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This Toasted Bread Cushion Is More Than Just a Cute Pillow For Your Sofa

So cute, you may want to eat it up!

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You think that you've seen (or ate) them all when it comes to food. Aside from Durians and Nasi Lemak, food-inspired products are also trending recently with the likes of Burrito blankets and night lamps in the shape of Bubble Tea.

Now, get ready for a pillow in the form of bread!

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Apart from being an amusing addition to a food lover's sofa or bed, it's also a cool piece of pet furniture that your little furry friend may want to snuggle with, rest or sleep on! 

Toast Bread Cushion

RM 19.9

Instead of the typical pet bed, why not let your little fur baby sleep with or on this cute pillow cum mattress in the shape of toasted bread? Made of soft, cotton material, the cushion is filled with a foam core which is easily removable for when laundry day comes.

Sized at about 40cmx40cm with a ratio of 1:1, it's big enough as a perfect resting area for small pets including cats, dogs, guinea pigs, bunnies and more.

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