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10 Best Dehumidifiers in Singapore 2024 - Buying Guide

Breathe easier, live longer

Excessive humidity inside your home exposes you to health risks and adversely affects your bags, furniture, and electronics.  Bedrooms, Toilets, and wardrobes can trap moisture making it an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and mold which can trigger asthma attacks and other respiratory conditions. 

Below, are the best dehumidifiers in Singapore recommendations suitable for high humidity in Singapore to help you choose which suits your lifestyle and budget. 

Top 10 Dehumidifiers in Singapore 2024

Best overall dehumidifier
PHILIPS Series 3000 2-in-1 Air Dehumidifier
PHILIPS Series 3000 2-in-1 Air Dehumidifier-review-singapore
Check PHILIPS Series 3000 2-in-1 Air Dehumidifier price below:
add_circle Low power consumption
add_circle Lowers humidity level in 22 minutes
add_circle Ample water capacity

High humidity can alter air quality. That is why investing in a dehumidifier is actually nice. The Philips 3000 Series doubles as a dehumidifier and aroma dispenser. It eliminates humidity while dispensing your preferred aroma scents.


  • Coverage area: 63m2
  • Moisture removal rate: 30L/day
  • Water capacity: 4L
  • Noise level: Not specified
  • Power consumption: 220V- 240V


This 2-in-1 dehumidifier boasts to remove 30 litres of water a day, lowering humidity level from 90% to 60% quickly. It also has a special laundry drying  mode that helps to dry clothes even inside the house.

Best smart dehumidifier
LG MD19GQGA1 PuriCare Dehumidifier
LG MD19GQGA1 PuriCare Dehumidifier_1
Check LG MD19GQGA1 PuriCare Dehumidifier price below:
add_circle With antibacterial nano ions
add_circle Less Noise
add_circle Dual inverter
remove_circle Expensive

Quickly remove excess moisture from the air and aid in eliminating airborne bacteria with the LG Dual Inverter Dehumidifier with Ionizer. With a 30-liter tank, you'll be able to absorb much moisture and keep everything dry. Drying out your space, like the Youpin Deerma DEM-DT16C Dehumidifier, will cause a slight increase in temperature. According to LG, it's between 0 and 3 degrees Celsius.


  • Coverage Area: 79 m2
  • Moisture Removal Rate: 30L/day
  • Water Capacity: 5.3L
  • Noise Level: low noise / 33dB  
  • Power Consumption: 355 watts


This LG PuriCare dehumidifier's 18 safety measures for dehumidification ensure your convenience and ease of mind. A sensor in the heat exchanger detects the ambient temperature and triggers an on/off switch. It also has an automatic cleaning feature that dries out the dehumidifier inside to eliminate the possibility of mold growth. You can keep tabs on your air dehumidifier from anywhere with the aid of the LG IoT ThinQ App.

Best dehumidifier for room
Novita ND298
Novita Dehumidifier ND298
Check Novita ND298 price below:
add_circle Silent Operation
add_circle CFC-free refrigerant
add_circle Enhanced dual mesh activated carbon filter

Say goodbye to allergy triggers with the Novita Dehumidifier ND298. It features a HumiControl technology that provides relief from allergy triggers by effectively reducing mold and mildew growth and removing airborne allergens. The pre-filter screen removes large particles like dust and hair instantly then a built-in ionizer deodorizes and freshens the air. 

Product Specifications:

  • Coverage Area: 28m2
  • Moisture Removal Rate: 12L/day
  • Water Capacity: 2.6L
  • Noise Level: 44 dB
  • Power Consumption: 230W


This powerful device maintains 50% RH at an optimal level with its continuous air circulation. The semi-permanent built-in ionizer keeps airborne allergens and particle at way, producing up to 20million negative ions/cm3. Child lock features and a programmable timer ensures safe handling. Additionally, it has an economical standby more that helps in saving electricity cost.

Best portable dehumidifier
Deerma Mini Portable Dehumidifier
Xiaomi Dehumidifier Deerma Mini Portable
Check Deerma Mini Portable Dehumidifier price below:
add_circle Compact and lightweight
add_circle Efficient moisture absorption
add_circle Rechargeable battery
remove_circle May lack the features and strength of larger dehumidifiers

The Xiaomi Deerma Mini Portable Dehumidifier is a compact device that can fit seamlessly in your bag, drawer, or shoe cabinet. Its lightweight design allows you to bring it wherever humidity control is needed. It has a 600g capacity, a 12–15-hour operation can last up to 2-3 weeks of continuous dehumidification. Additionally, it comes with a Hydroscopic Particles that changes color from orange to dark green after reabsorbing moisture. 

Product Specifications:

  • Coverage Area: <5m2
  • Moisture Removal Rate: n/a
  • Water Capacity: 600g
  • Noise Level: ≤61 dB
  • Power Consumption: 20W


This dehumidifier functions using a rechargeable battery, providing a flexibility in placement. It can be reused for up to 300 times giving you a long-term cost saving. With its portable size and a cylindrical 360° body, it can fit anywhere while providing comprehensive moisture absorption.

Best industrial dehumidifier
Novita ND60
Check Novita ND60 price below:
add_circle Energy efficient
add_circle High-Performance Rotary Compressor
add_circle Sleep mode

Equipped with a high-power 1010W motor, the Novita ND60 2-in-1 dehumidifier is designed to effectively improve air quality for both home and industrial needs. It has an impressive 60L/day extraction rate and covers a large area of up to 1,360ft2. It is backed by a reliable compressor warranty of 10 years. 

Product Specifications:

  • Coverage Area: 1,360 ft2
  • Moisture Removal Rate: 60L/day, 45L/day (with H11 HEPA filter)
  • Water Capacity:7L
  • Noise Level: 45dB
  • Power Consumption: 1010W


This dehumidifier is an intelligent 2-in-1 machine that can dehumidify plus purify air. It is very efficient in regulating humidity levels, purify air with the H11 HEPA Filter & activated carbon filter that removes 0.3 microns of airborne contaminants. Additionally, it has a built-in semi-permanent ionizer that freshens the quality of indoor air.

Best dehumidifier for wardrobe
Golden Rooster Charcoal Dehumidifier
Golden Rooster Home
Golden Rooster Charcoal Dehumidifier
Check Golden Rooster Charcoal Dehumidifier price below:
add_circle Compact, can fit anywhere
add_circle No noise
add_circle Effortless to use
remove_circle Lacks the luxury of bigger humidifiers

The Golden Rooster Charcoal Dehumidifier is a compact and versatile solution for fighting moisture and foul odors in enclosed spaces like wardrobes. Using an activated charcoal, it is sure to effectively remove unwanted smell and prevent the growth of mildew or molds. 

Product Specifications:

  • Coverage Area: up to 199 sq ft
  • Moisture Removal Rate: n/a
  • Water Capacity: 720mL
  • Noise Level: n/a
  • Power Consumption: n/a


This humidifier boasts a 720 mL capacity despite its compact design which allows absorption of more moisture over extended time frames. A single pack can last up to 3 to 4 months giving you a practical and long-lasting solution for humidity problems.

Best dehumidifier for bedroom
Yangzi Mute UV AirPurify Dehumidifier
Yangzi Dehumidifier
Yangzi Mute UV AirPurify Dehumidifier
Check Yangzi Mute UV AirPurify Dehumidifier price below:
add_circle Excellent humidity reduction
add_circle Silent Operation
add_circle Smart Protection for water tank

Enjoy a peaceful and undisturbed sleep with the Yangzi Mute UV AirPurify Dehumidifier that operates quietly at 25 dB noise levels. It includes a remote control that allows you to manipulate the device without leaving your bed. The washable water tank features an automatic shut-off that prevents spills or leaks when the tank is full. 

Product Specifications:

  • Coverage Area: <25 sq m
  • Moisture Removal Rate: 1L/day 
  • Water Capacity:  2.2L
  • Noise Level: 25dB
  • Power Consumption: 90W


This dehumidifier has a power wattage of 90W making it a more energy and cost-efficient choice. It has a built-in UV purification adding an extra layer of air purification for a cleaner and healthier bedroom atmosphere.  The user-friendly remote control allows users to adjust settings conveniently without leaving the bed. 

Best dehumidifier for toilet
Portable Plant Air Dehumidifier
Xiaomi Youpin
Portable Plant Air Dehumidifier
Check Portable Plant Air Dehumidifier price below:
add_circle Can fit in any space
add_circle No need to Power On
add_circle Recyclable

This Portable Plant Air Dehumidifier boasts a beautiful plant-inspired design that’s offers a user-friendly experience. The Sio2 water-absorbing particles change color during moisture absorption allowing the user to monitor the moisture levels and prompting the users to activate the active drying function. 

Product Specifications:

  • Coverage Area: <30 sq m
  • Moisture Removal Rate: not specified 
  • Water Capacity: 150mL
  • Noise Level: n/a
  • Power Consumption: 20W


This dehumidifier doesn’t need a separate unit to be turned on, it uses Sio2 particles to operate. It is rechargeable and has a built-in PTC heating element powered at 20W for efficient and recyclable moisture removal. It perfectly adds to the aesthetic of your toilet. 

Best dehumidifier for house
Delonghi DDSX220WF Pure Dehumidifier
DELonghi DDSX220WF Tasciugo AriaDry
Check Delonghi DDSX220WF Pure Dehumidifier price below:
add_circle Laundry Function
add_circle LCD control panels with soft touch keys
add_circle Quiet operation

Perfect for your home is the DeLonghi DDSX220WF Tasciugo AriaDry! This innovative device has everything from moisture absorption and air purification to drying clothes. It is proven to reduce allergens while optimizing moisture levels in your home efficiently. It is also certified allergy and asthma-friendly. 

Product Specifications:

  • Coverage Area: 90m2
  • Moisture Removal Rate: 21L/day 
  • Water Capacity: 5L
  • Noise Level: 44dB
  • Power Consumption: 490W


This dehumidifier can be connected to the Wi-Fi via the AriaDry DeLonghi App to schedule, monitor and control the device on your specific requirements. It is equipped with an EPA 12 filter and BioSilver and dust filter to help reduce the proliferation of bacteria and the blockage of large particles. 

Best dehumidifier for mold
Thirsty Hippo Dehumidifier
Thirsty Hippo
Thirsty Hippo Dehumidifier
Check Thirsty Hippo Dehumidifier price below:
add_circle Cheap alternative
add_circle Instant absorption
add_circle Easy to use

Thirsty Hippo Dehumidifier is a powerful moisture absorber that acts immediately to keep spaces dry and deodorized by preventing the multiplication of molds and mildew. It works using Calcium Chloride to absorb moisture and combat odor. It can hold up to 600mL and it doesn’t required electricity to function. 

Product Specifications:

  • Coverage Area: up to 199 sq ft
  • Moisture Removal Rate:
  • Water Capacity:
  • Noise Level:
  • Power Consumption:


This dehumidifier starts to absorb in five minutes.  It usually lasts for 2-3 months. It is very compact and can be placed in any area where moisture is abundant.


With the vast options of dehumidifiers available in the market today, it is important to choose wisely. We are delighted to compile this list of the best dehumidifiers Singapore 2023. And we hope that this dehumidifier Singapore review helped you to decide which one fits your needs. 

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