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8 Best Eye Drops for Contact Lens in Singapore 2024

Buy quality eye drops for your lenses.

Contact lens wearers can avoid discomfort using the best contact lens eye drops Singapore, which we will show later. The liquid formula will cleanse and hydrate dry eyes when the lenses are in. It allows you to wear contacts all day while keeping your eyes clear and comfortable. 

This eye solution is available in drug stores and online, but it is better to consult your optometrist to help you decide which one suits your eye care needs. Experts can recommend eye drops with the right ingredients and dosage for specific contact lenses. Read on, as we have listed a few brands of eye drops that your doctor might suggest.


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8 Best Eye Drops for Contact Lens in Singapore 2024

Best Contact Lens Eye Drops Overall
Rohto Lycee Contact Lens Eye Drops
Rohto Lycee Contact Lens Eye Drops
Check Rohto Lycee Contact Lens Eye Drops price below:
add_circle It is refreshing in the eye
add_circle It allows you to wear contacts all day without causing irritation
add_circle It has a rose fragrance

Why It’s Our Top Pick

The best contact lens eye drops Singapore from Rohto can relieve eye fatigue, redness, and UV damage. It holds a gentle cooling effect to help relax eye muscles and tired eyes. Every drop of Lycee Eye Drops will make your eyes appear brighter and more hydrated. Since 1899, this eye drop brand for contact lenses has been the most trusted for eye care.

Buy Rohto’s classic eye drops for cornea protection, redness reliever, eye fatigue, and UV damage care. You can enjoy the said benefits at an affordable price. 

Key Ingredients 

It has four main ingredients suitable for dry and tired eyes. Tetrahydrozoline, known for its soothing ability, helps eliminate eye redness. The eye drop formula also has vitamin B12 to ease eye fatigue, which is ideal for individuals working several hours in front of the screen. Exposing eyes to UV rays can cause discomfort. Hence, this eye drop contains zinc sulphate to block sunspots.


This eye drop is effective as a cornea treatment with its multi-mineral components. It has level 3 of cooling sensation that leaves contact wearers at their best comfort. 

Best Affordable Contact Lens Eye Drops
OPTREX Rehydrating Eye Drops
OPTREX Rehydrating Eye Drops
Check OPTREX Rehydrating Eye Drops price below:
add_circle Cheaper yet high-quality
add_circle Hydrating
add_circle No stingy feeling

Keep your contact lenses clean and saturated for under ten bucks with OPTREX Rehydrating Eye Drops. It is suitable for dry eyes. 

Key Ingredients 

Made of purified water and 0.15 percent sodium hyaluronate, this contact lens eye drop will rehydrate dry and tired eyes. This ingredient draws in moisture to keep your eyes from possible irritations. These include corneal abrasion, which may occur because of dry air. 


It will replenish dry eyes and ease irritations, making you look fresher while wearing contact lenses. It is best to use it in an air-conditioned room to maintain eye moisture. 

Best Contact Lens Eye Drops for Dryness
Refresh Contact Lens Eye Drops
Refresh Contact Lens Eye Drops
Check Refresh Contact Lens Eye Drops price below:
add_circle Affordable
add_circle Easy and safe to use
add_circle No harmful ingredients

Refresh Contacts Eye Drops are moisture-rich, making them the best eye drops for dry eyes anyone can afford. It is packed in a multi-dose bottle for easy application. 

Key Ingredients 

These eye drops contain no chlorhexidine and thimerosal to avoid allergies. It is truly refreshing with all the hydrating components added, such as calcium and magnesium chloride and purified water. The solution also holds sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid to help adjust your contact lenses' pH level. 


Applying the eye drops will develop a fluid pad around the contact lens to bring comfort and dampness. It has calming properties, as dry eyes are more vulnerable to irritations.

Best Contact Lens Eye Drops for Infection
Systane Hydration UD Lubricant Eye Drops
Systane Hydration UD Lubricant Eye Drops
Check Systane Hydration UD Lubricant Eye Drops price below:
add_circle It has an advanced hydration formula
add_circle It works for post-surgical patients
add_circle It secures long-lasting relief
remove_circle Not suitable for hard contact lenses

Dealing with eye infection requires a lens drop with long-lasting hydration and preservatives-free. It won’t cause a burning sensation but relief. 

Key Ingredients 

Each box contains 30 vials of eye drops that are rich in hyaluronic acid for better eye care. It is well-known for its ability to prevent dryness and redness and to replenish eye surfaces. They combine it with HP-Guar to give lasting relief for moderate infections. Consequently, many eye specialists prescribe Systane Hydration to cataract and LASIK patients.


This lens drop has dual hydration action, which is better than other eye drops Singapore on the list. It has no therapeutic claims; however, it can help mitigate symptoms of infections among contact lens wearers. 

Best Contact Lens Eye Drops for Tired Eyes
Santen FX Neo Cooling Eye Drops
Santen FX Neo Cooling Eye Drops
Check Santen FX Neo Cooling Eye Drops price below:
add_circle It wakes up tired eyes
add_circle It can cure red eyes
add_circle Japan-formulated

Excessive screen time can cause tired eyes. That being said, a cooling eye drop can help ease fatigue and make you look more awake.

Key Ingredients 

The active ingredients of Santen FX Neo Cooling Eye Drops are super refreshing. It consists of taurine, which activates eye tissue metabolism to relieve tired eyes. Other active ingredients are Potassium L-aspartate, e-aminocaproic acid, and Chlorpheniramine maleate for treating inflammation and signs of itchiness. 


It is ideal for soft or hard contact lenses, leaving them clean and refreshing. Forestalling eye infections, like sensitivities and tingling, is what these cooling eye drops do well.

Best Rated Contact Lens Eye Drops
Cationorm Ophthalmic Emulsion Disposable Eye Drops
Cationorm Ophthalmic Emulsion Disposable Eye Drops
Check Cationorm Ophthalmic Emulsion Disposable Eye Drops price below:
add_circle Great value for the money
add_circle Better compatibility
add_circle It keeps the eye moist
remove_circle Limited stock

We added Cationorm Ophthalmic Emulsion to our list of the best contact lens eye drops Singapore, as customers have given it five stars. It is excellent in preventing fluid loss for contact lens wearers. 

Key Ingredients 

There are no additives in it. The eye drop contains mineral oils to give moisture that can vanish rapidly. Dry eyes will profit from using eye drops with glycerol, which goes about as an eye lubricant. It is additionally made of tromethamine to decrease inflammation after an ocular procedure. You can also eliminate eye mucus with tyloxapol and its other active ingredients.


These disposable eye drops moisturize, lubricate, and protect the eye’s ocular surface. It is compatible with all contact lenses and can even prolong their useful life.  

Best Contact Lens Eye Drops for Cleaning
BlinkNClean Contact Lens Eye Drops
Check BlinkNClean Contact Lens Eye Drops price below:
add_circle It eliminates dirt without removing contact lenses
add_circle Cheap
add_circle No blurry eyes

Buying the BlinkNClean Lens Drops with profound cleansing ability will ensure extended wear lenses. It is most suitable for soft and RGP lenses. 

Key Ingredients 

Among its main components is Tromethamine, which uproots protein film to avoid irritations. Adding HPMC is crucial because the wetter the contact lenses, the less debris attachment would occur. In addition, lipid buildup can cause hazy vision. The Tyloxapol ingredient helps remove lipids.


This is a rewetting type of contact lens eye drops. It ensures the moistening of the lenses to eliminate debris quickly. Plus, its ability to avoid protein buildup is incredible. 

Best Contact Lens Eye Drops for Relief
BAUSCH & LOMB Artelac Splash Eye Drops
BAUSCH & LOMB Artelac Splash Eye Drops
Check BAUSCH & LOMB Artelac Splash Eye Drops price below:
add_circle Combats environmental factors, such as pollution
add_circle Suitable for irritated eyes
add_circle Can ease dry eye symptoms

The soothing benefit of Artelac Splash Eye Drops is impressive in dealing with dry eye symptoms. It is a gentle solution with realistic hydrating power. 

Key Ingredients 

For eye relief, hyaluronic acid is very essential. It permits you to blink without causing cornea harm due to friction with the eyelids. This component fills in as a lubricant and can mend eye inflammation. Packed in a single dose, you can immediately spew the eye drops without worrying about wasting a dosage. 


When the eyes are well-hydrated, they will be less prone to irritations. BAUSCH & LOMB can help relieve contact lens wearers even before having any eye injuries with this natural contact lens lubricant. 

What are Contact Lens Eye Drops?

Contact lens eye drops are lubricating eye drops that are exceptionally compatible with contact lenses. These drops help lubricate the eyes and keep the contact lenses moist, reducing discomfort, dryness, and irritation associated with wearing contact lenses. Contact lens eye drops work with silicone hydrogel and rigid gas-permeable lenses. However, it is essential to check the label and consult an eye doctor for safety. 

Why is it Important to Use Eye Drops for Contact Lens?

After finding out the best eye drop for contact lenses, these are the benefits you need to know:

Lubrication: Contact lenses can dry out your eyes, making them uncomfortable and resulting in irritation or redness. Eye drops can moisten the lenses and provide comfort. 

Hydration: Eye drops can help hydrate the contact lenses' surface, reduce the risk of dry eye syndrome, and improve overall eye health. 

Cleaning: Eye drops can help in cleaning the contact lenses, which removes any debris or particles that may cause discomfort, irritation, or infection. 

Discomfort relief: Eye drops can relieve discomfort caused by factors like allergies, dryness, or wearing contact lenses for prolonged periods. 

Prevent infections: Eye drops can help prevent contact lens-related infections by fighting bacteria or fungi buildup on the lenses. 

Overall, using eye drops for contact lenses can help improve comfort and eye health and prevent infections, making maintaining proper contact lens hygiene essential.

How Often Should I Use Contact Lens Eye Drops?

The frequency of eye drops contact lens use will depend on individual needs and the type of eye drops. However, following the instructions on the eye drop packaging or consulting with your eye care professional is top-tier. Below are some general guidelines to consider: 

  • Use as Needed
    Use contact lens eye drops whenever you experience dryness, discomfort, or irritation while wearing your contacts. If your eyes become dry or your lenses feel less comfortable throughout the day, using the drops as needed can help provide relief. 
  • Pre-insertion and Post-removal
    Some contact lens wearers find it helpful to use lubricating or rewetting eye drops before inserting their lenses in the morning and after removing them at night. It can help ensure proper hydration and comfort for the lenses and relieve any dryness caused by wearing contacts. 
  • Follow the Eye Drops' Instructions
    Some eye drops may have specific usage instructions, such as a recommended number of drops per day or particular intervals between applications. Reading and following these instructions is crucial to ensure proper usage and achieve the desired benefits. 
  • Individual Needs
    The frequency of using eye drops depends on factors like lens type, environmental conditions, and individual eye health. If you have ongoing dryness or discomfort, consult your eye care professional for personalized advice on how often to use eye drops. 

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Contact Lens Eye Drop

Choosing the right eye drops for contact lens is crucial to ensure comfort and proper eye health. Here is a buying guide to help you find the best contact lens eye drops Singapore within your budget: 

  • Consult Your Eye Care Professional

Before purchasing eye drops, consult your eye care professional, an optometrist, or an ophthalmologist. They can suggest eye drops based on your specific needs and any underlying eye conditions you may have.

  • Look for Lubricating Drops

Contact lens wearers often experience dryness and discomfort due to reduced tear production. Look for lubricating eye drops specifically formulated for contact lens wearers. These drops usually contain ingredients that help maintain moisture and reduce friction between the lens and the eye. 

  • Avoid Eye Drops with Preservatives

Eye drops that contain preservatives, such as benzalkonium chloride (BAK), can cause irritation and discomfort for contact lens wearers. Opt for preservative-free eye drops, as they are gentler on the eyes and less likely to cause adverse reactions.

  • Consider Rewetting Drops

Rewetting drops are designed to rehydrate and moisturize your contact lenses while still on your eyes. These drops can help reduce dryness, improve lens comfort, and prevent irritation caused by prolonged wear. 

  • Check Compatibility

Make sure the eye drop is approved for use with contact lenses. Look for labels that specify compatibility with soft or rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, depending on your wear type. 

  • Avoid Redness-Reducing Drops

While redness-reducing eye drops can temporarily relieve bloodshot eyes, they are unsuitable for regular use with contact lenses. These drops may contain vasoconstrictors, which can affect the blood vessels in your eyes and potentially cause complications when wearing contacts. 

  • Compare Brands and Prices

Different brands offer a variety of eye drops targeted towards contact lens wearers. Compare various options based on their ingredients, reputation, and user reviews. Also, consider the price point, as some drops can be more expensive. 

  • Follow Usage Instructions

Once you purchase the eye drops, read and understand the usage instructions carefully. Some eye drops may recommend a specific number of drops or frequency of usage to guarantee the best results and minimize the risk of adverse effects. 

Remember, while eye drops can provide temporary relief, addressing any persistent dryness, irritation, or discomfort with your eye care profession is essential. Regular check-ups and proper lens care are necessary for maintaining healthy eyes when wearing contact lenses.

Best Eye Drop Brands for Contact Lens in Singapore

Here are some well-known brands that were commonly used for contact lens care in Singapore:

  • Refresh: Refresh offers a range of artificial tear products that can relieve dryness and discomfort often associated with contact lens wear.
  • Bausch + Lomb: Bausch + Lomb is a trusted name in eye care and offers a variety of eye drops and solutions designed for contact lens wearers. 
  • Alcon: Alcon, now part of the Novartis group, offers a wide range of eye care products. Systane is a famous line of lubricating eye drops suitable for contact lens wearers.
  • Opti-Free: Opti-Free is known for its contact lens solutions, but they also offers rewetting drops that help keep your contacts comfortable throughout the day.
  • Hylo: Hylo is a brand that offers preservative-free eye drops that can be gentle on the eyes and suitable for contact lens users.

Eye Drops for Contact Lens Price Range in Singapore

The price range for contact lens eye drops in Singapore varies based on brand, type, and purchase location. Here is a breakdown of prices: 

  • Basic Lubricating Drops: $5 to $15 for standard-sized bottles.
  • Preservative-Free Drops: $10 to $20 or more per bottle.
  • Multipurpose Solutions (360ml): $15 to $30 for popular brands.
  • Rewetting Drops: $8 to $20 or more per bottle.
  • Specialty Eye Drops: $20 to $40 or more for specific conditions.


Using the best contact lens eye drops Singapore will relieve dryness, discomfort, or irritation while wearing contacts. Some individuals find it helpful to use eye drops before inserting their lenses in the morning and after removal at night. Remember that an eye drop is not a remedy for severe eye conditions. Thus, regular visits to an eye care professional are crucial for keeping healthy and comfortable eyes while wearing contact lenses.

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