Disclaimer: Image above is not an actual picture of the Musang King Nasi Lemak served at Durianity. 

Malaysians are well-known for whipping up strange yet trendy food combinations. In less than 6 months, there's been Bubble Milk Tea Hot Pot, Pei Pa Koa Ice Cream, and White Rabbit boba tea, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. After all, the newest addition is Durian Nasi Lemak.

Recently, a Reddit user shared a picture of a cafe selling Musang King Nasi Lemak in subreddit r/malaysia and called it "an abomination".  It's so difficult even to imagine what Musang King would taste like with sambal, Ikan Bilis and potato curry on the side. Instead of the usual Ayam Goreng, you'll get deep fried durians instead. Not forgetting that fact that durians are a love or hate kind of thing in Malaysia like Marmite, eggplants and coriander.

Some members of Lowyat forum seem to be sharing similar sentiments to the Reddit user. 

Durian Nasi Lemak
Durian Nasi Lemak
Durian Nasi Lemak

Of course, there are some who are (seem to be?) okay with it.

Durian Nasi Lemak
Durian Nasi Lemak

Musang King Nasi Lemak aside, Durianity serves rather interesting Durian dishes fused with local flavours like the Barbeque Musang King with Fried Rice on the menu that’s served with sambal and cili padi. That sounds like an odd combination but probably more imaginable than the Musang King Pizza.

These dishes might sound bizarre even for durian lovers, but we believe it may be worth a try - especially if you're fond of the fruit. Apart from these unique dishes, you can opt for desserts as well, all made from Musang King durians.

Durianity Café
G21, IOI Boulevard.
Jalan Kenari 6, Puchong.
47170, Selangor.

Operating Hours
Every day
10.45am to 11pm

Contact number:

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