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8 Best Chopping Boards That Even Masterchefs Would Approve

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With the right chopping board, you practice hygiene while preparing ingredients safely.  Not only that, some board include great features such as anti-slip and a grinder. So slice, chop, dice and mince your food conveniently at ease with our top picks below.

Wheat Straw Non-Slip Chopping Block

₱ 149
Best cheap chopping board under ₱ 200
1. Wheat Straw Non-Slip Chopping Block
Best cheap chopping board under ₱ 200
Updated on 14th January 2019

For those who need to limit their budget, this affordable nature-friendly chopping board is made of processed wheat straw board which gives it sturdy and water-resistant properties. Thanks to its antibacterial attribute, it’s ideal for everyday use. It also has an anti-slip surface and a rough patch for grating garlic on the go.

Tescoma Chopping Board With Handle

₱ 795.00
Best chopping board that’s suitable for dishwasher
2. Tescoma Chopping Board With Handle
Best chopping board that’s suitable for dishwasher
Updated on 14th January 2019

If you need to clean your kitchenware in a dishwasher, this chopping board would certainly pass the test. Its high-grade resistant plastic keeps impurities away as well as it is easy to clean. Not only that; the unique surface also keeps your kitchen knife from being blunt. Great for regular and extensive use!

Chopping Board Strainer

₱ 349
Best sink top chopping board - with drainer
3. Chopping Board Strainer
Best sink top chopping board - with drainer
Updated on 14th January 2019

Preparing lots of juicy food? This chopping board and strainer will definitely come in handy for the preparation. With a drainer, you can now store and wash ingredients with much ease.

The multifunctional board also fits comfortably on the sink which makes cutting wet ingredients much easier to clean. Slice juicy watermelon and oranges without the fear of sweet juices dripping down the countertop.

Bamboo Wood Chopping Board


₱ 279.00

Best large chopping board

Serve a big platter of food to your guests with this classy chopping board. Made of thick bamboo, one can cut up vegetables and meat or even knead dough on it. The board also has a removable hook screw for hanging the board once the work is done.

Wooden Chopping Board

₱ 221
Best wood chopping board
4. Wooden Chopping Board
Best wood chopping board
Updated on 14th January 2019

For those who likes it simple, you can go green with this classic chopping board. The Acacia wooden chopping board has a traditional feel to it, reminding you of the olden days in your grandmama’s kitchen. It’s surfaced with a food grade mineral oil finish, which is an alternative to dangerous chemical-based varnish.

Royal Crown Heavy Duty Flexible Plastic Chopping Board

₱ 2000
Best chopping board for vegetables

Especially for those who enjoy cooking regularly, this flexible cutting board would keep you company for years to come. A premium chopping board with the royal seal of approval, its durable plastic material allows frequent preparation without causing unwanted marks on the surface. The board also does not stain easily, allowing for easy cleaning afterwards.  

Culinary Non-Microbial 3 Piece Chopping Board

₱ 699
Best antibacterial chopping board

A couple of things make this board an excellent antibacterial option. Made from water-resisting flexible bamboo, this makes the board hard to break or warp up after long exposure to water. With antimicrobial qualities, the board resists bacterial growth quite well. Also, the sunken grooves by the edges help collect excess liquid, keeping your work area mess free.

Elite Bamboo Cutting Board

₱ 399.75
Best chef chopping board
7. Elite Bamboo Cutting Board
Best chef chopping board
Updated on 26th June 2020

Made with the best of today’s technology, this chef-quality chopping board is 100% bamboo wood. With a non-slip attachment to keep it from moving about, you can get busy without worrying about accidental slips. The tough board also has grooved sides to keep liquid from escaping it.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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