Our computer monitors serves as a platform for immersing ourselves into the mystical lands of our favourite gaming worlds. If your eyes are going to be glued to the screen for a huge chunk of time, then it’d be wise to select one that gets you your money’s worth. 

However, we know that customising or even just buying ready-to-play gaming rigs can be quite expensive. So instead, we turn to budget-friendly gaming monitors.

Here are some of the best options with reliable specs while sporting price tags that won’t bleed you dry.

1. Samsung 24" Full HD LED Monitor SF350 (LS24F350FHEXXM)

Best budget 24” 1080p gaming monitor

Price from RM378.00

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The Samsung LS24F350FHEXXM oozes stylish vibes with its slim 10mm panel and horizontally patterned rear panel that provides an aesthetically-pleasing contemporary design. 

Design-aside, enjoy the monitor’s buttery-smooth gameplay experience with minimal stutters as it can dynamically sync the screen refresh rate with image frame rate, courtesy of AMD FreeSync technology. To top it off, there’s even a Game Mode available so that colours and contrast settings are optimised to make every visual look its best.

2. LG 24” IPS Gaming Monitor (24MP59G-P)

Best budget IPS gaming monitor

Price from RM480.00

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Feast your eyes on stunning gaming graphics with the combination of IPS and 1ms Motion Blur Reduction available on this LG 24MP59G-P gaming monitor. No opponents will go unnoticed in the dark as the monitor features a Black Stabilizer mode to automatically detect dark visuals in each scene and brighten them. 

Furthermore, its AMD FreeSync Technology has the ability to reduce screen tearing and stuttering for a more fluid gameplay. Get a leg-up over your opponents with the Dynamic Action Sync mode as it minimises input lag so your reactions and on-screen action are synchronised.

3. Eyoyo 2K 13” Portable Gaming Monitor

Best budget 2K gaming monitor

Price from RM472.97

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Indulge yourself in 2K Full HD gaming with the 2560x1440 resolution display on this Eyoyo 2K 13” Portable Gaming Monitor. By virtue of its lightweight and slim dimensions, the monitor is extremely portable so it’s ideal during your travels and can even serve as a second monitor. 

This monitor is also a great medium to display games from your favourite consoles as it has two HDMI interfaces that can support 4K HDMI signal input. To top things off, the monitor boasts two top-notch speakers so your games don’t just look good, they sound good as well.

4. AOC G2470VWH Gaming 24" LED Monitor

Best budget gaming monitor with 1ms response time

Price from RM449.00

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Action-packed games are no match for the 1ms response time available on the AOC G2470VWH Gaming 24" LED Monitor, which achieves moving images without any blur. Besides that, AOC Shadow Control allows for quick adjustments to be made on the in-game image so dark areas appear brighter while washed out areas are deepened with details. 

Plus, you can adjust colour saturation and grey level with 20 levels of detail to fine-tune your visual gaming experience.

5. Dell SE2419HG Gaming Monitor

Best budget gaming monitor for consoles like PS4

Price from RM479.00

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The Dell SE2419HG Gaming Monitor features an elegant design courtesy of its slim bezels, black piano finish, and matte screen. Not only that, but its robust stand will serve you comfortably during your gaming marathons. 

So if you’re in for it, switch easily between gaming on your PC and your console as the Dell SE2419HG Gaming Monitor has two HDMI ports. With its audio line-out, you can connect the monitor to your speakers to give your in-game sounds a nice boost. 

Moreover, the monitor’s rapid 2 ms response time reduces deviation in transition time for smoother moving visuals in your videos games. 

6. Anmite 24" Gaming Monitor

Best curved, 75 Hz budget gaming monitor

Price from RM408.00

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM408.00

The Anmite 24" Gaming Monitor creates a more immersive gaming experience thanks to its 2800R curvature, almost bezel-less display. You’ll also never be distracted by screen tears and stuttering again with the Anmite’s impressive 75 Hz monitor refresh rate. 

At the rear of the panel houses a few connectivity options including a HDMI input, VGA connector, and an audio line-out. Additionally, the monitor also has a blue light filter so your long gaming sessions aren’t hindered by the harmful emissions of blue light that can cause eye strains.

7. ASUS VP228HE 21.5" FHD Gaming Monitor

Best ultra-low blue light budget gaming monitor

Price from RM375.00

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM375.00

If you’re going to be desk-bound and staring at your screen for an extended period of time, then the ASUS VP228HE is your best bet at protecting against eye strain. 

The levels on the ASUS Blue Light filter can be easily adjusted whenever you’re in an environment with dim ambient light be it watching movies or working on documents. Gaming is also easy on the eyes as the monitor features flicker-free technology for a more comfortable viewing experience. 

Unleash your full gaming potential with the GamePlus hotkey that lets you choose from four different crosshair types to best fit your favourite shooter games. Using the hotkey also allows access to timer functions for elapsed time viewing which can be especially useful for real-time strategy games.

8. ViewSonic VA2419-SH 24" Gaming Monitor

Best budget gaming monitor with wide viewing angle

Price from RM365.00

shopping_cart Shopee Malaysia RM365.00

Thanks to its SuperClear IPS panel technology, the ViewSonic VA2419-SH delivers consistent image quality with accurate colours regardless of your viewing angle. The monitor has HDMI and VGA inputs so you can easily connect it to just about any high-definition device like game consoles, Blu-ray players, and digital cameras. 

Furthermore, the monitor has ViewMode presets for enhancing gamma curve, colour temperature, contrast, and brightness to suit different viewing experiences. With that, this monitor won’t let prolonged gaming sessions take its toll on your eyes since its Flicker-Free technology and Blue Light Filter help in eliminating eye strain.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!


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