Why settle for a measly desk to place your laptop on when you can go for a laptop stand? As such, you’ll get the most out of your work when you use one. Here’s a list of the best laptop stands that should be on your shopping cart.

1. 360° Adjustable Foldable Laptop Aluminium Stand
Best aluminium laptop stand with a fan for bed
Price from RM58.00

From the "Middle Kingdom" comes this simple laptop stand. Made from aluminium alloy, this stand is both sturdy and strong enough to handle the weight of any laptop you place on it. Equipped with three knobs, you can adjust both angle and height however you want them to be – making it ideal for bed-use.

With USB fans in its arsenal, this laptop stand can cool your laptop down effectively and efficiently. The additional ventilation holes on the stand will surely dissipate heat quicker than you can say, “Hooray”!

2. Foldable Adjustable & Portable Laptop Table Pad
Best for 17-inch laptops - comfortable for couch use too
Price from RM49.00

This multi-functional laptop stand is large enough to house your 17-inch notebook, allowing you to turn your table, couch, and even your bed into your workstation. Made with aluminium, it’s lightweight, durable and corrosion-resistant, hence the portability and not to mention, it's long-lasting as well.

3. Cassa 360 degree Folding Adjustable Laptop Table Stand
Best adjustable laptop stand for desk and office use
Price from RM68.90

Made and designed in Indonesia, this adjustable laptop stand is the best if you wish to bring it to your office. It has a mouse pad feature, so you can effortlessly glide your mouse on it to jumpstart a productive day at work. Also, you can bid farewell to your non-adjustable office desk when you have this baby at hand.

4. E-Table Portable Foldable Laptop Desk with USB Cooler Fan
Best affordable laptop stand
Price from RM49.90

Would love to own a laptop stand but money is an issue? Well, you won’t have to go broke with this laptop stand that's produced from ABS material that's robust and sturdy in construction. It has a longer lifespan compared to other laptop stands, plus you can also fold it in half like paper for easier storing.

5. Pyle PLPTS55   
Best laptop stand for DJ
Price from RM395.00

A laptop stand that's fit for a DJ must be able to securely house a laptop, mixer and other DJ equipment and the Pyle PLPTS55 fits the description. Equipped with a 4-prong anti-slip tray, this stand can securely hold your laptop, turntables and mixer without budging, so you can worry less about your equipment and focus more on DJ-ing.

You can place all your essentials in one place and gain access to all of them whenever you want with the additional two shelves and dual-arms. It's light and foldable and comes with a carrying case - easy for a DJ to bring it from one show to another.

6. Multi-functional Laptop Table and Breakfast Tray 
Best for MacBook Pro and gaming notebooks
Price from RM169.99

An innovative computer like the MacBook Pro must be paired with an equally innovative laptop stand. What makes it innovative is the two auto-lock buttons on each side for height adjustment and two clamps for angle adjustment. Besides the MacBook Pro, it can also house large gaming notebooks and still have enough room to spare for a gaming mouse.

7. Genuine Xgear A8 Stand for Laptops
Best portable laptop stand
Price from RM79.00

Looking for a laptop stand that's the epitome of portability? Well, look no further than the Xgear A8 stand. It's light and compact; you can slide it into a laptop bag and always have it by your side. Plus, with the mouse pad, pen holder and cup platform, owning this laptop stand will make things so easy for you.

8. DiiZiGN Laptop Stand Model N    
Best for posture and neck-pain
Price from RM199.90

Sitting in front of the PC all day might give you back pain and neck pain, DiiZiGN Laptop Stand Model N is here to save the day. It’s ergonomically designed to tilt at an angle of 18 degrees, which promotes right seating posture. So, prepare to say hasta la vista to body pain.

Besides, you can easily mount your smartphone and have it side-by-side with your laptop. Pretty sweet, huh? The surface of the laptop stand is topped off with an anti-slip rubbery design which prevents your laptop from shaking and falling off the stand.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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