40 Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: For Him & Her

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This February 14th, get in the mood and surprise your significant other with a special Valentine’s gift. Instead of typical flowers and chocolates, why not take a look at this list and get him or her a different kind of gift this year? Have fun!

Her Jewellery Gusto Pendant with 18K RG Plated Embellished & Crystals From Swarovski

RM 93

Heart-shaped jewellery is a timeless piece of accessory that your significant other can wear every day. Surprise her with this 2-in-1 set that contains a heart-shaped pendant necklace encrusted with a rose pink Swarovski Crystal! The set also comes with a pair of Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings. Talk about a great steal!

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DIY Lovers Keychain Calendar

RM 13.99

Gift a cute personal present such as this keychain to your treasured one. What's special about it is that you can customize it with a date of your choice, be it an anniversary or birthdate. That way, you're kind of having a 2-in-1, one of a kind deal here (no need for Facebook reminders anymore!) Customer also has the option to print words on the other side.

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Printcious Magic Mugs

RM 14
Best surprise gift
3. Printcious Magic Mugs
Best surprise gift

Surprise your significant other with a magical mug that reveals your personalized design whenever it’s filled with hot water. Customise your mug with a picture or a romantic quote and watch your partner melt when the secret message is revealed!

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HP Sprocket Photo Printer

RM 238.4

The HP Sprocket Photo Printer allows you to document your love, by instantly printing out photos anywhere, anytime. The compact size and Bluetooth function makes it portable and easy to use. Your significant other will love this gift.

Custom Photo Puzzles (Love)

RM 10.8
Best puzzle gift

Personalize a jigsaw puzzle and have your partner slowly solve and reveal the surprise, whether if it’s a picture or a sweet quote. It’s a sweet decor piece too!

24K Gold-Plated Rose Stalk

RM 45
Best gift for the hopeless romantic girlfriend
6. 24K Gold-Plated Rose Stalk
Best gift for the hopeless romantic girlfriend

Melt your girlfriend’s heart with this 24K Gold-Plated Rose Stalk. Let your girlfriend know just how precious and indestructible your relationship and love for her is with this gold-plated rose!

Mix Chocolate Covered Strawberries in a stylish box

RM 99.00
Best for the foodie girlfriend

Chocolate covered strawberries are the ultimate symbol of love and romance. Surprise her with a box of 12 strawberries covered in dark, milk and pink chocolate for Valentine’s Day! There’s even same day delivery if you order before 1pm.

The Enchanted Rose

RM 232
Best for the Disney fan
8. The Enchanted Rose
Best for the Disney fan

Preserved flowers are able to last for a long time even without sunlight and water, and it's also a symbol of your undying love for your partner. This rose is inspired by The Enchanted Rose from Beauty and the Beast, and it's the perfect gift for the hopeless romantic and fairytale fanatic!

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Her Jewellery Earrings Flower Clip Embellished With Crystals From Swarovski

RM 47

Every girl loves a little sparkle and bling, if you know what I mean. These flower shaped earrings are made with brass, painted slightly thicker with 18K White Gold Plating for long-lastingness. The best thing is that it is made with Swarovski Crystals as well. Spoil her with a pair of sparkly earrings that she’ll definitely love!

Mini Retro Gamer

RM 99.00
10. Mini Retro Gamer
Best gift pick for the toy collector

Does your partner find joy in collecting toy figurines or unique limited edition playthings? This cute Mini Retro Gamer would make up for a cute addition to their collection. Plus, it's totally playable with over 152 games ranging from sports to puzzles and action games.

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Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

RM 289
Best Valentine’s gift for the new girlfriend
11. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera
Best Valentine’s gift for the new girlfriend

Doesn’t matter if she’s into landscape photography or a selfie queen, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera is every girl’s favourite tool to take pictures. This compact instant camera is easy to use, and it comes with a built-in selfie mirror, too! Now she can capture her favourite moments with you, and have it printed instantly.

Flower Advisor Sizzling Passion

RM 182
Best for your first Valentine
12. Flower Advisor Sizzling Passion
Best for your first Valentine

What’s Valentine’s Day without roses? Roses hold a sweet and romantic message that will make your partner’s heart flutter. If this is your first time spending Valentine’s Day with her, a bouquet of beautiful red roses will leave her feeling warm and loved. Are red roses not her thing? There’s still a wide selection of different flowers to choose from Flower Advisor!

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Gen Game S5 Bluetooth Wireless Joystick Android/iOS with Phone Holder (Black)

RM 91.35

If your boyfriend spends a little too much time gaming on his smartphone, get him this wireless game controller to enhance his gaming experience! This wireless controller is easy to use and compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Creative Fruit Juice Infuser Water Bottle 650ml

RM 20.88

Whether your significant other is health conscious or they watch way too much fitness videos on YouTube, they’ll love this handy water bottle fruit infuser! The bottle can carry a maximum capacity of 650ml, and utilizes a squeezer infuser if you need a hand in squeezing out all the fruit juice!

Sephora Collection Shaving Brush

RM 66.50
Best for the husband

They say a beard is a man’s makeup, and a well-groomed beard means he’s a well-groomed man. The Sephora Collection Shaving Brush is made from 100% natural badger hair that allows a closer shave and prevents ingrown hair. It’s also a really nice decorative piece!

Zalora e-Gift Cards

RM 75.00
Best pick if you’re at the early stage of the relationship
16. Zalora e-Gift Cards
Best pick if you’re at the early stage of the relationship

If you’ve just got into a relationship with someone, choosing a Valentine’s Day gift might be tricky. For a more versatile and safe gift choice, Zalora e-Gift cards are great because your partner has the freedom to pick their favourites on Zalora. You can also get to know your partner better based on how they use the gift card too!

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Elizabeth Arden Untold Absolu EDP Spray

RM 319.00
Best Valentine’s Day gift for her
17. Elizabeth Arden Untold Absolu EDP Spray
Best Valentine’s Day gift for her

We’re all naturally attracted to pleasant scents. Let her have a whiff of what your love smells like with Elizabeth Arden Untold Absolu EDP Spray.

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Fossil Nate Stainless Steel Watch JR1353

RM 399

For a more practical and functional gift, the Fossil Nate Stainless Steel Watch is a stylish watch that’s suitable for both casual and formal occasions. He would be overjoyed by this thoughtful gift!

Yankee Candle Large Jar Fresh Cut Roses

RM 129

Instead of the typical bouquet of roses, why not switch it up and get her a jar of candle that smells like fresh cut roses? The romantic and sexy scent can help her unwind, de-stress, and also create a romantic ambience.

Make Up For Ever Nude Charms Essential Kit

RM 141

Is she a makeup lover or collector? This makeup set from Make Up For Ever is sure to delight any makeup lover who receives it. The essential kit includes a range of makeup staples with the likes of a smoothing primer, eyeliner, lipstick and mini loose powder. Each items are great to use as it is for a long-lasting natural makeup look.

Mi Band 3

RM 139
21. Mi Band 3
Best for the fitness freak

The Mi Band 3 is a great gift for any fitness lover or gym rat. A step up from its successful predecessor (Mi Band 2), you can use it just like the former, except that Mi Band 3 is now waterproof. Track your heartbeat, steps, sleep data and even the weather, now with fewer water worries. Your partner would surely appreciate this functional gift.

SmartMaster Blue Bowtie Set

RM 56.51
Best Valentine’s Day gift set for him
22. SmartMaster Blue Bowtie Set
Best Valentine’s Day gift set for him

Not sure what to get him for Valentine’s Day? Combine love with practicality, and get him the SmartMaster Blue Bowtie Set that will always remind him of you when he wears it! This set includes a blue bowtie with matching cufflinks and handkerchief.

Photobook Love Me Tender

RM 239
Best if you’re in a long-distance relationship
23. Photobook Love Me Tender
Best if you’re in a long-distance relationship

Document your love and memories with your significant other with this personalized photo book. With a photo book, you can preserve your precious memories and experiences and easily look back on them. Perfect for long distance couples!

Logitech X50 Bluetooth Mobile Wireless Speaker

RM 54
Best Valentine’s day gift for the new boyfriend
24. Logitech X50 Bluetooth Mobile Wireless Speaker
Best Valentine’s day gift for the new boyfriend

Who wouldn’t love to receive a portable wireless speaker as a gift? If you’re still early in the relationship and you’re unsure what to get your boyfriend, this portable Bluetooth speaker from Logitech is a safe pick. Now you can jam out to your favourite tunes with him!

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Crystal Green Lenses Sunglasses

RM 457.62

Stylish and practical, these sunglasses from Ray-Ban is a great fashion accessory and protective eyewear. This is a must-have especially when we’re living in a hot and sunny country!

LOCAUPIN High Borosilicate Glass Teapot + Tea Cups + Insulation Stove

RM 54.7

Dump the tea bags, help your partner convert to using a fancy teapot set to destress and unwind. The teapot is made from durable heat-resistant glass, and it comes with a mini glass stove to help keep the tea warm too. Definitely a tea lover’s dream!

Typo Mobile Laptop Folio

RM 149.00
27. Typo Mobile Laptop Folio
Best for the college boyfriend/girlfriend

If your partner is a student, they’ll greatly appreciate this laptop bag from Typo. Not only it protects their laptop, but it also has pockets that can store laptop charger, pens, notebooks, and has a shoulder strap for portability.

Kenwood Sandwich Maker KNW-SM650

RM 168

If your partner can’t seem to go on a day without munching on snacks, this Kenwood Sandwich Maker might be his/her new best friend. Now your partner can make sandwiches, waffles or any other grillable foods thanks to the grill, waffle and sandwich plates included.

Fenty Beauty Bomb Baby Mini Lip and Face Set

RM 99.00
Best for the makeup lover

Fenty Beauty’s best-selling lip gloss and highlighter are now sold in a travel-friendly set. That also means your makeup loving partner will want to snag this off the shelves. Do her a favour and add this to your cart now, and if she’s a Rihanna fan, you’ll get an even bigger cred!

Butter London 4 pc Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer Set

RM 136.00

This gift set contains 4 rosy toned nail polishes that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Create a nice destress kit with this nail polish set and throw in some candles, tea bags and she’s ready to take the day off!

Estée Lauder Repair + Renew Advanced Night Repair Set

RM 150.00

If she's very strict with her skincare regime, then you're safe with gifting this deluxe Night Repair travel set from Estée Lauder. The set includes the high-end brand's anti-ageing range, with a serum, eye mask, cream and cleansing foam in the pack.

Granular X9 Bluetooth Portable Speaker

RM 119

Does your partner ever stop singing? Gift them this waterproof Bluetooth Speaker by Granular and they may just sing happier notes every day. Rate IPX5, it's resistant to water splashes, making it perfect for a shower opera session. The speaker also has a 2,200mAh battery that's capable of 18 hour-long playbacks as well as lets you answer and reject calls.

Stage Cosmetics Pro Essential Kit (The Pink Edition)

RM 56.9
Best for the makeup beginner

Does she spend most of her free time watching beauty tutorials on YouTube? Help her kick-start her interest in makeup with this set of essential brushes from Stage Cosmetics! Trust me, she’ll thank you for this.makeu

Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD

RM 139

Music is a universal language, and the Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD will help him understand your love through music better. Not only can these headphones play music in high quality, it’s built to be durable and break-resistant. Why not create a curated playlist for him to listen to with these headphones?

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons

RM 130.90

Instead of getting her chocolate, surprise her with this eyeshadow palette from Too Faced. Not only it has a sweet and cute packaging, the eyeshadows are named after desserts and it smells like actual chocolate. Make sure to remind her that it’s not edible!

Nike Legend React

RM 389
36. Nike Legend React
Best for the runner

Why not get him a gift that he can utilise? Nike Legend React is made with breathable material and utilizes a soft springy sole cushion that reacts comfortably to every step for a comfortable run. Fashionable as well in the streets, grab yourself a pair too and rock matching shoes!

Giant Teddy Bear Plush Soft Toy (100cm)

RM 34.9
37. Giant Teddy Bear Plush Soft Toy (100cm)
Best for a soft-toy collector

A giant teddy bear is sure to melt your girlfriend’s heart, or your boyfriend's if this is what he's into. No judging here! This one-meter tall, soft and huggable teddy bear is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to remind them of how cuddly and warm you are.

Red's Revenge Pleated Shimmer Evening Clutch

RM 109.9
Red's Revenge
38. Red's Revenge Pleated Shimmer Evening Clutch
Best Valentine’s gift for the girlfriend

If you’re getting your girlfriend flowers again for this Valentine’s Day, how about take the flower concept for a spin and get her this stylish floral evening clutch from Red's Revenge? Your girlfriend will love to have a new bag in her collection, and also appreciate your unique twist to Valentine’s Day flowers!

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