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15 Best Instant Coffees in the Philippines 2024 - Top Picks

Taste the goodness in every sip.

Are you a coffee enthusiast or someone recently welcomed to the world of coffee? Everyone is welcome for this coffee series, especially those exploring the list of instant coffee brands they can try at home!

Surely, you are searching for the best instant coffee to sip to have some instant bolt of energy in the morning. Perhaps you might want to taste the goodness after a long tiring day– but you can actually drink coffee any time of the day! But remember, too much caffeine intake is bad, so drink moderately.

Of course, we will be helping you once again to taste the goodness in every sip with the list of the best instant coffee in the Philippines that we have prepared for you! 

15 Best Instant Coffees in the Philippines 2024 - Top Picks

Best Instant Coffee for Iced Coffee
Tim Hortons Premium Light Roast Instant Coffee
Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons Premium Light Roast Coffee_1
Check Tim Hortons Premium Light Roast Instant Coffee price below:
add_circle Gluten-free
add_circle Made with 100% Arabica Beans
add_circle With a delicate taste and smooth finish
remove_circle Some may not like the less caffeine level

Why It’s Our Top Pick

For a coffee enthusiast who always wants to feel that cafe experience at home, Tim Hortons Premium Light Roast Coffee is the best choice for fulfilling your coffee cravings. Since it is medium roasted, it delivers a well-balanced, well-rounded, crisp, and smooth taste. Best of all, it perfectly goes well with hot or iced water. 

Tim Hortons is well known for its unique coffee, doughnuts, and other food items that you can purchase in its restaurant chain. Yet, they also have an instant coffee brand that will make you savor the cafe experience in the comfort of your home. 

Key Ingredients

This coffee from Tim Hortons is made with 100% Arabica beans instantly blended as light roast coffee. It delivers a well-balanced, crisp flavor and smooth taste. 


Since it’s a light roast coffee, it perfectly goes well with ice! Hot or cold, this can suit your cafe experience at home. With each sip, you’ll taste its unique and authentic aroma flavor. Indeed, it is not too strong or light– just a perfect balance. 

Best Overall Instant Coffee
Nescafe Original 3-in1 Instant Coffee
Nescafe Original 3-in1 Coffee_1
Check Nescafe Original 3-in1 Instant Coffee price below:
add_circle 3-in-1 coffee
add_circle High-quality robusta beans
add_circle Comforting aroma
remove_circle Some may not like the sugary and milky flavor

Nescafe is one of the leading coffee brands in the Philippines. If you’re finding for the perfect one to suit your taste, they offer a wide variety of coffee flavors that will surely make you savor its quality. This Nescafe Original is also known as the barista’s favorite coffee!

Key Ingredients

It is made with high-quality Robusta coffee beans, which instantly turn its medium to dark roast signature blend into a sweet white coffee! 


Since it’s a 3-in-1 coffee, expect a balance between sugar, caffeine, and milk. If you prefer a coffee with sweetness and smooth crema, this one’s the best balanced instant coffee you can find in any store. 

Best Classic Roast Instant Coffee
Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee
Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee_1
Check Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee price below:
add_circle Made up of two coffee beans
add_circle With uncomplicated and unassertive flavors
add_circle Top-selling mass-market coffee
remove_circle Some reviews pointed out its off-taste

If you are one of those who enjoyed the classic vibes of instant coffee, this from Folgers will suit your taste. Folgers is one of the well-known instant coffee brands in America– the best thing is you can also find the coffee locally!

Key Ingredients

This top-selling classic roast instant coffee is made up of two coffee beans. Folgers Classic Roast is a combination of robusta and arabica beans– its Arabica beans are used to smooth out the roughness of robusta. 


Its robusta beans component would make the coffee higher in caffeine, yet it mixes the simple and harsh flavors into one– producing a complex flavor and aroma. Best of all, since it’s an instant coffee crystal, you can easily dissolve the coffee particles– now you can satisfy your coffee cravings!

Best Decaf Instant Coffee
Nescafe Classic Decaf Instant Coffee
Nescafe Classic Decaf_1
Check Nescafe Classic Decaf Instant Coffee price below:
add_circle Medium-dark roasted beans
add_circle 100% Decaffeinated
add_circle Safe for pregnant women
remove_circle Some may not like decaf coffee

Looking for a go-to everyday coffee, but you are caffeine sensitive? Well, this instant decaf coffee from Nescafe will save the day for you!

Key Ingredients

Indeed, it is made with 100% decaffeinated pure soluble coffee– you won’t consume any caffeine, and it can be part of your healthy diet. Further, the beans are a mixture of robusta beans, serving you the rich aroma and full flavor you like!


With its simplicity and convenience, you can easily enjoy a good cup of coffee without worrying about the side effects of caffeine. With a sip, you can taste its preserved delightful aroma as it retains its smooth texture– perfect for individuals taking medications. 

Best Barista-styled Instant Coffee
Member’s Mark Colombian Instant Coffee
Member’s Mark
Member’s Mark Colombian Instant Coffee_1
Check Member’s Mark Colombian Instant Coffee price below:
add_circle 100% Arabica Coffee
add_circle 99.7% caffeine-free
add_circle Fresh, handpicked beans
remove_circle It might be expensive for some

Sometimes, barista-styled coffee can be made in the comfort of your kitchen– now, you are a barista too! This instant coffee from Member’s Mark will surely give you the aromatic experience you want. 

Key Ingredients

The beans are freshly handpicked and directly sourced from Arabica beans. Its beans are gently roasted, concentrated, and dried to reach the full flavor. Its freeze-dried coffee serves you that preserved quality aroma. 


As you sip, it can easily brighten up your day. Its genuine yet intense flavor will surely boost your energy throughout the day. You can easily add this to your coffee routine when you feel like being a barista. Enjoy this coffee with cream or sugar– or just its simplicity. 

Best Instant Coffee for Frappe and Dalgona
Nescafe Gold Instant Coffee
Nescafe Gold Instant Coffee_1
Check Nescafe Gold Instant Coffee price below:
add_circle Rich and smooth
add_circle Made with Arabica and Robusta beans
add_circle Low calorie
remove_circle Some may not like the smooth aroma since it has less caffeine.

Especially during our first few weeks into lockdown. Nescafe Gold Instant Coffee is one of the most popular instant coffee brands worldwide. It is available in 50g, 100g, and 200g jars that would ideally suit your coffee experience. 

Key Ingredients

Nescafe Gold is blended with Arabica and a handful of Robusta beans, letting you taste a rich and smooth aroma in every sip. It contains slightly less caffeine but has the same antioxidants as regular coffee. You can enjoy your coffee cravings with a low-calorie beverage from Nescafe Gold. 


Well, who wouldn’t want cafe-quality coffee at home? Indeed, it’s gold for offering that flavorful experience in every cup. Since it’s best for frappe and dalgona, you can also be delighted by adding ice– now, you have that recreated high-quality iced coffee!

Best Instant Coffee for Espresso
Moccona Espresso Coffee
Moccona Espresso Coffee
Moccona Espresso Coffee_1
Check Moccona Espresso Coffee price below:
add_circle Made with the world’s finest coffee beans
add_circle It tastes like Italian Espresso
add_circle Smooth
remove_circle Some may not like the intense flavor

Bold and intense! This Moccona Espresso Coffee is perfect for coffee lovers who desire an intense coffee experience. It comes in a 100g elegant glass jar that would last a month if you add this to your daily coffee routine. 

Key Ingredients

Since this coffee is blended with the world's most refined coffee grains –arabica and robusta– it is well-known for its premium taste. It balances a coffee bean's sweetness and deep rich flavor. 


Espresso is served in small strong shots– this black coffee in the Philippines from Moccona will give you that strong and intense aroma– satisfying your cafe experience instantly. Yet, its beans work like magic as it blends well to achieve your coffee flavor preference.

Best Instant Coffee for Weightloss and Slimming
Brilliant Dark Detox Coffee
Brilliant Dark Detox Coffee_1
Check Brilliant Dark Detox Coffee price below:
add_circle Coffee and Slimming drink into one
add_circle Made with natural detoxifying ingredients
add_circle Cholesterol-free
remove_circle Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, people with heart disorders, and anti-hypertensive treatment

Do you want to enjoy the coffee experience while losing weight? Worry no more with this beauty secret that you can purchase online! It is a dark detox coffee that comes in a coffee sachet that you can taste most conveniently.

Key Ingredients

One of its key ingredients is Garcinia Cambogia, best known as a weight-loss supplement. You can also control your appetite cravings– thanks to its Hydroxycitric Acid component. Further, it has Senna Leaves, which work best as a laxative. Best of all, dark roast coffee gives you that well-rounded taste while detoxifying.


This dark mixed coffee powder works well in helping you lose unwanted fats. It is best for relieving constipation and promoting health detoxification. To achieve the best result, taking one sachet daily, 30 minutes before breakfast, is advisable. 

Best Instant Coffee for Baking
Cafe Puro Jade Blend Instant Coffee
Cafe Puro
Cafe Puro Jade Blend_1
Check Cafe Puro Jade Blend Instant Coffee price below:
add_circle Made with 100% natural ingredients
add_circle Blended with Arabica and Robusta beans
add_circle Rich and complex flavors
remove_circle Some may not like the less bitter taste

Cafe Puro Jade Blend is a ground coffee made for all coffee makers – indeed, you can use it anywhere. It comes in a vacuum-sealed tin can that will store its freshness and goodness as it lasts.

Key Ingredients

Blended with prime Arabica and just the right amount of Robusta beans, it gives you a unique coffee taste. It is 100% natural and does not contain additives, artificial aromas, or flavors. 


If you are looking for a perfect addition to recipes to add a rich coffee flavor to your pastries, this one’s the best match for you! It has this rich and complex coffee bean flavor that would let you taste that balance in pastries that are high in sugar. Indeed, you’ll taste that awesomeness when Cafe Puro is blended. 

Best Dark Roast Instant Coffee
Nescafe Classico Dark Roast Instant Coffee
Nescafe Classico Dark Roast
Nescafe Classico Dark Roast_1
Check Nescafe Classico Dark Roast Instant Coffee price below:
add_circle Gluten-free
add_circle Instant
add_circle Fully roasted
remove_circle Some may not like the bold and intense flavors

We have another one from Nescafe– undoubtedly, they offer a wide variety of coffee products. For 300g, its goodness is sealed in a plastic jar bottle, but they also have this in sachet and stick packs.

Key Ingredients

Nescafe Clasico Dark Roast Instant Coffee contains approximately 30-40mg of caffeine– expect to taste its bold flavor in every cup. It is made with 100% pure coffee, which is roasted to fully achieve its aroma and perfection. 


If you want to return to the classic, this is one of the best black coffee in the Philippines that you can purchase at any local store. It captures the blend’s full flavor and aroma; it has this exceptional taste you can not find anywhere else. 

Best Instant Coffee for Night Shifters
Blend 45 Instant Coffee
Blend 45
Blend 45 Instant Coffee_1
Check Blend 45 Instant Coffee price below:
add_circle Trans-fat free
add_circle Cheapest coffee
add_circle Smells good
remove_circle Contains sulfites

Blend 45 is one of the instant coffee brands with the first locally manufactured coffee. Now, it’s dubbed the “Pinoy Coffee” It comes in a sachet or packs as it differs in sizes. 

Key Ingredients

Blend 45 comes from concentrated coffee granules that preserve their flavor and aroma. It is medium roasted and has a neutral flavor, perfect if you do not want to get too much acid while working at night. 


If you’re looking for a quick jolt of energy to help you stay awake throughout your graveyard shift, this one’s for you! Aside from that, it is also budget-friendly. This instant coffee is best partnered with creamer; however, it depends upon your liking. Best of all, it is a smooth, full-bodied coffee with a kick!

Best Keto Instant Coffee
Ketofit Slimming Coffee
Slimming Coffee
Ketofit Slimming Coffee_1
Check Ketofit Slimming Coffee price below:
add_circle No side effects
add_circle Organic
add_circle Low-carb coffee
remove_circle Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women

Ketofit Slimming Coffee is a regular coffee with low-carb that will surely do good for your body. This keto instant coffee brand is the most effective one to add to your keto diet. Each serving for a cup comes into a stick pack. 

Key Ingredients

Ketofit Slimming Coffee is made with high-quality ingredients, but its top three elements are here. First, it has MCT oil which is best for increasing energy and weight loss. Second, it has stevia extract, best known as a substitute for sugar. Best of all, it has white kidney bean extract that blocks the carbs.


With every cup, you’ll be delighted with its unique coffee taste while enjoying its promise of suppressing your appetite. It also works as a substitute for your breakfast. To see the best results, drinking only once a day is recommended. In 2-3 weeks, you’ll finally see the visible result.

Best Instant Coffee for Travel
CULTURE BLENDS Italian Creamy White Instant Coffee
CULTURE BLENDS Italian Creamy White Coffee_1
Check CULTURE BLENDS Italian Creamy White Instant Coffee price below:
add_circle Full of creaminess
add_circle 3-in-1 coffee
add_circle Balanced coffee
remove_circle Some may not like the overwhelming taste of cream

Looking for a go-to coffee that you can bring anywhere? Look no further than Culture Blends Italian Creamy White Coffee. When you travel, the best coffee to get is white coffee, so it won’t leave any strong smell– only the smooth ones. 

Key Ingredients

This instant coffee balances the blend of coffee, cream, and sugar. It has a bold taste of coffee, yet it has an extra smooth, creamy, and velvety taste that you can get every sip. 


It comes in a sachet pack that you can bring anywhere as you travel. You can enjoy its creamy taste with just the sweetness and caffeine. If you are in a hurry, you won’t have to worry as it dissolves quickly. 

Best Sugar-free Instant Coffee
San Mig Super Coffee Orig Sugar-Free Instant Coffee
San Mig
San Mig Super Coffee Orig Sugar-Free_1
Check San Mig Super Coffee Orig Sugar-Free Instant Coffee price below:
add_circle Sugar-free
add_circle Low in fat
add_circle Fewer calories
remove_circle Some may not like the coffee flavor without sweetness.

Who says that San Mig is only for alcoholic drinks? They are also one instant coffee brands you can find and purchase locally. Now, if you are an alcoholic lover, you can also be a coffee lover with San Mig’s Super Coffee. 

Key Ingredients

Since it is sugar-free instant coffee, expect to taste the overflowing coffee aroma. You can enjoy the perfectly balanced blend of San Mig Coffee. It contains no trans fat, so you won’t have to worry about gaining another calorie! 


Indeed, you’ll taste the coffee goodness with less guilt. It has an original taste of coffee flavor that will satisfy your caffeine cravings. Yet, if you want to add a stronger and more intense flavor, you can try different San Mig Sugar-free variants such as original, strong, mild, and white. 

Best Low-acid Instant Coffee
Kopiko L.A Instant Coffee
Kopiko L.A Coffee_1
Check Kopiko L.A Instant Coffee price below:
add_circle Low acid
add_circle Made with selected, high-grade coffee beans
add_circle Stomach-friendly coffee
remove_circle Some may not like the less caffeine

If you are a first-time coffee drinker, you might want to try coffees that are low in acid– so your appetite won’t be surprised when you take too much caffeine at a first sip. Here we have Kopiko L.A Coffee that comes in a single-pack sachet. Best of all, it is the first low-acid coffee in the Philippines. 

Key Ingredients

It is made with a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, which are highly controlled during roasting. Since it’s made from high-grade coffee beans, it has reduced acidity, making it stomach-friendly with every cup. 


If you want to start your day with a low acid intake, this one’s the best! Some coffee enthusiasts worry about acidity since most coffees are acidic, but this Kopiko L. Coffee will save your day while enjoying its well-rounded aroma and smooth taste.

Instant Coffee vs. Ground Coffee: Explained

Indeed, there are distinct differences between instant coffee and ground coffee. But to make it much simpler to take, we’ll explain it to you in the most concise way. Instant coffee is also made up of ground coffee; however, it is already brewed, packed, and preserved, which you can easily add to your coffee routine. 

Instant coffee is the coffee you can easily purchase– those mentioned in this series, wherein it dissolves quickly just by adding hot water. Finally, you can already sip coffee.

Ground coffee is the coffee beans you would have to brew and roast. It is mainly found in coffee shops that offer that classic coffee experience. It has a distinctly bold and intense flavor that you can just taste from ground coffee– because it has much more caffeine. Further, ground coffee does not dissolve in water; it would have to go through coffee machines that would turn it into powder.

The Best Instant Coffee Recipe: Iced Coffee

Since we live in a country with a tropical rainforest climate, you might want to try exploring the newest trend of coffee – the instant iced coffee that you can try at home. Here are the basic steps and ingredients that you can follow:

  1. In a cup, add one teaspoon of instant coffee powder. 
  2. Add sugar; the amount should depend upon your liking.
  3. Add two tablespoons of hot water. Stir until the coffee powder is dissolved.
  4. Add cold water until your cup is half full.
  5. Next, fill your cup with milk until your cup is nearly full. 
  6. Lastly, add a block of ice to your cup. Stir well, and enjoy the goodness in every sip.


The best time of the day is your coffee break. Coffee lovers find it a relaxing mode and feel great the whole day. With a wide variety of instant coffee, we hope we have finally helped you decide which coffee brand is the best for you!

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