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9 Best Electric Grills That’s Perfect For Both Indoors and Outdoors

Its barbecue time for all the seasons!

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You no longer need to wait for sunny days to barbeque thanks to the invention of electric grills. It’s a perfect alternative for those with limited space and no outdoor space.

With this modern tool, it allows for a BBQ session sans smelly open fumes and messy charcoal grease while letting you make wonderfully seared veggies and meat. Here are our recommended, best electric grills that you can get locally.

Kyowa KW3753 Electric Griller

₱ 2263.00

This small yet highly functional non-stick electric griller comes with a glass cover lid to avoid splattering of oil all over your kitchen. The raised sides circulate heat more effectively, helping to roast the ingredients evenly without overcooking a single side. Additionally, it has adjustable temperature control and detachable oil drip tray.

American Legacy BBQ Grill And Hot Pot

₱ 2149

Are you a fan of shabu-shabu? Bring the occasional treat home to your very own kitchen with this electric grill and hot pot combination. Including an individual heating system and temperature control, this dual cooking-style griller offers you various ways to cook food. Its ridged surface creates a traditional style grill, which is perfect for cooking white meat such as fish and seafood.

Kyowa KW3708 Electric Griller With Stand

₱ 2400
3. Kyowa KW3708 Electric Griller With Stand
Best electric grill with stand - suitable for apartment balcony

If you ever want the closest experience possible to having outdoor grill indoors, this electric grill will be it. It has a stand which makes it ideal to be situated by the balcony, fitting conveniently even in a cramped space. 

Furthermore, the lesser smoke function makes it a safe choice with many nearby neighbours. It also features an adjustable heating control to guarantee safe cooking. 

Oneline D&D High-Efficiency Electric Grill Tray

₱ 799

Have a scrumptious Korean BBQ dinner with this affordable grill tray. Why Korean BBQ? That’s because its non-stick flat surface makes it an efficient setup for grilling several things at once. Just lay out slices of meat and sizzle greasy fat for a mouth-watering barbeque meal. A smokeless grilling option suitable even for the dining room. 

Imarflex Panini Grill Digital IPG-520D

₱ 3330.00

Do you love juicy burger patties? What about a perfectly done chicken? Opt for this electric grill to cook for you a juicy, mouth-watering meal. It has a wide grilling surface, allowing for a generous amount of ingredients preparation to accommodate a sizeable crowd. 

Besides making succulent meat, it works wonders on toasting and melting sandwiches too. Just set the timer and let the grill make its magic happen. 

Keimav Electric Durable Stainless Steel Grill

₱ 749

Here’s a multifunctional stainless steel electric grill to accommodate for a large crowd. It features variety options to help you grill, fry or decoct ingredients. 

The griller has removable plates as well as non-stick pans, offering alternative styles of food making within a limited amount of time. So, you can save time and serve food directly from the grilling pan.

Imarflex ICG-500C Gourmet Grill

₱ 2500
7. Imarflex ICG-500C Gourmet Grill
Best electric grill for the kitchen – ideal for cooking steaks

A gastronomical meal does not always require a gourmet chef. Instead, be amazed by a five-star meal with this gourmet electric grill. 

Its ceramic coating allows for a more thorough heat distribution which cooks red meat evenly while sealing the wondrous juice inside. It’s great for preparing delicious ribs and steaks without excessive oil and fat. An amazing choice for cholesterol-free cooking. 

Imarflex Grill Master IGM-1000

₱ 9000
8. Imarflex Grill Master IGM-1000
Best electric grill with lid - great for outdoors

Be that individual in your neighbourhood who often throws the best outdoor cookout parties. With this electric grill, bring your barbecue game to a whole new level. 

This grill’s stainless steel exterior provides a cool to touch surface whereas the interior has a built-in thermograph to control heat accordingly to the food. It has a side chopping board attachment which saves space as well. With porcelain cast-iron cooking grids, this electric grill elevates the standard of backyard cooking. 

Hanabishi 2 IN 1 Griller

₱ 2250

Grilled veggies and meat are always a much healthier meal option for everyone. This electric griller provide users the opportunity to have oil-free and fat-free meals for everyone to enjoy. 

Suitable to be placed in the kitchen, it has a non-stick plate with variable heat control. The easy-to-operate gadget has both a flat and ridged surface, which is flexible for all types of grilling styles.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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