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8 Best Baby Bathtubs For An Easier Bath Time

Rub-a-dub-dub, baby’s in the tub!

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While bath time can be fun, it can also be tricky. A good bathtub allows your little tot to bath with support while making it easier for you to bath them.

Until your baby is developmentally able to sit up, a good bathtub is also handy for setting the stage for making bath time memorable once they get older and graduates to the big tub.

For now, here’s a list of the best baby bathtubs that’s just right for you and your baby.

Blooming Bath Mat

₱ 599
Best baby bathtub for sink

This sink bathtub is soft like a mat yet sturdy and makes a great bath time photo prop! Shaped like a flower, the petals conform to different sized sinks, while the soft towel-like texture helps to keep a grip on the baby and prevents sliding. Once bath time is done, it can be hung to dry or machine washed and then dried.

Keimav 4-in-1 Sling 'n Seat Tub

₱ 2999
Best convertible baby bath tub

Keimav 4-in-1 Sling 'n Seat Tub features sit-me-up support to steady your baby in the tub. A sling for infant care and a padded, the reclined seating area works to support a baby as they grow. Once the sling and the seat get outgrown by your infant, just remove the inserts for more room to splash. This tub is surely a great long-term investment.

Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Bathtub

₱ 1000

The Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Bathtub is comfortable and secured enough to contain a busy baby.  There’s a temperature sensor at the bottom to indicate whether the water is too hot for your baby. Its inflatable design makes it extra soft and easy to fold into your luggage. Extremely handy for you and your baby’s travel adventures.

Summer Infant Mother’s Touch Deluxe Baby Bather

₱ 850

For the perfect first baby bathtub, the Summer Infant Mother’s Touch Deluxe Baby Bather includes an array of impressive features. These include a mesh sling fabric to cradle your baby, while multiple reclining positions is to provide the most comfortable position for your little one.

2 Positions Collapsible Baby Bath Tub

₱ 1087

Unlike other basin-style bathtubs, this one collapses at one end to create a recline for newborns. It expands back down to transition easily, allowing your baby to sit up in the bath. It also has a slip-resistant stand to stay in place and a drain plug. In between bath times, the tub collapses flat making it easy to be hung for storage.

Ultra-Compact Foldable Textile Bath

₱ 5200

This Ultra-Compact Foldable Textile Bath is as sleek as it is innovative. The mold-resistant soft fabric conforms to baby’s body, while the non-slip feet provide stability. When bath time is over, the whole thing folds flat for compact storage.

Enfant Baby Bath Tub

₱ 1000
Best baby bath tub for shower

The Enfant Baby Bath Tub is beautifully designed with a smooth curve and the perfect shape for baby support from birth. Featuring a recline that supports your child in the early months, the tub allows for free hands to wash and play with your baby.

Its small size makes it ideal to use in the shower, at the sink or on the floor as it is lightweight to carry even when filled with water. There are rubber feet on the base for safety and prevents slipping.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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