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This Malaysian Cafe Serves Bubble Milk Tea Steamboat With LOTS of Taro Balls

Why pick when you can have Taro, Boba & Steamboat all at once?

Malaysians are experts when it comes to setting trends in the F&B industry. From the Nasi Lemak Burger to Pei Pa Koa ice cream, we’ve now moved on (very quickly) to Taro Ball Dessert Hot Pot. Think bubble milk tea, but the steamboat version.

Galaxy Tea Bar combines our favourite taro balls with bubble milk tea served in a gigantic hot pot. Just like how you order your bubble milk tea over the counter, you can choose between the black pearl, grass jelly, sago, red bean, taro balls and fresh mangoes as the ingredients for your hot pot. As for the hot ‘soup’, you can choose between fresh milk or milk tea. If you prefer your dessert cold, opt for the dry ice version instead. 

Fortunately for Penangites, the Taro Ball Dessert Hot Pot is available at The Galaxy Bar. If you’re living KL, it’s (only) a five-hour drive away. Judging from the crowd, we bet it’s worth the travel.

The Galaxy Bar, Penang
22, Jalan Nagor.
10050, Georgetown,

RM 29.90 for 2-3 pax

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