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9 Best 4K Monitors That Are Worth Their Price Tags

Monitors with lifelike visuals.

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Compared to just a few years ago, 4K technology has become much more accessible for everyone. This means that 4K monitors aren’t as pricy or as finicky to set up as they once were.

Whether you’re using it for a creative process, for hardcore gaming, or for simply viewing sharper and clearer media, a 4K monitor delivers high performance every time. But the sheer volume of 4K monitors and their confusing specifications can make any potential buyer wallow in indecision. Our list compiles some of the very best 4K monitors available today to help you make the right purchase.

Acer Predator XB273K

RM 3489
1. Acer Predator XB273K
Best 27-inch, 144 Hz 4K monitor - suitable for gaming
Updated on 27th August 2019

The Acer Predator XB273K ticks all the right boxes in the list of things you want in a gaming monitor. For starters, it sports a stunning 27-inch IPS screen, provides support for Nvidia’s G-sync, and boasts a 4ms gray-to-gray response time.

You can count on gaming visuals to shine through the anti-glare layer on the monitor. Its 400-nit peak white level backlight makes it an impressive choice for viewing HDR10 content. Thanks to the 144 Hz refresh rate, the pictures remain smooth no matter how action-packed the visuals on the monitor get.

LG 27UK600-W

RM 1992
2. LG 27UK600-W
Best IPS 4K monitor - suitable for Xbox One X
Updated on 27th August 2019

Look no further than the LG 27UK600-W to play your favorite Xbox One X games. It features impressively low input lag and fast response times for buttery-smooth gameplay. With a crisp 3840 x 2160 and large size IPS screen, even the tiniest of details on-screen will not go unnoticed. 

Additional, its support for FreeSync technology virtually eliminates screen tearing and stuttering so high-octane movements will appear fluid and in high resolution.  Furthermore, it has wide viewing angles so the images on-screen appear accurate even when viewed from the side, making this monitor ideal for co-op gaming as well.

Dell U2718Q

RM 2550
3. Dell U2718Q
Best 4K monitor for PS4 Pro
Updated on 27th August 2019

Featuring a fast pixel response time and an extremely low input lag, the Dell U2718Q delivers an impeccable gaming experience whenever it’s connected to a PS4 Pro. Sporting a large and high-resolution display, the monitor will allow you to view even the most minuscule of details on-screen. 

Besides that, its high refresh rate helps in reducing motion blur for a more enjoyable gaming experience. Another neat feature of the monitor is the ability to easily adjust its stand into a more ergonomic position which is useful for whenever you engage in long gaming sessions.

Philips 436M6VBPAB

RM 3399
4. Philips 436M6VBPAB
Best 4K HDR monitor for console gaming
Updated on 27th August 2019

Console gaming featuring HDR games have never looked better than with the Philips 436M6VBPAB. This monitor displays HDR content that is simply a feast for the eyes thanks to its incredible native contrast ratio, outstanding peak brightness, and wide colour gamut.

Furthermore, the monitor features a great selection of inputs and its USB hub can be used to keep your controllers charged up. To top it off, the monitor provides support for FreeSync so gaming is fluid and free from artefacts that can hinder gameplay.

BenQ PD3200U

RM 3029
5. BenQ PD3200U
Best 32-inch 4K monitor - great for photo editing and video editing
Updated on 6th February 2020

Measuring 32-inches diagonally and featuring 4K resolution, the BenQ PD3220U works a treat during any editing process as you can easily spot individual details of your photos and videos.

For video editing purposes, the monitor provides several dedicated profiles which include animation and darkroom modes. Plus, the monitor boasts excellent colour accuracy straight out the box, so you don’t even have to be bogged down with the time-consuming calibration settings.

BenQ EL2870U Fast Response Gaming Monitor

RM 1199
6. BenQ EL2870U Fast Response Gaming Monitor
Best for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X
Updated on 6th February 2020

The 32” 4K gaming monitor – EL2870U delivers a hyper-realistic video quality thanks to its leading HDRi technology. Supported by BenQ unique Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology (B.I.+ Tech), HDRi Technology can intelligently enhance HDR performance.

A built-in sensor detects ambient light levels and simultaneously assesses and adjusts on-screen images. Besides, the EL2870U is built-in with the built-in 2.1 channel speakers with treVolo technology. From the well-defined bass to the high-end sounds, striking sounds intensify your gaming immersion.

Dell P2715Q

RM 2299
7. Dell P2715Q
Best 4K monitor for Macbook Pro
Updated on 27th August 2019

The back of the Dell P2715Q hosts an array of connectivity options including a DisplayPort and Mini-Display Port for video-in as well as a DisplayPort-out. With an HDMI and four USB 3.0 ports, these assist in an easier connectivity with devices like the MacBook Pro. 

Being able to handle 3840 x 2160 resolution with well-distributed colour range, it makes editing truly an experience, letting you optimise visuals true to their colour. Also, the intuitive on-screen control makes adjusting the settings simple. 

To top it off, the monitor features a well-built and fully adjustable ergonomic stand so you can view the screen in the most comfortable position.

LG 34UC79G UltraWide Gaming Curved FHD IPS LED Monitor

RM 2099
8. LG 34UC79G UltraWide Gaming Curved FHD IPS LED Monitor
Best curved 4K monitor
Updated on 3rd February 2020

Get a total immersive gaming experience with a dynamic field of view courtesy of the 21:9 curved 34-inch ultrawide LG 34UC79G 4K monitor. Its wider-than-average viewing angles not only make it great for gaming, but it is also suitable for work environments as well. 

With the monitor’s 144 Hz refresh rate and support for AMD FreeSync, games appear smooth with no visible tears or stuttering. Featuring an impressive contrast ratio and vibrant colours, the image quality projected on the screen is truly a sight to behold.

Samsung LU28E590DS

RM 928
9. Samsung LU28E590DS
Best budget 4K monitor
Updated on 22nd July 2020

At a price tag that won’t break the bank, the Samsung LU28E590DS displays 4K content with crisp details and amazing colour accuracy. Enjoy stutter-free and fluid motion even in fast-paced games thanks to the monitor’s AMD FreeSync support as well as a fast response time of 1 ms.

A fan of Netflix or similar? The Picture-in-Picture (PIP) 2.0 technology allows you to watch a movie or video in one window while you’re working on any productivity-based tasks. Additionally, the monitor features a Game Mode to optimise gaming settings for a more vivid display of the on-screen graphics.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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