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A Website Called Roti Prata "Asian Flat Croissant" & We're Not Sure How To React

Blasphemy! ...or marketing genius?

No doubt, we Singaporeans love our food. We may fight with Malaysia or Indonesia over whose food is the best, or who came up with a dish. But there's one thing that will get us to unite, and that's standing against incorrect information about our food!

Nyonya Cooking, a website that posts recipes on South-East Asian cuisine, recently posted on Facebook a recipe for an "Asian Flat Croissant", which we can obviously see is a Roti Prata (also known as Roti Canai). The said post then talks about how this Indian delicacy is also enjoyed widely in Malaysia and Singapore.

But if you access the website on nyonyacooking.com, the flatbread is called Roti Canai.

Roti Canai for breakfast? How do you have yours - with curry, dhal, sambal, sugar or just plain? 😉😜 https://www.nyonyacooking.com/recipes/roti-canai-mamak-copycat~S1uQdwsvMcZm

Posted by Nyonya Cooking on Saturday, February 22, 2020

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In a comment, Nyonya Cooking claims that it's a marketing strategy, explaining that they wanted to make the name more relatable to audiences who might not be familiar with the words "Roti" and "Canai".

Although they mean well, many viewers took to mock the website's strategy, saying that the original name should be maintained.

We're not sure whether we're enraged, amused, or if we just can't stop thinking about food now. Feeling the same? Instead of buying a "flat croissant", why not attempt to make your own version using a breadmaker?

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