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Heels have always been the in-thing for every woman, but it’s time to step up the game with nude heels. These skin-tone heels come in various shades, its colour starts from pale and goes all the way to deep, suiting women in a diversified world.

Nude heels go well with those who want to flaunt their legs to complement their silhouettes. It is suitable for every occasion and blends well into formal, semi-formal, party or casual. So not to worry, you can feel comfortable everywhere you go with these nude heels!

1. Liliya Velvet Heels

Price from RM129.00

shopping_cart Fashion Valet RM129.00

An all-rounder pair of heels like these makes it perfect for every outfit and occasion. It’s made of velvet, making it different from the usual leather or satin heels. You can colour coordinate with ease and make everyone fall head over heels for your stunning look!

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