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Clear Unwanted Paper Right Away With These Best 9 Powerful Shredders

Shred unwanted documents right away

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Paper shredding is an effective and convenient way to organize your office or home. Instead of directly disposing bulks of papers into the dustbin, shredded paper can easily be stored away for recycling. Not only do you do away with clutter and keep your surroundings clean, it also helps to reduce hazards and other safety threats.

Maintain a professional work or study environment by choosing the ideal paper shredder for yourself from our variety of selection below.

Acura Paper Strip Cut Shredder Machine

₱ 1345
1. Acura Paper Strip Cut Shredder Machine
Best electric paper shredder machine
Updated on 18th February 2019

A popular paper shredding choice, the Acura Shredding Machine is ideal for a professional establishment. With a-10 litre waste container capacity, it is able to accommodate a rather sizeable amount of strip cut papers. 

Ideal for general A4 and A3 size papers. Users could feed a maximum of 5 sheets of paper at one go while destroying documents. Work would be completed much faster with the assistance of this device. 

Soonye Home Office Paper Shredder

₱ 999
2. Soonye Home Office Paper Shredder
Best paper shredder without basket
Updated on 15th February 2019

The latest technology to slice through strips of unwanted papers, Soonye offers a handheld shredding machine suitable to cut through A4 papers individually. With that, it is a practical instrument for infrequent shredding work. Furthermore, the slim, practical design saves space and does not require a large area to function. Simply feed a paper through and throw the strips away. 

Red Strip Cut Paper Shredder

₱ 1900
3. Red Strip Cut Paper Shredder
Best paper shredder with pull out bin
Updated on 12th August 2020

When workplaces deal with filing and storage, it does get difficult to clean up old papers. However, with the Red Paper Shredder, operators can now easily coordinate work by opting for auto shred when papers are inserted. The adjustable length handle allows various sizes of papers to be cut through without a hitch. 

Moreover, the automatic paper sensing mode reduces the chances of needing to click on the shredding option. In case of wrongly inserting a paper, simply press the reverse button to remove the feed. When the paper load is full, pull out the bin and take out the trash. It’s as easy as that.

Starpoint Heavy Duty Paper Shredder C153-C

₱ 6800
4. Starpoint Heavy Duty Paper Shredder C153-C
Best paper shredder for small business
Updated on 12th August 2020

Invest in the smart and heavy-duty paper shredder for your business to assist in cleaning up the pile of old files and junk letters. It does not only help to cut up paper but also slice through CDs and DVDs. This shredder even has a separate slot function to mulch through CDs, DVDs and credit cards, making it easy to sort your waste. So, just insert the outdated documents and let the shredder do its magic. 

Portable Handheld Manual Crank Paper Shredder

₱ 320
5. Portable Handheld Manual Crank Paper Shredder
Best paper shredder with handle – suitable for quilling
Updated on 15th February 2019

Create art through recycled papers with this manual paper shredder. Instead of ridding documents and paperwork, users can elegantly cut up papers into neat strips for quilling. 

The 3 mm wide strips are thin enough to be rolled up and aligned on paper for a design layout. With a manual crank, paper is cautiously worked on without fear of wrinkles and creases. Let your art flow wherever you go with this simple, portable shredder. 

Filux Micro Cut Paper Shredding Machine

₱ 9899
6. Filux Micro Cut Paper Shredding Machine
Best paper shredder with wheels and auto feed – suitable for office
Updated on 12th August 2020

A quality machine for a quality shredding work, this Filux Micro Cut Paper Shredder is the proficient range machine to mince through papers into the finest size confetti. It has an auto feed capacity for up to 100 sheets of paper, so lock in documents and walk away while the machine’s auto shredding gets to work right away. 

This progressive gadget also immediately indicates overheating and when the bin is full to ensure work progresses efficiently.  It’s a trustworthy gadget for multinational and government sectors dealing with confidential documents.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!


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