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10 Low Heels So Comfy, They'll Be Your Solemates

Stop tripping over your feet and get these heels!

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We've all been there – hands flailing everywhere, legs wobbling about. High heels are a pain; no girl will disagree with that. However, consider getting low heels instead! You can also look feminine and elegant even when it's not as high.

Take a look at the list below of the best low heels you can buy.

Marie Claire Sandal Wedges

RM 89.99
Best suede gladiator wedge sandals
1. Marie Claire Sandal Wedges
Best suede gladiator wedge sandals

Bring back the ancient Greek vibes with these gladiator wedge sandals! It comes with a back zip and buckle-fastening for a more secure and comfortable fastening. Wearing these heels will attract attention due to the way it is designed, especially with some cute fringed details on the top.

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VINCCI Peep Toe Heels

RM 79.00
Best peep-toe low heels
2. VINCCI Peep Toe Heels
Best peep-toe low heels

The pros about peep-toe heels are at least you can allow your toes to breathe a little. If you have your toenails painted, show them off too! Jokes aside, a little bit of 1.57 inches will do no harm to your feet. These are definitely wearable from day til’ night!

ZALORA Round Detail Strap Heels

RM 79.00
Best cheap nude low heels
3. ZALORA Round Detail Strap Heels
Best cheap nude low heels

Heels are usually pretty pricey, but for this price, you can get a pair of nude low heels, with pretty rounded strap details at the top! Pair this with your favourite casual outfit to look chic and feminine. Plus, nude colours usually go well with any skin tone.

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Mimosa Floral Embroidered Heels

RM 88.90
Best floral strappy low heels
4. Mimosa Floral Embroidered Heels
Best floral strappy low heels 

Sometimes an overemphasis of floral print on a shoe is too much; that’s why these heels from Mimosa have just the right amount of floral embroidery at the front of the heels. Along with a dress or a skirt, gorgeous will be your middle name!

ZALORA PU Ankle Strap Sandal Heels

RM 109.35
Best low heels with ankle strap for graduation and weddings
5. ZALORA PU Ankle Strap Sandal Heels
Best low heels with ankle strap for graduation and weddings

Ankle straps with block heels would be better for you when you can’t afford to fall and embarrass yourself! The reason is that you would feel more stable with low heels designed like this one from Zalora. These beautiful heels also come in grey or black.

Nose Evening Glitter Heel Pumps

RM 116.10
Best low heel evening pumps for prom
6. Nose Evening Glitter Heel Pumps
Best evening pumps for prom

Proms are all about dancing! Save yourself from all the feet ache with these 5cm heel pumps. The shimmering glitter from the heels will undoubtedly make your prom outfit stand out. Your prom date won't regret spending the entire night with you.

ALDO Sieria Heeled Shoes

RM 298.9
Best leather low heel pumps
7. ALDO Sieria Heeled Shoes
Best leather low heel pumps

These pumps made out of cow leather makes the best option for times when you need to look more mature and lady-like. When the height of the heel is less than 3 inches, there will be less stress on your feet. Plus point for these babies as it is only 2 inches! Strut along the hallways with confidence!

ALDO Zulian Heeled Shoes

RM 289.00
Best silver low heels
8. ALDO Zulian Heeled Shoes
Best silver low heels

It doesn’t matter if your outfit is black, white or multicolour – silver heels should always be your go-to! You can pair these heels with jeans, skirts and dresses, you name it! Despite the fact these heels are made out of faux leather, they won’t wear out easily since they're still durable.

ZALORA Pointed Toe Slingback Heels

RM 109.00
Best black slingback heels
9. ZALORA Pointed Toe Slingback Heels
Best black slingback heels

If you’re the type who prefers simple, solid coloured heels, then you'll love these pointed toe slingback heels from Zalora. With a heel height of only 3cm, struggle no more while walking in these! Black heels are the easiest to match but if that’s too boring for you, it also comes in 2 other colours – grey and red.

SEMBONIA Court Shoe (Black)

RM 143.20
Best low heels for formal events
10. SEMBONIA Court Shoe (Black)
Best for formal events

A pair of plain, solid coloured heels would be the first option to wear to formal events. Sembonia has tons of court shoes suitable for these events! These come with a simple design at the front of the heel to add a little more flair to a simple pair of heels.

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