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Increase Your Flexibility with these 8 Best Yoga Mats

Meditate and unleash your inner peace!

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Yoga is a healthy form of ritual that originates from India. The exercise combines physical activity with mental and spiritual elements to help you obtain balance both inside and out. Yoga is widely practised all over the world. Yoga enthusiasts who are also known as Yogis, commonly do meditation exercises as a way to achieve inner peace and practice balance and healthy living.

If you're trying Yoga or have already been practising meditation, check out these Yoga mat selections we have found for you.

Adidas ADYG-10640RDGR Double-Sided Yoga Mat

₱ 1750
Best yoga mat with grip – suitable for men

An anti-slip mat with a double-sided textured surface to assure better grip, this product from Adidas is ideal for yoga. The dimension of the product is 173cm long and 61cm wide, making it spacious and suitable for men too. Plus, the mat can be easily cleaned and rolled for storage, which is a great convenience.

Extra Thick Yoga Mat Exercise With Carrying Strap

₱ 296

This mat has a thickness of 12 millimetres, meaning that it is extra thick and suitable for those with knee problems. Despite its thickness, it is lightweight, portable and comes with a carrying strap which allows you to store and take it anywhere with you. The mat has non-slip traction and provides a cushion base for you to meditate and practice yoga comfortably.

PROCARE Yoga Mat with Bag

₱ 660
Best yoga mat with cover and bag

If you're dedicated to practicing yoga even on the go, this product is perfect for you. It comes with a cover and carrying bag, is handy and provides convenience. Made using PVC material, this is also a non-slip mat capable of gripping your hands and feet when practicing yoga. With a dimension of 68 x 24-inch size and 5 millimetres in thickness, this mat promises durability and sturdiness.

Yoga Mat with Yoga Mat Microfiber Towel

₱ 449

This yoga mat comes with a matching coloured microfiber towel and is suitable for those with sweaty hands. Highly absorbent, it has an anti-slip feature, and the towel makes a great companion to your yoga mat. The mat is made from PVC, ensuring durability. Put your sweat problem aside, you can now practice yoga comfortably!

Foldable Fitness Yoga Mat

₱ 449
Best yoga mat for travel

A super lightweight, foldable mat made for travelling, this product is ideal for the constant traveller. It is made using premium non-skid EVA material that ensures better safety when you practice. You can also easily clean it with soap and water. Now you can do yoga wherever you go!

Fitness & Athletics Premium Yoga Mat

₱ 1209

Bikram, or Hot Yoga, is a practice that is carried out in a high-temperature room. Hence, it is important to use premium quality yoga mats for this. Made using good quality material that repels moisture, bacteria and odour, this product is the ideal choice. It is also extra thick and long, ensuring better comfort during practice and meditation.

Cork Men Gym Yoga Mat

₱ 1762
Best advanced yoga mat with alignment – suitable for Ashtanga
7. Cork Men Gym Yoga Mat
Best advanced yoga mat with alignment – suitable for Ashtanga

This product has an alignment marker to guide Yogi on their steps. It is suitable for advanced yogis as well as people who practice Ashtanga yoga due to the alignment marker feature that is printed on it. The product also has a natural cork surface layered on top of a rubber mat. This enhances the grip and makes it highly absorbent. Achieve balance and meditate easily with this yoga mat!

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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