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10 Best Baby Chairs to Fit All Kinds of Lifestyles

A throne fit for a baby

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Your baby chair should be a utility player of your baby gear essentials. It should withstand feedings, messes, cleanings and through many more stages or even many more children. Save your headaches and money by reading our review of top baby chair picks to suit every lifestyle.

Brotish Comfortable Baby High Chair

₱ 4299
1. Brotish Comfortable Baby High Chair
Best baby chair for eating at the table
Updated on 7th February 2019

With 3 angle adjustments and 5 height options, your baby can join you at the dinner table from 8 months till through toddlerhood. Its upholstery, padded leather is stain-resistant and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Additionally, the tray is adjustable to fit snugly against your baby’s belly, which is made perfect for catching all those inevitable crumbs.

Aprica Baby Bath Chair

₱ 3000
2. Aprica Baby Bath Chair
Best baby chair for bath – suitable for sitting up
Updated on 7th February 2019

This is a clever bath chair that lets your child sit upright, leaving your hands free to wash and play with your baby. It is designed with a 165 degree reclinable backrest in 2 seat-modes; chair mode and bed mode. This secure seat is best suitable for ages from 2 to 24 months old.

Chicco NextFit IX Zip Car Seat

₱ 23999.75
3. Chicco NextFit IX Zip Car Seat
Best baby chair with harness – suitable for car
Updated on 3rd July 2020

All parts of this seat are washable, and that includes its seat pad that zips off easily for machine washing. The 9-position recline allows the seat to fit a wider range of vehicles, with customizable comfort built-in-mind as its headrest is adjustable in 6 positions. 

For easier access, the car seat has a padded harness management system that holds both sides of the waist belt out of the way.

Fisher-Price Infant Infant-To-Toddler Rocker

₱ 1299
4. Fisher-Price Infant Infant-To-Toddler Rocker
Best baby chair rocker - with an activity set
Updated on 19th June 2020

Newborns would find peace with this seat as it has a 3-seat-angle and a soothing vibrating mode. If not, toddlers can also use it as a rocking or stationary chair to sit in. With a built-in engaging toy bar, it is perfect for stimulating infants while allowing them to be upright and observe their surroundings. 

Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing

₱ 6000
5. Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing
Best baby chair swing - with toy bar
Updated on 2nd July 2020

Graco is your best bet if you’re short on space. It easily fits through doorways and has a narrow frame, so it can nestle snugly in any available corner. The plush seat includes a head support and safety harness for your peace-of-mind. There’s also a built-in music speaker that plays nature-inspired sounds to calm your little one. Operational either by batteries or plugged in, the seat rotates in a way for your baby to swing side to side and front to back. 

Chicco Polly Easy High Chair

₱ 9999.75
6. Chicco Polly Easy High Chair
Best compact baby high chair - with wheels
Updated on 17th June 2020

Not only does this awesome high chair work for every age range, but it’s also one of the best space-saving chairs. The 4-wheeled chair with brakes makes it easy to be moved from room to another, and the 8-inch fold makes it super easy for storage. It offers 7 height positions and 3 reclining positions for ultimate comfort.

4moms bounceRoo Multi Push

₱ 11999
7. 4moms bounceRoo Multi Push
Best baby chair bouncer for newborns
Updated on 7th February 2019

With its futuristic good looks, the 4moms bounceRoo Multi Push helps calm and soothe your baby. It has 3 fluid vibration modes (heartbeat, wave and bee), which mimics a parent’s cuddle-position movement. The lightweight and compact design is easy to move around the house or to be taken on-the-go.

Nuna Leaf Curv

₱ 2200
8. Nuna Leaf Curv
Best baby chair for acid reflux and head support
Updated on 7th February 2019

The Nuna Leaf Curv seamlessly blends in well to a modern home. But aside from that, is a much-loved rocker that induces sleep and peacefulness thanks to its natural batter-free rocking movement. A gentle nudge from you will start a naturally calming, rhythmic side-to-side rocking that lasts for 2 minutes.

Baby Bicycle Front Safety Seat

₱ 1599
9. Baby Bicycle Front Safety Seat
Best baby chair for bike - with straps
Updated on 23rd June 2020

This is a rear frame mounted toddler carrier, made easy to assemble, install and dismantle from standard adult bicycles. To keep your child comfortable for the ride, the bike seat is properly padded with air cushioning. For added protection, the seat is constructed from sturdy steel.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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