Ranging from voice-controlled light bulbs to autonomous robots that can clean your house, we have made leaps and bounds in terms of smart home technology. Not only do these futuristic devices are for convenience’s sake but for our peace of mind through added security measures and data access with regards to our home.

Smart-proof your home with our reviewed list of best smart home devices in the market for your very own smart home ecosystem.

1. Google WiFi

Best smart home Wi-Fi router

Price from RM1,590.00

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM1,590.00

Unlike their competitors, Google WiFi has an easy as pie set up process via the iOS or Android app that is self-explanatory and user-friendly. Each of the three units act as a Wi-Fi point to not only provide wider coverage range, but also eliminate the possibility of dead spots. 

More importantly, the devices provide excellent data throughput speeds and an intuitive traffic prioritisation feature, which is great news for gamers. 

2. Philips Hue Starter Kit

Best smart home bulbs

Price from RM899.00

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM899.00

Set the ambience right with over 16 million colours to choose from the Philips Hue Starter Kit. The lights produced are a cut above the rest with its beautifully saturated and accurate colours. 

With its easily enabled third-party system integration option, you can control the lights using voice assistants to switch the lights on or off as well as adjusting the brightness. Moreover, easily configure lightings to tie in with the atmosphere of your rooms as well as to suit your specific routines like when you’re studying or resting.

3. Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Best home assistant doorbell

Price from RM1,499.00

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM1,499.00

The Nest Hello Video Doorbell is jam-packed with features. Mainly, its HDR camera produces absolutely clear and crisp visuals for day and night video recordings.  

Another wow-worthy feature is its Face Detection algorithm that learns and recognises the faces of frequent visitors. Moreover, notifications can be enabled to announce their names the next time they drop by. There’s even a built-in microphone so you can have two-way audio conservations with the person at the door.

Additionally, the doorbell is designed with compact dimensions to fit on even the narrowest of door frames, and is built to last thanks to its durable hardware.

4. Logitech Harmony Elite

Best smart home remote

Price from RM1,399.00

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM1,399.00

Is the complexity of your home smart device setup driving you up the wall? Show them who’s boss with the Logitech Harmony Elite. 

Aside from your standard TV and stereo, the Harmony Elite remote connects with its hub (that comes in the box) to create communication lines between all of your smart home devices. Given the impeccable compatibility that the Harmony Elite provides, you’d be hard pressed to find a smart device that it doesn’t work with. 

Plus, there’s also the option for you to configure your “Activities” so multiple devices can be coordinated simultaneously.

5. Sonos One

Best smart speaker, switch and voice assistant

Price from RM1,199.00

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM1,199.00

The Sonos One delivers top-of-the-line audio quality that will make any music lover get their groove on. Producing rich sounds with a solid bass that will surely fill up any room, the speaker runs on Amazon Alexa. So, you can easily control and manage all your music with just the sound of your voice. 

Aside from the run-of-the-mill stuff like asking about the weather or a random joke, Alexa is the bridge that enables smart home integration. So, you can easily make requests to control and activate your smart light bulbs, plugs, and in-wall switches. 

6. iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Expert

Best smart home vacuum cleaner

Price from RM4,250.00

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM4,250.00

Say goodbye to your cleaning chores with this iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Expert. Its three-stage cleaning process together with its built-in sensors for dirt detection and high suction power will leave you with floors absolutely spotless. 

With its embedded camera at the top, the Roomba 960 maps your home accurately allowing it to manoeuvre around common household objects. It’s also supported by a smartphone app that has a myriad of features available like comprehensive cleaning reports and maps. Finally, the cherry on top to this robot is its voice command compatibility with both Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

7. Xiaomi Mijia Thermostat Temperature Humidity Monitor

Best smart home thermostat

Price from RM48.00

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM48.00

Control the settings of your room easily with this Xiaomi Thermostat Temperature Humidity Monitor. Its update in reading changes every second for us to easily keep tabs on the temperature and humidity of a room accurately. 

Through its Bluetooth wireless connection, you can have remote access to the thermostat’s data via the app on your smartphone, tablet or computer. The thermostat can also be linked with other MI devices in the room, so control the thermostat, your MI fan, air conditioner, humidifier, and other equipment switches accordingly. 

8. August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

Best smart lock

Price from RM1,550.00

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM1,550.00

You don’t have to throw your lock and keys away as the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect seamlessly attaches to your existing deadbolt. Its installation and setup process is made easy with the extremely well-designed and user-friendly August app. 

From the app, you can enable a whole host of responsive features like locking with just the tap of a button, instant or timer-based auto-locking, and auto-unlocking when you’re approaching the door. 

The August Smart Lock Pro blends right in with the rest of your smart home setup thanks to its compatibility with tons of smart home devices. Control your Apple’s Homekit, 2nd Gen Amazon Echo as well as Alexa, Google, and Siri voice commands.

9. Sharp YLSU100M Cloud Smart Home System CCTV Alarm Kit

Best Smart Home Security System

Price from RM2,499.00

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM2,499.00

Create your own smart security ecosystem with the Sharp YLSU100M Cloud Smart Home System CCTV Alarm Kit. The kit contains two HD smart IP cameras with motion detection and night vision abilities to live stream videos to your phone, as well as record triggered events. 

Besides that, the kit also provides a pair of both window and door sensors that alerts you when they have been opened. You’ll also find a remote control to easily arm or disarm the system wirelessly. In the event that no actions are taken by any authorised users after five minutes, emergency contacts will be notified via text notifications without even requiring a data plan.

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