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Hate the mushy feeling upon typing or gaming whenever you use an everyday membrane keyboard? Your next best solution is switching to a mechanical keyboard since it is more durable and has better tactile response as well as faster keypress registration. It also has extra features like RGB backlighting, mechanical key switches and customisable function keys.

While mechanical keyboards can be pricey, it’s still possible to get a budget-friendly option if you know where to look. Thankfully, we made it easier for you by compiling these affordable but great mechanical keyboards that cost below RM 250.

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Best cheap mechanical keyboard for typing
1. Aukey KM-G3
Best cheap mechanical keyboard for typing

This budget-friendly mechanical keyboard from Aukey boasts an aesthetically-pleasing, bezel-less design. It’s also completed with RGB-lit black keycaps that accentuates against the brushed aluminium backplate.

It also comes with Outemu blue switches that have a nice, clicky and tactile feel each time you push the keys regardless of typing or gaming purposes. Gamers can also benefit from the keyboard’s rollover and anti-ghosting; both essential features that detects each keypress correctly even if you press multiple of them at the same time.

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Best cheap mechanical gaming keyboard
2. Cooler Master CK550
Best cheap mechanical gaming keyboard

Words like “affordability” and “value-for-money” are best described for Cooler Master CK550 gaming keyboard. It features a sleek-looking minimalist design as well as a full RGB lighting keyboard, customised macro profiles and sturdy mechanical switches made to last up to 50 million keypresses.

The Cooler Master CK550 also boasts the CherryMX-like Red Gateron switches that’s best recommended for gamers who prefer the keypresses more responsive and silent to the touch.

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Best cheap mechanical RGB keyboard
3. Cooler Master CK350
Best cheap mechanical RGB keyboard

No gaming keyboard would be complete without the standard RGB backlighting, which benefits the users for nighttime gaming sessions as well as brings an aesthetic appeal. And if you are looking for an affordable range, you might want to check out the Cooler Master CK350, with various colour spectrums like Rainbow Wave, Reactive Fade and Water Ripple.

Other highlights include Cooler Master’s On-The-Fly Controls that allows you to make live adjustments such as lighting without relying on software. The keyboard supports Outemu switch types such as red, blue and brown depending on how clicky and tactile you want for the keypress feel.

Best wireless mechanical keyboard for programming
4. Ajazz A3008
Best cheap mechanical wireless keyboard

Say goodbye to intrusive wired keyboards and enjoy the freedom of this budget-friendly wireless keyboard from Ajazz. It include features such as a 2.4GHz wireless distance that supports up to 10 metres, an ergonomic keyboard layout and wide compatibility regardless of Windows or Mac operation systems.

If that’s not enough, the Ajazz A3008 keyboard is also bundled with a handy wireless mouse that uses long-lasting metal roller wheel on the bottom. It also comes with a DPI (dot per inch) adjustment that can be customised from 800 to 1600, depending on your preferred mouse speed and sensitivity.

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Best cheap mechanical keyboard with wrist rest
5. Gamdias Hermes P1
Best cheap mechanical keyboard with wrist rest

Wrist pains and numbness are among the most common nagging issues frequently associated with prolonged computer usage.

Gamdias Hermes P1 is one of the budget-friendly mechanical keyboards that comes with a wrist rest for relaxing your wrist or palm whenever you are taking a break. And in case you find the wrist rest take up an extra space of your desk, rest assured that it can be detached anytime you want.

It also boasts several handy features such as 16.8 million RGB backlighting, full key rollover, anti-ghosting and customisable macro profiles using the HERA software suite. Design-wise, the keyboard uses aircraft-grade black anodised brushed aluminium panel that looks both sleek and sturdy.

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Best cheap TKL (tenkeyless) mechanical keyboard
6. CM MasterKeys CK530
Best cheap TKL (tenkeyless) mechanical keyboard

Does your keyboard take up too much space on your desk? You may want to check out a tenkeyless a.k.a. TKL keyboard such as this one by Cooler Master. It is ergonomically designed to help reduce strain while typing or gaming and you can have it properly centred even with a mouse on your left side.

As usual from a Cooler Master mechanical keyboard range, you can expect features like customised keyboard controls, various RGB backlighting and Gateron-based key switches that come in either Blue, Brown or Red.

Best cheap backlit mechanical keyboard
7. Armaggeddon MKA-8C
Best cheap backlit mechanical keyboard

Bored with your plain-looking regular keyboard? This backlit mechanical keyboard from Armaggeddon offers not one, but six multi-colour backlight movement effects that suit your respective moods and criteria while adding flair to your overall usability.

In terms of features, the Armaggeddon MKA-8C is ergonomically designed with 100% anti-ghosting. Its Outemu-like blue switches are also both tactile and audible to the touch and has 12 multimedia function keys. Given its price point, this keyboard has a decent build quality that uses a combination of metal and plastic materials.

Best cheap small/compact mechanical keyboard
8. Logitech G310
Best cheap small/compact mechanical keyboard

Weighing at just 765g, the Logitech G310 is undoubtedly lightweight and made portable for those who often travel around with a keyboard. It’s also designed with gamers in mind, complete with Logitech’s very own Romer-G switches that are silent to the touch while quick in keystroke registration, thanks to its 1.5mm actuation point.

Other notable features include reasonably bright backlit keys and a Game Mode that allows you to play uninterrupted gaming session since it helps to disable the Windows key.

Best cheap red switch mechanical keyboard
9. Ajazz AK35I
Best cheap red switch mechanical keyboard

Specifically built with gamers in mind, this affordable Ajazz AK35I mechanical keyboard is equipped with features like custom lighting effects and 108-key anti-ghosting. It also comes with an optional Red switch variant, which is made suitable for those who prefer a linear yet quieter keypress feel while maintaining its touch-sensitivity and quick response time.

Other highlights include a ladder-like keycap layout arrangement that is said to provide more comfort and ergonomic feel. Besides that, it contains a solid build quality thanks to its sturdy rigid metal as its base.

Bestlightweight gaming keyboard suitable for small hands
10. Logitech G413
Best cheap silent mechanical keyboard

Not every computer user is accustomed to a loud and clicky keyboard that can be irritating and even breaking one’s concentration. One of them that offers a quieter keypress response is the Logitech G413, which uses their proprietary Romer-G tactile switches.

The keyboard comes with red backlighting, which is suitable for typing or gaming in the dark or dimly-lit setting. Gamers can also look forward to essential highlights like anti-ghosting, 26-key rollover and programmable function keys.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thanks!

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