Aluminium Commode Wheelchair price below:
add_circle Detachable bucket
add_circle Adjustable height
add_circle It is waterproof
remove_circle It doesn’t have footrest

An ill patient needs attentive and appropriate care. With its accessibility and practicality, this commode wheelchair from Medpro guarantees the patient’s comfort with their bathroom needs.


This wheelchair is a toilet and shower chair with a durable anti-rust aluminium alloy frame. Additionally, it can reduce the need for long bathroom breaks, which makes it ideal for use close to the bed. All users can utilise this wheelchair because of its adjustable height.

Why buy this

The PE Seat on this wheelchair for using the bathroom makes it waterproof, odourless, and non-toxic. The user will feel very comfortable as it helps with their bathroom needs. It is simple to use and clean and includes a removable bucket for regular use.

What is a Wheelchair?

A wheelchair is a device designed to aid individuals with limited mobility. It consists of a seat mounted on wheels and is beneficial for people with conditions like spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, or those recovering from injuries or surgeries that temporarily restrict mobility.

Uses and Advantages of a Wheelchair

Providing suitable wheelchairs improves mobility and opens up a world of social, professional, and educational opportunities. In addition to improving mobility, the right wheelchair helps users maintain their physical health and quality of life by preventing common issues, including pressure sores, the progression of deformities, and deteriorating breathing and digestion.

What Are The Different Types of Wheelchairs Available?

Several types of wheelchairs cater to different needs, including:

  • Manual Wheelchairs: Users can self-propel or be pushed by a caregiver. Suitable for individuals with adequate upper body strength.
  • Electric Wheelchairs: Powered by batteries, these are ideal for those with limited upper body strength or endurance.
  • Transport Wheelchairs: Lightweight and designed for easy transport, primarily pushed by a caregiver.
  • Sports Wheelchairs: Specifically designed for sports like basketball, tennis, or racing, offering better maneuverability and performance.

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Wheelchair

You can get technical mobility assistance that makes it simple to move a person seated on a flat surface with the aid of the proper wheelchair. Consider the following suggestions before clicking the “Add to Cart” button.

Electric vs Manual

When pushing both wheels continuously when using a manual wheelchair, especially on slopes or rocky terrain, you need good hand-eye coordination and arm strength. Electric wheelchairs are more suitable for people with weaker arms and hands, such as people with paraplegia. Additionally, they might offer a broader range of tilting and reclining power seating configurations.


Wheelchairs may be quickly folded to fit in small spaces, such as a car trunk or a pantry. For even more space savings, some even include removable armrests and footrests.


Consider your weight as well as the weight capacity of each chair you’re considering because not all wheelchairs can support the same amount of weight safely. You might discover that you want a bariatric chair or one of the more durable materials.


Ensure that every component of the wheelchair you select, from the seat to the leg rests, is safe and pleasant for you by considering your body proportions. 

Best Wheelchair Brands in Singapore

You can take your time choosing the best wheelchair brand because there are so many options available. The wheelchair brands listed below represent the top wheelchairs available in Singapore.

Bion- Bion offers a standard wheelchair at an affordable price. It has a strong, solid frame and the bare minimum of wheelchair capabilities while being lightweight.

Medpro- For creating technologically sophisticated wheelchairs, Medpro is highly renowned. They produce motorised or electric wheelchairs that allow users to restore their mobility and freedom, go farther, and not be dependent on anybody else to push them.

Karma- Wheelchairs made of aircraft aluminium by Karma are ultra-lightweight, more robust, and more durable for prolonged use.

Soma- Wheelchairs from Soma are typical aluminium wheelchairs that are lightweight, strong, and affordable. It is appropriate for those looking for a straightforward but reliable solution.

Yuwell- Yuwell makes a lightweight wheelchair of aluminium alloy with rear tires and a lithium battery. A precise transmission, energy-efficient drive motors, and a very ergonomic design are all features of the wheelchair.

Wheelchairs Price Range in Singapore

The price range of wheelchairs in Singapore can vary depending on several factors, including the type of wheelchair, brand, features, and quality. Generally, manual wheelchairs tend to be more affordable compared to electric or motorized wheelchairs.

Basic manual wheelchairs in Singapore typically ranged from around $150 to $500. These are standard, no-frills models with essential features. More advanced manual wheelchairs with additional features such as lightweight frames, adjustable seats, and improved maneuverability can range from $500 to $2,000 or more.

Electric or motorized wheelchairs, which are powered by batteries, tend to be more expensive. The price range for these types of wheelchairs can vary greatly based on features, specifications, and brand. In general, electric wheelchairs in Singapore can range from $1,500 to several thousand dollars.

Where to Buy Wheelchairs in Singapore?

In Singapore, you can find wheelchairs for purchase at various locations. Here are some places where you can buy wheelchairs:

  • Medical Equipment Suppliers: There are numerous medical equipment suppliers and stores in Singapore that offer a wide range of wheelchairs. Some well-known suppliers include Rehabmart, Rainbowcare, and Falcon Mobility.
  • Pharmacies: Many pharmacies in Singapore, such as Guardian and Watsons, may have basic manual wheelchairs available for purchase.
  • Hospitals and Clinics: Some hospitals and medical clinics may have a selection of wheelchairs for sale. You can inquire at the hospital's pharmacy or medical equipment section.
  • Online Retailers: E-commerce platforms like Lazada, Shopee, and Qoo10 often have listings for wheelchairs. You can compare prices and features online before making a purchase.
  • Specialized Retailers: There are specialized retailers that focus on mobility aids and medical equipment. These stores may offer a wider selection of wheelchairs, including both manual and electric models.
  • Secondhand Stores and Online Marketplaces: If you're looking for more affordable options, consider checking out secondhand stores or online marketplaces like Carousell. Just be sure to inspect the wheelchair's condition before making a purchase.
  • Non-profit Organizations: Some non-profit organizations, charities, or disability support groups may provide assistance or resources for acquiring wheelchairs. They might offer subsidized or discounted wheelchairs to those in need.

Before making a purchase, it's essential to consider the specific needs of the wheelchair user and ensure that the wheelchair is suitable and comfortable for them. Additionally, check the warranty, return policy, and after-sales service offered by the seller or supplier.


Indeed, a reliable and comfortable wheelchair is an excellent improvement to the quality of life of those with disabilities. We hope that our list of the top 12 wheelchairs in Singapore will assist you in finding the perfect wheelchair to suit your preferences and needs. Please spread the word to your relatives and friends if this article is helpful.

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