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13 Best Knee Supports in Philippines 2024 - Top Picks

Your knees will thank you for it.

In a world losing its interest in safety procedures for physical activities, knee support is gaining more popularity in the market and fitness world. While it can be a discomfort for other people, knee support can help support the knee and prevent further injuries.

The knee is particularly susceptible to injury as the biggest joint in the body. Even routine chores like gardening or walking might put excessive pressure on the knee. Fortunately, wearing a knee brace helps support the knee and stops more damage from occurring. 

One wouldn’t mind being slightly uncomfortable for protection, wouldn’t it? You don’t have to worry much about your child doing extreme sports or about your safety for physical activities! Get the best knee support for you.

13 Best Knee Supports in Philippines 2024 - Top Picks

Best knee pad for basketball
Black Knee Pad Shin Sleeves
Black Knee Pad Shin Sleeves_1
Check Black Knee Pad Shin Sleeves price below:
add_circle Light smooth, and elastic polyester fabric
add_circle Exquisite design technology
add_circle Unique hexagonal honeycomb
add_circle Good fabric
remove_circle No warranty

Why It’s Our Top Pick

A few factors to consider while deciding which products to purchase include: the item's quality, potential longevity, originality, and pricing. Upon checking the knee support reviews, Black Knee Pad Shin Sleeves have high quality and exquisite design even with their low price. It serves its best purpose for its users, whether for athletic or straightforward physical activities.

What makes it more remarkable is the service that comes with the product - delivery time and a responsive seller.

This knee support offers dual protection to your knees and shins during activities including basketball. The fabric is bibulous and breathable, protecting the leg and knee from pulling during outdoor activities such as basketball.


The honeycomb compression pad design helps to reduce push and recoil and protects the legs and knees against impact. Anti-slip band ensures that the support does not slip from the knee.

Why buy this

This knee support is perfect for any athlete or anybody who needs additional knee pain. This item has great reviews and offers one of the top quality in the market.

Best knee pad for arthritis,Best knee support with heat
Self-Heating Knee Pads
Self-Heating Knee Pads_1
Check Self-Heating Knee Pads price below:
add_circle High elastic belt
add_circle Can improve blood circulation
add_circle Self-heating
remove_circle Self-heating feature might now work after a while.

The Self-heating knee pad is an item that cares for your knees during cold weather or sports. A pair of thick heat-conducting knee protection keeps knees safe from cold and injuries. It lowers the occurrence of muscle pains, arthritis, and other diseases.


This self-heating pad is designed for the knee compared to other knee support in Lazada. It will not only help you feel warmer, but also improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, clear the meridians, and enhance immunity.

Why buy this

This knee support is so comfortable to wear that you hardly feel any weight at all. Aside from protecting your knees when you fall, it can keep your knees warm at the same time in chilly weather.

Best knee pad for running
Sports Knee Pads
Sports Knee Pads_1
Check Sports Knee Pads price below:
add_circle 3d weaving technology
add_circle 360 degrees sport protective
add_circle Pressure bandage
remove_circle Straps might be torn in the long run

The Sports Knee pads support is designed to give added warmth and increased proprioception to the user. It is a 1-pc of elastic nylon support compression knee pads sleeve for running, cycling, hiking, and all sports activities that require extra inflation of your knees.


A pair of knee guards are essential for any athlete who wants to protect their knees from damage. With heavy-duty elastic straps to provide compression, these knee guards are perfect for jumping and landing, keeping your knees in good shape.

Why buy this

The Knee support will keep your knees healthy and in great condition. Comes in a variety of colors such as green, black, orange, pink, and blue. You can keep away from injury with its double pressure feature.

Best adjustable knee support
Knee Support With Adjustable Strap
Knee Support With Adjustable Strap_1
Check Knee Support With Adjustable Strap price below:
add_circle Highly elastic
add_circle 360° fixed design
add_circle Good sweat absorption
remove_circle No warranty

This knee support is ideal for anyone who is looking for a comfortable, effective, and affordable way to support your knees when you're on your feet. 2-pcs knee support with adjustable velcro straps to fit adult knee.


Give your knees the support they deserve with this anti-shock knee pad. It is equipped with compression reinforced straps and double-side spring support. This knee pad effectively counteracts and disperses the impact force when hit to protect the knee.

Why buy this

If you are looking for a knee support to help ease the pain or improve your mobility or prevent re-injury, then this is the knee brace that you're looking for! Adjustable velcro straps hold the Adjustable Knee Support in place all day long while enabling you to find the perfect fit for your comfort level.

Best knee pad for walking
Ankle Support Brace
Ankle Support Brace
Knee Pad Calf Support_1
Check Ankle Support Brace price below:
add_circle Silicone non-slip bar
add_circle Quality fabric
add_circle Balance decompression
remove_circle No warranty

This knee protector is made to protect the knees while working while kneeling. Additionally, they fit into every knee pocket on a pair of work pants.


The knee compression sleeve offers a complete range of motion while providing support for your knees. Premium material is designed for sensitive skin and is made for continuous long-time use, comfortable to use every day.

Why buy this

This product can provide long-term protection for your knees with comfortable materials used. The compression sleeves are suitable for both women and men in unisex colors and various sizes.

Best knee support bandage
Sport Elastic Magic Tape
Sport Elastic Magic Tape_1
Check Sport Elastic Magic Tape price below:
add_circle Extra long support wrap
add_circle Adjustable stretch straps
add_circle Velcro design
remove_circle Its length might not be precisely 180cm

These 180cm sport elastic magic tapes are long enough to wrap the whole knee and leg. It is thick to keep your knee and leg warm. You can use it for every sport or exercise, especially climbing, hiking, and jogging.


The best knee support bandage is made of high-quality silk riband, high elasticity, and fits your body well. Breathable material makes it more comfortable to wear. Multifunctional for use on your wrist, elbow, leg, knee, or other body parts.

Why buy this

This is easier to keep and bring than other knee support because it is a compression bandage to support your knees.

Best knee support for biking
Compression Knee Pad Support
Compression Knee Pad Support_1
Check Compression Knee Pad Support price below:
add_circle Fixed pressure
add_circle Polyester fiber
add_circle It can be adjusted freely
remove_circle More costly compared to other knee support

The knee brace is made of high-quality polyester fiber, which is skin-friendly and has no peculiar smell. The mesh design is convenient for wicking sweat and allows the skin to breathe freely, making it more comfortable to wear for a long time. 


Now you can walk, jog or run with confidence. The knee brace provides effective relief for the acute and chronic pain of knee joints. Support your meniscus and keep your knees flexible with this excellent knee support bandage that is ideal for postoperative recovery.

Why buy this

The adjustable hook and loop fastener and the extended support belt have high elasticity, and fixed pressure and can be adjusted freely so that the knee brace fits the knee and is more comfortable.

Best affordable knee support
Self-Adhesive Elastic Bandage
Self-Adhesive Elastic Bandage_1
Check Self-Adhesive Elastic Bandage price below:
add_circle Waterproof
add_circle Self-adhesive
add_circle Self-adhesive
remove_circle Easily torn

The self-adhesive elastic bandage is a 4.5m colorful sports self-adhesive elastic bandage for knee support. Its length can exceed more than 200% and enhance the performance of the dressing.


This is a self-adhesive and multipurpose bandage designed to firmly secure wound dressings and compresses. It is flexibly comfortable to wear and can also be best used to support the knees. 

Why buy this

It can provide the common goal of all the best knee support braces at a very cheap price- to give enough protection for your knees. Rest assured that it also conforms to the body and is perfect for sustained compression. 

Best knee support for weight lifting
Neoprene Knee Support
Neoprene Knee Support
Neoprene Knee Support_1
Check Neoprene Knee Support price below:
add_circle Soft neoprene
add_circle 3d tailoring
add_circle Ergonomic design
remove_circle Costly compared to other knee support price

This product is suitable for 7mm knee sleeves. When performing various exercises, they will provide the best support knee brace and compression effect, including professional weightlifting. 


The thickness of the knee pads is 7 mm, and it is made of Neoprene Compression for support and comfort. The sleeves are snug to increase support and compression.

Why buy this

This product is designed with the latest technology developed by an expert team of engineers and medical professionals. They only use the best materials to ensure we create the highest quality gear. 

Best knee support with silicone
Silicone Gel Stretchable Knee Pad
Silicone Gel Stretchable Knee Pad_1
Check Silicone Gel Stretchable Knee Pad price below:
add_circle Shock absorbing
add_circle The environment-friendly silicone gel material
add_circle Pain relieving
remove_circle Easily torn

The Silicone Gel Stretchsble knee pad is a knee sleeve kit that magnetizes pressure therapy to improve microcirculation. Wear it around the knee area and apply pressure when you want to relax, recover faster or feel better.


Specially designed to protect hands and knees, our wristband can protect hands, ease discomfort and prevent sprains. Our knee protector can provide three-dimensional protection and support for the knees and reduce injury.

Why buy this

The high elastic material fits the skin curve, is very comfortable to wear, and is easy to put on and take off. This product is suitable for different people, such as sports lovers, mothers, and people who often use keyboards.

Best high compression knee support brand
Futuro Elastic Knit Knee Compression Pad
Futuro Elastic Knit Knee Compression Pad_1
Check Futuro Elastic Knit Knee Compression Pad price below:
add_circle Supports injured knee
add_circle Breathable materials
add_circle Adjustable fit
remove_circle A variety of sizes is provided and might not be accurate for everyone.

This knee support product is 43.2cm - 49.5cm that is made of Polyester/cotton/spandex. It also has basic compression support for weakened or aching knees.


It has breathable materials that provide compression and comfort. Futuro Ankle Support comes in contoured shape for proper fit for the knee, elbow, and ankle.

Why buy this

Aside from the proven reputation of the brand: Futuro products are a basic compression for everyday, all-day wear that helps provide support to an injured or weak knee, elbow, ankle, or wrist.

Best knee support for ACL
0-120 Degrees Adjustable Hinged Knee Leg Brace
0-120 Degrees Adjustable Hinged Knee Leg Brace_1
Check 0-120 Degrees Adjustable Hinged Knee Leg Brace price below:
add_circle Suitable for ligament injury
add_circle Knee brace support stabilizer
add_circle Suitable for pre-operation and post-operation
remove_circle Bigger in size

Internally and externally, the brace is constructed from a sturdy aluminum bar, raising the ceiling on the brace's potential impact. The sizes available are universal for left and right knees. The limit hole in the thigh circumference allows for sizing customization.


As compared to other materials that lack ventilation, the product's inside is lined with high-density medical spongia, whose air permeability is exceptional. The design of our product makes it easy to wear, and it causes less infection at the wound site.

Why buy this

These knee pads for power lifts also go by the Salorie brand name. This innovative product—a set of knee pads—is designed to make your everyday duties easier and more comfortable for you to do.

Best knee support with heat
Magnetic Therapy Self-Heating Pad
Magnetic Therapy Self-Heating Pad_1
Check Magnetic Therapy Self-Heating Pad price below:
add_circle Regulate nervous system
add_circle Self-heating
add_circle Can improve blood circulation
remove_circle The heating feature may fail in no time

This one pair of knee support is made with cotton and have a black color. In addition to self-heating, it features a solid, changeless shape, a high elastic belt, excellent elastic, and pleasant wear.


The product can efficiently increase immunity, accelerate metabolism, and cleanse meridians. It is simple to use, discrete, and available at all times.

Why buy this

It can give protection when you fall to prevent knee injuries and keep your knees warmer in cold weather. In addition to anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, it functions in edema.

Why Do You Need Knee Support?

A knee brace may aid you with a wide range of issues! Doctors often give knee braces to people suffering from an ACL rupture or knee injury. During the rehabilitation phase, a knee brace may provide additional support. 

Others, particularly those suffering from osteoarthritis or persistent pain from a past accident, may find comfort and peace of mind wearing a knee brace. Braces should be generally used if you have knee discomfort or want to avoid injuries during high-contact activities when knee injuries are more likely.

Types of Knee Support

Knee braces are supports that are used when you have knee trouble. Some people use them to prevent knee injuries while they play sports. Braces are made of metal, foam, plastic, or elastic straps. They come in a range of shapes, hues, and patterns. This makes it crucial to comprehend the different kinds of knee supports.

Prophylactic Knee Braces - Knee braces used as preventative measures are known as prophylactic braces, and they are designed to minimize the severity of ligamentous knee injuries.

Functional Knee Braces - A functional knee brace is used to support knees that have previously been damaged, either through sports or an accident. Functional knee braces are also useful for limiting rotation after an ACL injury. 

Rehabilitative Knee Braces - Patients with an injured or surgically repaired knee joint may benefit from functional rehabilitative knee braces if they use them regularly; this will lead to increased functional ability and decreased knee discomfort even when the patient isn't using the brace already.

These braces are designed to shield the knee joint from further damage when a ligament has been replaced or healed, and they facilitate early knee movement. Protecting the knee joints and ligaments from further damage is another important goal of rehabilitation knee braces.

Unloader/offloader Knee Braces - Unloader/Offloader knee braces are intended to give relief to persons with knee arthritis, particularly those with medial compartment knee osteoarthritis.

It can significantly postpone or perhaps prevent the need for total knee surgery. They are also a safe and effective substitute for prescription medications and analgesics.

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Knee Support

Choosing the best knee support for you will not only help you but choosing the right knee support for you as well to avoid further injuries. Here are a few things to consider when buying knee support:

Be familiar with the size chart.

You must measure for the optimum size to guarantee you obtain the advantages you desire from the knee brace. When measuring, stand up straight with your leg straight. See the unique size chart for the exact brace you buy to determine where measurements should be taken.

Know the different types of knee support.

Through this, you will be able to identify the best and right knee support for your knee. In addition, knowing the purpose of each type of knee support.

Ask for professional advice.

Most essentially, get expert advice since not all knee braces are appropriate for everyone and vice versa.

Best Knee Support Brands in the Philippines

You are probably going through a tough time searching for the best knee support in the Philippines because there are a lot of support knee brace options available on the market today. Don't worry, we have done all the hard work for you and listed some of the best knee support brands available in our country today.

McDavid Knee Support

McDavid Inc. creates and sells sports medicine, sports protection, and performance gear for athletes and active individuals established in 1989. They are tenacious in their quest for injury prevention and performance enhancement.

Futuro Knee Support

FuturoTM Brand represents any kind of experience. It's about breaking habits, trying something new, and exploring what's possible, whether it's serious, amusing, surprising, enthusiastic, or anything.

Nike Knee Support

Nike, Inc. is an American multinational business that designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and sells footwear, clothes, equipment, accessories, and services worldwide.

Scoyco Knee Support

Scoyo knee support was on the market in 2003. An international brand of stylishly durable motorcycle clothing and accessories.

Donjoy Knee Support

DonJoy developed the concept of functional knee bracing more than 40 years ago, and the company still sets the standard for performance by researching the human body, listening to athletes, collaborating with doctors, and always innovating. 

Knee Support Price Range  in the Philippines

The best knee support price in the Philippines is from ₱100 to ₱5,000, including famous brands. You can find various brands and varieties of dog shampoo that are in a very affordable range.

Where to Buy Knee Support in the Philippines?

People looking for the best knee support in the Philippines will find plenty of knee guard options online. Many online stores offer a variety of prices and knee reviews, as well as trusted knee support lazada vendors and knee pad and knee cover products. Shopee and Lazada are two of the most popular places to look for knee support brace in the Philippines


Whether carrying large boxes, repeatedly bending and straightening the knees, or engaging in any other basic physical activities, many different portions of the body are tested to their limits daily. You must wear a sturdy pair of knee supports to protect your knees!

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