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13 Best Mattresses in Singapore 2023 - Top Brand Reviews

Oh, to sleep like a baby!

The foundation of a restful night’s sleep is a mattress. If you have the proper mattress, you can sleep better after a long day of work and wake up the next morning with more energy. Additionally, a decent bed can help with back pain issues and is typically more durable.

However, given the wide range of mattresses offered on the market, which mattress is the best in Singapore? In this article, we have selected the best mattresses in Singapore, offering high-quality recommendations to match your needs, lifestyle, and price range.

13 Best Mattresses in Singapore 2023 - Top Brand Reviews

Best latex mattress
Peacelily Mattress
Check Peacelily Mattress price below:
add_circle Adjustable firmness, no harmful materials
remove_circle Kind of pricey

Why it’s Our Top Pick:

After researching different types of mattresses, we think this is a winner! Some say hard mattresses give you better support while some say they would only achieve a good sleep on soft mattresses. Well, the Peacelily mattress gives you the best of both worlds!


The Peacelily mattress is an exclusive three-layered latex mattress made with 100% natural rubber sap (Oeko-Tex Class 1 certified) that is non-toxic, certified by eco-INSTITUT. 

This mattress has two types of firmness: medium and firm, you choose! If you are not much of a hugger, just flip the mattress over for a firmer experience instead! 

The resiliency of this latex mattress hugs and adjusts to the curves of your body in every sleep position, much like a big marshmallow! 


Customers highly raved about this mattress because of its high quality and luxury feeling. They also love how the mattress is environmentally friendly, giving them a peaceful state of mind when it comes to caring for mother Earth.

Available sizes: single, super single, queen, king

Best Overall Mattress
Somnuz Comfy Pocketed Spring Mattress-review-singapore
Check Somnuz Comfy Pocketed Spring Mattress price below:
add_circle Easy to set up
add_circle Anti-bacterial
add_circle Made with high-density foam
remove_circle It is bouncy, which isn’t for everyone


Stretchable knit fabric and individually wrapped pocketed coils are used to precisely construct this mattress. The pocketed coils are each separately enclosed, allowing them to react to pressure differently. As a result, your and your partner’s nighttime movements will substantially decrease.

  • Material - Top-quality high-density foam
  • Available Sizes - Single, Super Single, Queen, King
  • Warranty - 5 years

Why buy this

This mattress is appropriate for both toddlers and adults because it is made to fit all sizes. Exceptional pressure relief is provided by the high-density foam used in this mattress. So, if you’re searching for a cosy, supportive mattress that will offer you a restful night’s sleep, this is the one for you.

Best Mattress for Back Pain
Sleepthetic Fitted Memory Foam Topper-review-singapore
Check Sleepthetic Fitted Memory Foam Topper price below:
add_circle Provides therapeutic support
add_circle Reduces muscle and joint pain
add_circle Reduces tossing and turning
remove_circle It has a sinking feeling

Are you having trouble sleeping at night because of back pain? Look at the Sleepthetic Fitted Memory Foam Topper that offers enough support to improve your sleep quality!


This mattress is made with memory foam that intuitively conforms flawlessly to the body’s natural curves while properly distributing weight across the supporting surface. Additionally, it has a new upgrade and a removable Tencel cover that produces a smooth sleeping surface.

  • Material - Memory Foam
  • Available Sizes - Single, Super Single, Queen, King
  • Warranty - Not specified

Why buy this

This mattress offers a firmer feel to relieve pressure, reducing tossing and turning in bed. Regardless of the body’s position, it ensures exceptional comfort and relaxation by relieving stress on the areas that carry the more significant load. With this mattress, your sleepless nights because of back pains are finally over!

Zzz Atelier - Red Label Chiropedic Pocketed Spring Mattress-review-singapore
Check Zzz Atelier - Red Label Chiropedic Pocketed Spring Mattress price below:
add_circle Endorsed by qualified chiropractors
add_circle 5-zone body support
add_circle High-quality materials
remove_circle It is heavy

Do you have aches and pains? You might benefit from an orthopaedic mattress like the Zzz Atelier - Red Label Chiropedic Pocketed Spring Mattress to obtain a good night’s sleep.


The 5-zone spring technology in this comfortably firm mattress is expertly engineered to help you get a good night’s sleep. It has high-elasticity, anti-rust, anti-corrosion pocketed coils that follow the natural curve of your body to give you the support you need deep within.

  • Material - Turkish organic cotton fabric, high-density foam, mini pocket spring
  • Available Sizes - Single, Super Single, Queen, King
  • Warranty - 9 years

Why buy this

This mattress has a fabric layer equipped with a Turkish organic cotton blend that passed the stringent OEKO-TEX Standard 100 test, providing you with the assurance that it is free of any potentially dangerous materials. Qualified chiropractors endorse the Zzz Atelier Red Label mattress, so you can rest assured that it combines comfort, support, and incredible value.

Best Cheap and Good Mattress
DREAMAX Spring Mattress-review-singapore
Check DREAMAX Spring Mattress price below:
add_circle Budget-friendly
add_circle Excellent quality
add_circle Anti-bacteria and dust mites
remove_circle It is quite noisy when you move

When buying mattresses online, we frequently search for affordable options, but some of them are low quality. The ideal product offers both a low price and good quality, as the Dreamax Spring Mattress can provide.


This mattress offers a half-inch quilted white damask that looks and feels soft and covers the entire surface. It also has a heavy-duty innerspring, delivering your aching limbs the most comfort and support possible. This firm mattress maintains its shape, offers consistent support, and appropriately distributes your weight.

  • Material - Inner Spring, Quilted Fabric
  • Available Sizes - Single, Super Single, Queen
  • Warranty - 3 years

Why buy this

This mattress is an excellent option if you want the sensation of lying on top of your bed rather than sinking in. Your body’s natural curves are followed by the mattress, promoting restful sleep. This lessens joint and muscle discomfort as well. And with its price range, getting a high-quality mattress won’t break the bank!

Zinus Euro Top Latex Hybrid Pocketed Spring Mattress-review-singapore
Check Zinus Euro Top Latex Hybrid Pocketed Spring Mattress price below:
add_circle Breathable
add_circle Certipur-US Certified
add_circle Ten years warranty
remove_circle Pricey

If you want to improve your current bed or buy a new bed for you and your partner, you need to consider a queen-size mattress. The finest mattress for you is this one from Zinus! This mattress is exceptionally durable because it is made of high-quality materials.


This mattress has hundreds of individually pocketed springs that provide support while minimizing motion transfer for restful evenings of sleep. On top of Pocketed Springs, the combination of natural latex and high-density foam offers solid, comfortable support.

  • Material - Natural latex, memory foam, pocket springs
  • Available Sizes - Single, Super Single, Queen
  • Warranty - 10 years

Why buy this

You should purchase this mattress if you or your partner have sensitive skin issues because it is hypoallergenic. It passed the strict standards for durability, performance, emissions control, and environmental responsibility. This mattress offers will help you get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling rejuvenated.

Best Rated and Top-selling Mattress
Living Mall
Living Mall Flamingo Mattress-review-singapore
Check Living Mall Flamingo Mattress price below:
add_circle Comfortable
add_circle High-density foam
add_circle Modern and classy design
remove_circle Extremely heavy

It may be a struggle for you to choose the ideal mattress if you’re buying your mattress online. But this Living Mall Flamingo Mattress, one of the top-rated and best-selling mattresses on Shoppee and Lazada, will end your struggle.


This mattress also has padding and an easy-to-clean faux leather headboard for added comfort. It is made to combine durable construction with cutting-edge fashion sense and comfort. Layers of foam and individually wrapped pocket springs are used in the construction of Flamingo mattresses, which are 11” thick.

  • Material - Natural latex, memory foam, pocket springs
  • Available Sizes - Single, Super Single, Queen
  • Warranty - 1-15 years (Mattress), six months (Bed Frame)

Why buy this

This mattress is among the best on the market for a reason—in addition to having a bed frame already—it will provide you with a medium-firm feeling that keeps your body in optimal alignment. It is the perfect option for people in all sleeping positions who want to enjoy a firm but comfortable resting environment.

Best Mattress for Baby
Jarrons & Co
Jarrons & Co Baby Cot Mattress-review-singapore
Check Jarrons & Co Baby Cot Mattress price below:
add_circle Baby safe and non-toxic
add_circle Naturally hypoallergenic
add_circle Anti-microbial
remove_circle Not so durable

Did you know that babies can sleep for up to 70–80% of the time during their first few months? They spend a significant portion of their day sleeping on their baby mattress, so it must be comfortable and secure. Try this Jarrons & Co Baby Cot Mattress, the safest mattress choice for your child.


This mattress is exquisitely constructed by hand from luxuriously soft bamboo fibre, making it the ideal choice for your baby’s delicate skin. A bamboo fibre mattress is a terrific option because it is breathable, anti-microbial, naturally soft, and provides excellent support.

  • Material - Natural bamboo fibre high-density foam
  • Available Sizes - 117x59cm, 120x60cm, 131x71cm
  • Warranty - No warranty

Why buy this

The natural bamboo fibre high-density foam used to make this mattress gives your child’s back plenty of support. The mattress cover’s permeable material, which allows air to flow freely and keeps your youngster cool, is another feature you’ll adore. This mattress also uses baby-safe material to keep your mattress cleaner, fresher, and germ-free.

Essential Mattress 10” Euro Top Pocketed Spring With Latex-review-singapore
Check Essential Mattress 10” Euro Top Pocketed Spring With Latex price below:
add_circle Good ventilation
add_circle Firm support
add_circle Anti-dust mite
remove_circle It can sometimes make you feel hotter

Do you wish to be by yourself in bed, free from interruptions from others? Then give this Essential Mattress a try, an essential to your room that offers comfort for all sleeping styles.


This high-end mattress offers the highest level of comfort and support, which blends Euro Top Pocketed Springs with Natural Latex. The latex cover provides optimal airflow and breathability for cooler sleep, while the pocketed spring relieves pressure and guarantees appropriate spinal alignment.

  • Material - Knitted fabric, synthetic latex euro top, pocketed springs
  • Available Sizes - Single, Super Single, Queen, King
  • Warranty - 10 years

Why buy this

You can feel comfortable in your own space and as though you have a hotel-style sleeping experience. To provide pressure relief and even weight distribution, this mattress conforms to the curve of your body. Additionally, it protects you from allergens, dust, fungus, and bacteria!

Zinus Euro Top Latex and Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress-review-singapore
Check Zinus Euro Top Latex and Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress price below:
add_circle Designed for maximum breathability
add_circle Great back support
add_circle It has temperature management
remove_circle More expensive than rivals

Do you want a mattress that begins to hug your body and provides relief at pressure spots like your hips and shoulders? Worry no more with this Zinus Hybrid Mattress, a memory foam of your dreams.


The mattress has several features, including a combination of memory foam and pocketed coils to balance support and pressure relief. Additionally, the mattress has various cooling design characteristics, such as a moisture-wicking cover, breathable coils, and memory foam with copper infusion.

  • Material - Natural latex, memory foam, pocket springs
  • Available Sizes - Single, Super Single, Queen, King
  • Warranty - 10 years

Why buy this

This versatile mattress may appeal to a variety of sleepers, including hot sleepers requiring a mattress with superior cooling capabilities. It is also fantastic for side sleepers of moderate weight seeking excellent pressure relief and those who want memory foam’s sink-in feel.

Best King-Size Mattress
King Koil
King Koil World Edition Flair-review-singapore
Check King Koil World Edition Flair price below:
add_circle Promote a healthier night sleep
add_circle Made of high-quality materials
add_circle There are freebies included
remove_circle Not ideal for small spaces

Do you require extra space so that you and your sleeping partner may stretch out comfortably? We suggest the King Koil World Edition Flair, which is the king of king-size mattresses.


With its AdvantaGel feature, you’ll sleep more relaxed and in opulent comfort thanks to gel and durable foam. With five support zones, the Enhanced Ultra Soft Perfect Contour, which lessens motion disturbance, and the iFusion Technology, relieve the pressure with open-cell memory foam and gels.

  • Material - Memory foam, inner springs, gel
  • Available Sizes - Single, Super Single, Queen, King
  • Warranty - 15 years

Why buy this

King Koil mattresses are an excellent option if you want a high-quality mattress at a reasonable price. Given that the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) has approved of it, you can rely on this mattress to provide you with a cosy, supportive night’s sleep.

Best Mattress with Cooling
Sleep Tech
Sleep Tech Pocketed Spring Mattress Posture Firm-review-singapore
Check Sleep Tech Pocketed Spring Mattress Posture Firm price below:
add_circle Designed for maximum breathability
add_circle Great back support
add_circle It has temperature management
remove_circle More expensive than rivals

Your sleep cycle might be disrupted by higher temperatures, while lower temperatures often result in better sleep. You might sleep better and longer on this pocketed spring mattress from Sleep Tech, a fantastic cooling mattress with breathable components.


It has a Bonnell spring system, which offers excellent airflow and ventilation. Aside from its cooling components, this mattress is constructed with layers of natural latex for exceptional comfort and progressive support, preserving the natural alignment of your spine.

  • Material - Pocket coil, High-density foam, Bamboo fabric
  • Available Sizes - Single, Super Single, Queen, King
  • Warranty - 5 years

Why buy this

This pocket spring mattress provides both comfort and cooling performance. An elastic and silky cloth intended to wick moisture from the body surrounds the coils. Additionally, it has a 5-year warranty, so you’re covered in case anything goes wrong. This mattress will let you stay cosy and comfortable while you sleep.

Best Mattress for Elderly
Sleepy Night
Sleepy Night Tender Sleep Mattress-review-singapore
Check Sleepy Night Tender Sleep Mattress price below:
add_circle Excellent construction
add_circle Solid support
add_circle Includes a bedframe
remove_circle Limited sizes

Seniors have very specific requirements for their mattresses. They require not only comfortable but also highly supportive and pressure-relieving. You can rely on the Sleepy Night Tender Sleep Mattress to meet all of your requirements.


Knitted fabric and Bonnell springs were used to construct the Sleepy Night Tender Sleep Mattress. If you desire a spring mattress with solid support, this one is a favourite because it has a euro top to create a medium-firm sensation.

  • Material - Knitted fabric and Bonnell springs
  • Available Sizes - Single, Super Single, Queen, King
  • Warranty - 10 years

Why buy this

Pressure relief is one of the many features of this mattress that helps seniors sleep soundly at night. Also, the bed features sturdy edges that make it simpler to climb into and out of. Moreover, this mattress has excellent spine alignment, which is fantastic news for those who experience neck or back problems.

Why do you need a Good Mattress?

How your body feels when you wake up can significantly affect the quality of your mattress. It offers sufficient support for your legs, neck, spine, and back. A decent mattress is a wise investment that lasts for many years when properly maintained. Our orthopaedic mattress keeps your body aligned so your joints can heal from the day’s stress. It offers the correct resistance to prevent your spine from being pulled out of alignment while you sleep. These mattresses contribute to a healthy lifestyle and better posture.

How Long Should You Keep a Mattress?

  • Mattresses usually last 5 to 10 years, that is, if you look at the standard warranty period companies offer. 
  • Once the mattress starts sagging and losing its firmness, most individuals should look to get the most out of their money if the mattress is still under the warranty period. 
  • However, it is up to you when to say goodbye to the mattress. Maybe you should consider upgrading your bedroom to give yourself a treat! 

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Mattress

Before purchasing a mattress in Singapore, let’s discuss the fundamentals of selecting the right mattress for your needs. You can reduce your options by knowing what type of mattress will meet your preference and need.

Materials - While all mattresses serve the same function of providing support while you sleep, not all of them are made equally. The materials used to make mattresses vary depending on the sort of sleeper they are intended for, and you must also consider how firm or soft they feel.

Size - The number of people who will sleep on the bed, how frequently you will use it, and the size of the room where the bed will be located all play a role in choosing the correct size of mattress for you.

Density - The density of the mattress is another factor to consider. Remember that a mattress’s durability increases with density because it won’t deteriorate as quickly. The base or foundation layer and the comfort layer are the two layers that make up the majority of mattresses.

Warranty - Given that you will use your mattress for several years, it is an investment. For this reason, you must ensure that everything is covered, including the warranty. If something were to happen to your mattress, warranties would be helpful.

Other Features - Looking at the mattress’s additional features, such as motion isolation and temperature management, can help you decide if you’re still having trouble. Motion isolation refers to the mattress’ capacity to shield you from your partner’s motions when you’re in bed. It would also help to read customers' mattress review Singapore.

Best Mattress Brands in Singapore

Choosing the top mattress brands to suit your preferences and needs might be complex with the variety of mattress brands available. That’s why we’ve provided a list of recommended mattresses in Singapore. 

Somnuz - To make sure your mattress gives you the proper support, all Somnus mattresses are available in ordinary or firmer tensions. It is intended to support you optimally and ensure that you keep your ideal sleeping position throughout the night by adjusting to your body’s specific form and movement.

Zinus - This mattress brand Singapore is well-known for its green tea memory foam, which has an exceptionally velvety feel and can react to pressure and heat. This implies that when your body sinks into it, your mattress gives you a soft hug, and your spine and joints receive the support they require without being forced into an awkward position.

Zzz Atelier - The mattresses from Zzz Atelier are designed to provide unequalled support and comfort. They spent countless hours going through design iterations and testing to find the ideal mix of materials to provide a bed that awakens the senses.

Dreamax - If you want the sensation of resting on top of your mattress rather than sinking in, a Dreamax bed is an excellent option. The even distribution of your weight supports your entire body.

King Coil - Consider King Koil mattresses if you want a high-quality mattress at a great price. You can rely on these mattresses to provide a comfortable, supportive night’s sleep because they are also recommended by the International Chiropractic Association (ICA).

Mattresses Price Range in Singapore

The price range of the best mattresses in Singapore can vary widely depending on the brand, material, size, and other features. Generally, you can expect to find mattress sale Singapore at the following price ranges:

  • Budget mattresses: $100 to $500
  • Mid-range mattresses: $500 to $2,000
  • High-end mattresses: $2,000 and above

However, it's important to note that there may be some variation within each price range based on the mattress's specific brand, material, features, and size of mattress. It's also good to research and compares prices across different retailers to find the best deals.

Where to Buy Mattresses in Singapore?

There are many places where you can buy a mattress in Singapore, including:

  1. Mattress specialty stores: Several mattress stores in Singapore specialize in selling mattresses. Some examples include Sealy Sleep Boutique, Simmons Sleep Gallery, and Tempur Sleep Sanctuary.
  2. Furniture stores: Many furniture stores in Singapore sell mattresses as well. Examples include Ikea, Courts, and Harvey Norman.
  3. Department stores: Department stores like Takashimaya, Robinsons, and Isetan also have mattress sections.
  4. Online retailers: Online retailers like Lazada, Shopee, and Qoo10 sell mattresses and often offer competitive prices and delivery options.
  5. Mattress factories: There are also mattress factories in Singapore that sell directly to consumers. Some examples include Hennsley and MaxCoil.

When choosing a retailer, it's important to consider factors such as price, quality, delivery options, and return policies. Reading Singapore mattress reviews and comparing options before purchasing may also be a good idea.


We don’t want to wake up on the wrong side of the bed with aches and pains after tossing and turning all night long! Therefore, investing in a good mattress will help you achieve a good night’s rest. We hope our guide to the 12 best mattresses in Singapore will assist you in finding the perfect mattress for your house. If you find this beneficial, kindly spread the word to your friends and family.

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