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Cook Your Best Dishes with These 6 Electric Stoves

No more gas. Electric stove is the way to go!

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How much electricity does an electric stove use?

Generally, an electric oven uses about 2000 and 5000 watts, averaging about 3000 watts. However, this also depends on the mode you’re using and for how long or powerful you want your oven at that time.

An electric stove is an innovation that eliminates gas and fire stove. The interface of the product comes with numerous functions and features along with a flat and sleek looking surface. That makes cleaning easier and helps save time. Add a modern and chic touch to your kitchen with these best electric stoves we have found for you.

Infrared Electric Stove

RM 168
Best electric stove for canning

This stove is suitable for canning or pressure-cooking pots. It uses infrared that is compatible with stainless steel, glass, aluminium and clay pots. The product has an adjustable heat function of up to 600-degree Celsius, which makes cooking quick and easy. There's also a child lock function to provide the best safety protection to your family.

Pensonic Ceramic Cooker

RM 244
Best for condo and rental property

This simple looking electric stove comes with only one cooker, ideal for a small condo or a rented home. The product has a slim body with an alloy base that assures sturdiness. Its power intensity and the temperature are adjustable with a boosts and memory function to aid the whole cooking process. Plus, the product is portable as it comes with handles on both sides.

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Portable Travel Electric Stove Cooker

RM 27.9

This electric stove is portable and small in size, making it an ideal choice for travelling and camping. The single burner stove sustains heat with a power indicator light, to help you heat and cook simple dishes wherever you go. It uses 1000 watts of power and fits into luggage and backpacks easily. Now you can save money on food with this mini electric stove during your travels.

ITATA Portable Electric Stove Hot Plate

RM 18.9
Best affordable electric stove heater with front controls
4. ITATA Portable Electric Stove Hot Plate
Best affordable electric stove heater - with front controls

This portable electric stove is made to heat food and prepares simple dishes. The product has a simple and easy-to-use interface, with only one operating indicator light for the on and off function at the front. It's non-stick and effortless to clean as well. Plus, this product has some amazing safety features like the overheat protection system which assures safety.

Portable Electric Cooking Stove

RM 89.92
Best for cast iron with grill

This electric stove made for grilling has a flat top rectangular-shaped surface. The product is portable with an easy-to-clean feature, which is really convenient. Plus, it has an excess oil tray, to channel oil waste that provides cleaner and healthier cooking.

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