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8 Best Dryer Machines To Get Laundry Done Much Faster

Get it done too whether rain or shine!

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Washing your laundry can often pose as enough of a challenge. However, what’s even more painstaking than that would be the time-consuming drying process.

Do away with needless time wasting by investing in a competent dryer machine! Some of them even wash your clothes for you prior to spinning them into dryness - all using one space-saving device. Here are some of our top recommendations!

Trendsetter Portable Electric Air Clothes Dryer

₱ 650
1. Trendsetter Portable Electric Air Clothes Dryer
Best affordable dryer - below ₱1,500.00
Updated on 12th August 2020

An economical and space saving clothes dryer which folds and unfolds at the user’s convenience.

Suitable for use with regular laundry or delicates, this dryer dries any type of fabric without shrinkage or wrinkles. With a design similar to a clothing hamper, it is conveniently portable for use at home, in the office or even in a hostel dormitory. 

Matrix MX-SP60-92 Spin Dryer

₱ 2199
2. Matrix MX-SP60-92 Spin Dryer
Best spin dryer
Updated on 10th May 2019

Looking for a dryer option that will be easy on your wallet? The air drying technology of this dryer offers you a super quiet spin to ensure your daily routine remains undisrupted when using it. Its rust and rat proof design also means that it is safe to be placed in your home whether in the city or a province. Rest assured that although it is small in size, it features an advanced power spin technology that will efficiently spin your clothes dry quickly. 

Union Labamatic Spin Dryer UGSD-68

₱ 2550
3. Union Labamatic Spin Dryer UGSD-68
Best with auto-off - suitable for apartments
Updated on 12th August 2020

If you are looking for a durable dryer but have limited space, try this spin dryer! It is ideal for smaller-sized homes and efficiently dries clothes in under 5 minutes with its Super Piga motor engine. The UGSD-68 also has an automatic shut-off mechanism which ensures the spinning process is stopped as soon as the top lid is open.

Fujidenzo JSD-681 Spin Dryer

₱ 3698
4. Fujidenzo JSD-681 Spin Dryer
Best air and spin combination dryer
Updated on 12th August 2020

With its dual ability to air and spin dry, this dryer allows you to optimise your usage according to specific laundry needs. 

Choose the air drying function for delicate fabrics and opt for the spin drying feature when it comes to heavier loads. This dryer also has a dual balancer that helps it to manage extensive use and provide a super quiet spin while working.

Indesit IDV75EX Electric Dryer

₱ 19995
5. Indesit IDV75EX Electric Dryer
Best professional hot air dryer
Updated on 10th May 2019

An energy-conscious electric dryer with an air vented system, this machine is a brilliant partner for your home. It works on a tumble dry ability, completing up to 7kgs of laundry each cycle. 

Furthermore, the adjustable temperature control allows you to specify your choice of function to suit the fabric and material that you are drying. With 16 different programmes, your clothes will surely be kept smooth and crease-free!

Maytag MDG28PRCWW Super Capacity Industrial Dryer

₱ 91298
6. Maytag MDG28PRCWW Super Capacity Industrial Dryer
Best with filter
Updated on 12th August 2020

Managing a household with one eye on your children at all times is a tough act. Thankfully, technology can often be helpful to lighten our load. 

With simple programming options, this dryer can be set to a specific cycle time and load amount to suit you. Alternatively, it also has a one-touch cycle selection if you do not wish to utilise the former feature. Its high air flow grants better care to your laundry, and it also has a filter to keep your clothes lint-free. 

Electrolux EDV6552 Front Load Electric Dryer

₱ 21995
7. Electrolux EDV6552 Front Load Electric Dryer
Best with cold air
Updated on 12th August 2020

Preserve the lifespan of your clothes when you choose to dry them with this smart sensor electric dryer. It specially utilises cold air to get rid of excess water, helping to preserve the quality of fabrics. The integrated humidity sensors in the dryer can be activated throughout the cycle to ensure that the load does not turn out overly crispy. It also reduces tangles by rotating the clothes - and using less time!

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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