Prepare delectable pastries and bread with a competent stand mixer in your kitchen. This versatile kitchen helper will keep you company while you experiment on various flavours and baking methods. Astonish your loved one with your baking skills and whip up delicious treats in a jiffy. Select the best stand mixer for your home from our exceptional choices. 

1. New 7 Speed Stand Mixer

Best stand mixer for the money
Price from ₱449.00
Lazada Philippines ₱449.00

If you are on a budget but reluctant to compromise on quality, take a look at this efficient 7-speed stand mixer. Functioning on high power speed, it has 7 different levels which is highly suitable for cake and dessert making.

The stainless steel attachments are value for your money and excellent to help you try out various new recipes for your family during meals. Bring fresh new ideas to the kitchen table with this stand mixer.  

2. Imarflex Stand Mixer IMX-300S

Best stand mixer for bread dough
Price from ₱3,000.00
Lazada Philippines ₱3,000.00

Bread kneading is an art form of its own. The Imarflex mixer allows easy access to bread-making with its sturdy dough hooks. Uncomplicated and easy to be used, all you have to do is to place your ingredients into the mixing bowl according to the recipe and let the mixer do its magic.

Perfect to be used for any type of bread, this saves you tons of energy from having to manually hand roll and work out the dough until it is ready for the oven. Get creative and make all sorts of bread with nuts and dried fruits for breakfast!

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3. Demotech 7 Speed Stand Mixer

Best stand mixer for beginners
Price from ₱499.00
Lazada Philippines ₱499.00

Here’s a basic stand mixer for anyone who is an enthusiastic baking beginner. This efficient mixer is handy to assist you in preparing cakes, muffins, pie filling or even whipping up creamy icing. With easy to clean attachments and exterior, you won’t have to worry about making a mess. Comfortably work out the mixer while you learn the ropes of baking for your home. Learning is made easy when you have the right apparatus helping you.

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4. Oster Hand & Stand Mixer

Best for pizza dough
Price from ₱5,000.00
Lazada Philippines ₱5,000.00

Working with pizza dough can certainly be a challenge for anyone. But with the right stand mixer, even an amateur will be able to pan out a tasty pizza crust right in their own kitchen.

With the Oster Hand & Stand mixer, alternate between 10 different speed levels to help you mix while you pour ingredients in. This control also allows you to slowly work the gluten and carefully avoid overworking the dough. Trust us, once you’ve taste it fresh, you’ll never go ready-made again.

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5. Philips Hand & Stand Mixer HR1559

Best for cookie dough
Price from ₱4,295.00
Lazada Philippines ₱4,295.00

Do you love the smell of freshly baked cookies in the evening? This Philips stand mixer is the best to make this happen with ease for you. This mixer allows you to pre-set the speed while you combine your ingredients without having to stop the process mid-way. The stainless steel beaters are efficient to work your cookie dough to the preferred consistency. Now you can satisfy your sugar cravings any time of the day!

6. Kyowa Heavy Duty 5 Litres Stand Mixer

Best for home baker
Price from ₱7,100.00
Lazada Philippines ₱7,100.00

This large capacity stand mixer is ideal for the expert home baker who is constantly placing personal touches on their sweet confections. What’s exciting about this mixer is that it is fully equipped with features that allows you to create desserts like a professional baker.

It has a 5-litre bowl capacity and 6 different speed settings which includes a pulse blender to help you make large batches of dessert effortlessly. You can trust this heavy duty champion to stand by you faithfully.   

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7. Imarflex Stand Mixer IMX-300P

Best for small kitchen
Price from ₱2,080.00
Lazada Philippines ₱2,080.00

Check out the Imarflex IMX-300P with its compact size and orbit mixing technology. This gadget is ideal to make desserts and will also be great to help you during breakfast or teatime. Pancake batters and omelette mixtures can be easily mixed using the automatic rotation bowl. Now you can save time in the morning rush!

This energy-conscious mixer doesn’t take up much space on your countertop and is convenient for daily usage too.

8. Marubishi 5 Speed Stand Mixer MHM503

Best for baking
Price from ₱755.00
Lazada Philippines ₱755.00

This mixer from Marubishi is a basic stand mixer capable of catering to your many baking needs. It works wonders of the essentials such as creaming butter and mixing dough. In addition to that, it is also brilliant with tricky tasks such as whipping cream and kneading dough too. An ultimate kitchen companion, the turbo function is also an excellent asset to your kitchen. All in all, this is truly an efficient equipment which will take care of all your baking needs.

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